Miss Sophie Lythreatis

Registration details: Management (PhD)

Personal profile

Sophie Lythreatis is a second year PhD student. Her doctoral research draws on internal corporate social responsibility (CSR) in SMEs in developing nations, particularly the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.


Fields of interest

CSR, participative leadership, pride in membership, organizational identification

Latest publications

  1. Lythreatis, S, Mostafa, A & Wang, X, 2017, ‘Participative leadership and organizational identification in SMEs in the MENA Region: testing the roles of CSR perceptions and pride in membership’. Journal of Business Ethics.
  2. Lythreatis, S, 2015, ‘Cross-cultural Training: Its Effects on the Satisfaction and Turnover of Expatriate Employees’. SAM Advanced Management Journal, vol 80.
  3. Lythreatis, S, 2015, ‘The Moderating Effect of Performance on the Relationship between Ethics and Corporate Governance’. Journal of International Business and Economics, vol 15.

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