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Publication - Professor Richard Owen

    A Framework for Responsible Innovation


    Owen, R, Stilgoe, J, Macnaghten, P, Gorman, M, Fisher, E & Guston, D, 2013, ‘A Framework for Responsible Innovation’. in: Richard Owen, John Bessant, Maggy Heintz (eds) Responsible Innovation: Managing the Responsible Emergence of Science and Innovation in Society. John Wiley & Sons, Ltd., pp. 27-50


    “Responsible innovation,” in reality, lacks definition and clarity, both in concept and practice. This chapter begins by emphasizing that science and innovation have not only produced understanding, knowledge, and value (economic, social, or otherwise), but also questions, dilemmas, and unintended impacts. It presents a framework for responsible innovation, based on four dimensions-anticipatory, reflective, deliberative, and responsive. The chapter emphasizes that this must be able to reflect on both the products and purposes of science and innovation. It reminds of the rich history in a number of fields of study, both theoretical and applied, which make a significant and important contribution both to the framing and definition of responsible innovation, and to how this is translated through the dimensions into practice. The chapter concludes with some closing thoughts on implementation, on how the embedding of responsible innovation as a genuinely transformative and constructive approach can be supported

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