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Publication - Dr Se Kyu Choi

    Fertility Risk in the Life-Cycle


    Choi, SK, 2017, ‘Fertility Risk in the Life-Cycle’. International Economic Review, vol 58., pp. 237-259


    In this paper I study fertility decisions of women in the U.S. economy, with special emphasis on the timing of births and abortions over the life-cycle. Given the constant policy debate regarding abortion availability and recent empirical evidence of its positive impact on women outcomes, understanding the fertility process in a broad sense should help guide the discussion. In this paper I present a life-cycle model of consumption-savings and fertility decisions in an environment with uninsurable income shocks and imperfect fertility control. My model presents a unified framework in which both opportunity costs of child rearing and technological restrictions (in the form of contraception effectiveness) have roles to understand lifetime fertility choices.

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