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Dr Martin Poulter

Dr Martin Poulter
Web Site Editor and Technical Developer

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Personal profile

In the Economics Network, I am the ICT Manager, responsible for content, programming and design for the Network's suite of web sites and social media. I have worked in this role, and its predecessors, since January 1997.

My content contributions to the Economics Network site include the Handbook guide "Using the Web to Teach Economics" and co-editing the Handbook for Economics Teaching Assistants. I have also been involved in bidding, delivering and advising Open Educational Resource projects including TRUE (Teaching Resources for Undergraduate Economics) and DeSTRESS (Depository of Statistical Resources for Social Sciences). I co-wrote the Internet Economist tutorial and have created interactive tutorials on utility theory and the law of demand and the Prisoner's Dilemma, and later a set of remixable interactive graphs to help in the teaching of statistics.

My PhD was done at the Philosophy Department of the University of Bristol and involves applying decision theory to the choice of opinion, and also defending the descriptive role of decision theory as a framework for explaining and predicting behaviour.

While based at Bristol I have also been the Wikimedia Ambassador for Jisc, on a project that explored co-working between academia and open content projects such as Wikipedia. This involved writing a chapter-length guide to crowdsourcing.





I am on the committee of Bristol Skeptics and give talks around the country on cults and critical thinking.

I have delivered a one-day workshop on Writing for the Web, and have co-ordinated and delivered training in contributing to Wikipedia. I have also given one-to-one training to academics on how to share teaching materials through wikis.

Latest publications

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