Dr Patrick Arni

Dr Patrick Arni

Dr Patrick Arni
Lecturer in Economics

The Priory Road Complex, Priory Road, Clifton
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Telephone Number (0117) 928 8608

Department of Economics

Personal profile

I am a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Economics at the University of Bristol. I am also affiliated to IZA Bonn, CESifo Munich, HEC/DEEP Lausanne and CAFE Aarhus. Please see my research website for more information.


My research focuses on applied microeconometrics, labour economics and the evaluation of public policies. My current work covers in particular the following topics: a first strand of research focuses on the empirical evaluation of reforms and incentive structures in social insurance and of labour market policies. Specifically, I assess the effects of instruments like job search requirements, monitoring and sanctions, different types of labour market programs and of unemployment insurance reforms on job finding and earnings outcomes. A second topic is the empirical analysis of job search behaviour, including issues like the role of reservation wage building, search effort decisions and of social networks. Third, I investigate in my research the behavioural foundations of labour market related decisions (by means of survey evidence), particularly of the role of biased beliefs, expectations and overconfidence. Fourth, I am in general interested in studying empirically the interplay of policy and individual behaviour in different areas of public policy.

Fields of interest

Labour Economics, Applied Econometrics, Public Economics

Latest publications

  1. Arni, P & Schiprowski, A, 2019, ‘Job search requirements, effort provision and labor market outcomes’. Journal of Public Economics, vol 169., pp. 65-88
  2. Arni, PP, Caliendo, M, Kuenn, S & Zimmermann, KF, 2014, ‘The IZA evaluation dataset survey: a scientific use file’. IZA Journal of European Labor Studies, vol 3.
  3. Arni, P, Eichhorst, W, Spermann, A & Zimmermann, KF, 2014, ‘Mindestlohnevaluation jetzt und nicht erst 2020’. Wirtschaftsdienst, vol 94., pp. 403-406
  4. Arni, P, Eichhorst, W, Pestel, N, Spermann, A & Zimmermann, KF, 2014, ‘Der gesetzliche Mindestlohn in Deutschland: Einsichten und Handlungsempfehlungen aus der Evaluationsforschung’. Schmollers Jahrbuch, vol 134., pp. 149-182
  5. Arni, P, van Ours, JC & Lalive, R, 2013, ‘How Effective Are Unemployment Benefit Sanctions? Looking Beyond Unemployment Exit’. Journal of Applied Econometrics, vol 28., pp. 1153-1178

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