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Publication - Dr Sheena Vachhani

    Organizing Love - Thoughts on the Transformative and Activist Potential of Feminine Writing


    Vachhani, SJ, 2015, ‘Organizing Love - Thoughts on the Transformative and Activist Potential of Feminine Writing’. Gender, Work and Organization, vol 22., pp. 148-162


    This paper engages with what it means to write love and poses the
    question: what does love do for feminine writing? I move beyond the
    concept of love as an ideology or condition of work (such as ‘for the
    love of the job’) and draw on a feminine poetics of organization that
    highlights its disruptive potential. Love, in this sense, breaks the
    rationality and order of the ‘masterful’ text and alters gendered
    academic writing. The power of writing with love and effecting change in
    organizations is developed through a discussion of three feminist
    writers. The paper explores three significant texts, Kristeva's Tales of Love; Irigaray's The Way of Love; and hooks’ All About Love,
    in order to examine the problematic representation of love and to
    advocate a turn to an ethics of love as a basis for self-other relations
    that points us to defiant, activist and transformative forms of
    feminine writing. These writers bring to bear practical politics and
    possibilities through political interruption — namely through three
    modes: reconstruction, reclamation and activation, and I discuss the
    implications of these modes for work and organization, notably that
    writing and thinking the wisdom of love offers insight into how we
    creatively imagine socially just organizations of the future.

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