Dr Piotr Korczak

Dr Piotr Korczak

Dr Piotr Korczak
Reader in Finance

1.03, 15-19 Tyndalls Park Road,
The Priory Road Complex, Priory Road, Clifton
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Telephone Number (0117) 39 41491

Department of Accounting and Finance


Piotr Korczak's research interests include corporate governance mechanisms, as well as corporate finance and investment implications of international cross-listing. He has recently been working on the analysis of share trading by corporate insiders, on executive compensation, on the determinants of cross-listing by emerging markets firms, and on the impact of cross-listing on international portfolio allocation.

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ECONM2021: MSc Cases in Financial Management
ECONM2032: MSc Advanced Corporate Finance

Fields of interest

Corporate governance, Insider trading, Cross-listing

Latest publications

  1. Gebka, B, Korczak, A, Korczak, P & Traczykowski, J, 2017, ‘Profitability of insider trading in Europe: A performance evaluation approach’. Journal of Empirical Finance, vol 44., pp. 66-90
  2. Hillier, D, Korczak, AK & Korczak, P, 2015, ‘The impact of personal attributes on corporate insider trading’. Journal of Corporate Finance, vol 30., pp. 150-167
  3. Korczak, P & Liu, X, 2014, ‘Managerial shareholding policies and retention of vested equity incentives’. Journal of Empirical Finance, vol 27., pp. 116-129
  4. Fidrmuc, JP, Korczak, A & Korczak, P, 2013, ‘Why does shareholder protection matter for abnormal returns after reported insider purchases and sales?’. Journal of Banking and Finance, vol 37., pp. 1915-1935
  5. Korczak, AK & Korczak, P, 2013, ‘The development of emerging stock markets and the demand for cross-listing’. Journal of Empirical Finance, vol 24., pp. 63-77
  6. Korczak, A, Korczak, P & Lasfer, M, 2010, ‘To Trade or Not to Trade: The Strategic Trading of Insiders around News Announcements’. Journal of Business Finance and Accounting, vol 37., pp. 369 - 407
  7. Korczak, P & Phylaktis, K, 2010, ‘Related securities and price discovery: Evidence from NYSE-listed Non-U.S. stocks’. Journal of Empirical Finance, vol 17., pp. 566 - 584
  8. Korczak, A & Korczak, P, 2009, ‘Corporate ownership and the information content of earnings in Poland’. Applied Financial Economics, vol 19., pp. 703 - 717
  9. Korczak, P & Bohl, M, 2005, ‘Empirical evidence on cross-listed stocks of Central and Eastern European companies’. Emerging Markets Review, vol 6 (2)., pp. 121 - 137
  10. Korczak, P & Tavakkol, A, 2004, ‘Institutional investors and the information content of earnings announcements: the case of Poland’. Economic Systems, vol 28 (2)., pp. 193 - 208

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