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Dr Stephen Pearce

Service Design for Service Operations Processes using Digital Technologies

Steve has eight years’ experience in researching service design at an international level. Steve’s research explores the design of service concepts, the service encounter, the interactions between customers and providers and service process design and performance. His transdisciplinary research is grounded in service operations management and marketing services theory with a focus on digital interactions. Steve’s research emphasis is on service design for the efficiency and effectiveness of service processes for both the customer and provider. The competitive and operational impacts of service design are an under researched theme and has significant impact on practice. Steve bases his research on the unified services theory and a specific process analysis technique called PCN analysis; an emerging and unique field of study. Steve has presented his research at management, operations management and service conferences internationally over the last six years.

Current Research interests

Service Design in: Central and Local Government, Financial Services, Heath Care, Engineering and Biosciences, and Higher Education

Research keywords

  • Steve's research explores the service design characteristics that enable effective and efficient customer interaction outcomes during the service process. The resulting co-produced services are analysed with Process Chain Networks diagrams to illustrate the strategic service design choices for service operations managers. Key Words; service design
  • service operations management
  • marketing services
  • service processes
  • process chain network diagrams (PCN)
  • co-production
  • self-service
  • efficiency and effectiveness