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Publication - Professor Richard Owen

    Framing inclusive innovation within the discourse of development

    Insights from case studies in India


    Pansera, M & Owen, R, 2018, ‘Framing inclusive innovation within the discourse of development: Insights from case studies in India’. Research Policy, vol 47., pp. 23-34


    The concept of ‘inclusive innovation’ for development has become increasingly prominent in both academic and policy discourses, raising important questions as to how this is being framed. Results from case studies conducted in India suggest inclusive innovation to be interpretively flexible and contested. One case presents a grassroots framing emphasising social and political empowerment, rooted in community self-sufficiency, autonomy and traditional belief systems. In contrast, the other cases co-opt the language of inclusion to present a predominantly market-based framing, heavily emphasising market readiness and participation. This framing is transforming rural social practices (including the organisation of space and time, the meaning of production and the role of women), introducing the potential for market dependency.

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