MRes in Systems research projects

Exploring the implications of adopting a Systems approach in munitions technology development

It appears that munitions technologies are developed largely in an unstructured manner and projects often drift or fail because of poor understanding of customer needs and how new technology could fit in with those. The project will investigate overall the potential impact that a Systems-based transformation of the relevant technology implementation process may have. The research will provide an insight into the established practices of the sector and will compare those against state of art equivalent of other industries, such as retailing and consumer electronics. We will examine relevant models such as push-pull, technology diffusion and adoption, disruptive technologies etc. and identify transferable elements to the munitions market. Key objective is to employ a Systems approach through which to transform the relevant technology implementation, from needs assessment to retirement and disposal, in a fashion that will take more into account both the market opportunities, as well as customer needs and true value creation.

What is the optimum project performance measurement strategy?

It has been seen that in some complex systems engineering projects that the projects overrun in terms of schedule and cost. The purpose of the research is to test the hypothesis that project performance measures and corresponding diagnosis techniques can detect if a project is going to deliver late or over budget.

As well as answering this question the research project may also deliver recommendations for example: