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Publication - Professor Paul Grout

    Does experience make you ‘tougher’? Evidence from competition law


    Grout, PA, Zalewska, A & Garside, LBE, 2013, ‘Does experience make you ‘tougher’? Evidence from competition law’. Economic Journal, vol 123., pp. 474-490


    This article investigates experience effects for public officials. Using a unique data set of companies investigated under UK competition law, we find very strong experience effects for chairmen of investigation panels, estimated from the increase in experience of individual chairman. Probit and IV probit regressions indicate that replacing an inexperienced chairman with one of average experience increases the probability of a ‘guilty’ outcome by approximately 30% and, after chairing around 30
    cases, a chairman is predicted to find almost every case guilty.

    Full details in the University publications repository