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Publication - Dr Rutvica Andrijasevic

    Sex on the Move. Gender, Subjectivity and Differential Inclusion


    Andrijasevic, R, 2009, ‘Sex on the Move. Gender, Subjectivity and Differential Inclusion’. Subjectivity, vol 29., pp. 389-406


    Heterosexuality and patriarchal social arrangements built within immigration regulations signal the undiminished urgency of feminist engagement to
    rethink migration through the perspective of sexuality and gender. At the same time,
    feminist analysis of contemporary migration remains bound to the analytical
    framework centred on control, and approaches borders and immigration regulations
    primarily in terms of exclusion. Yet, the contemporary transformations of state
    borders, labour relations and citizenship question the currency and adequacy of the
    exclusion-based interpretative model. This article brings together feminist and queer
    migration studies with literature on the transformation of borders, sovereignty
    and citizenship as developed in critical political theory with the aim of broadening
    the interpretative scope and political relevance of feminist and queer migration
    scholarship. The stakes are both theoretical and political in that such a reading allows
    for a more nuanced account of the changing forms of governing as well as of emerging political subjectivity.

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