Additional Covid-19 information for Faculty of Engineering students

Where can I find more information about the University’s response to Covid-19?

There are several useful resources available online:

Before following the links below,  please ensure that you have read the University’s page on notifying your School about absence from teaching, coursework extensions and extenuating circumstances. The information given below supplements the information on that page but does not replace it. The links provide additional faculty-specific details for engineering students about the following processes:

You may choose to engage with more than one of these processes. You can submit the form as many times as is necessary to request the adjustments that you need. Please note that extensions for timed assessments are not permitted. PGT dissertation deadlines have already been extended by two weeks to 14 September; notwithstanding this, students may apply directly to their school for an extension. An extension that takes a student beyond their study period will also require approval for an extension to the period of study.


A note about the Powerapps tool used in the Faculty of Engineering

Following the closure of SAFE in 2019, the Faculty of Engineering has used a tool called Powerapps to enable students to submit their extenuating circumstances, coursework extension and self-certification of absence requests online.

In response to the Covid-19 outbreak, a similar tool has been implemented for other faculties – you may come across links to this central tool on University-managed webpages.

In Engineering, we are continuing to use the student interface of Powerapps, so it will look familiar if you have used it before. However, some changes have been made so that all information submitted by Engineering students will be stored in the same place, regardless of whether you have used Powerapps or the central University forms to submit it. Therefore, whichever form you complete the information will go to the same location and will not require you to complete either form for a second time.

What if I have used the central University forms instead of Powerapps?

Engineering students are encouraged to use the Powerapps tool to submit forms at this time, but it is not a problem if you follow links from the central University webpages listed above – all data from both goes into the same place, so your requests will not be misplaced.

Can I view or edit my form in Powerapps after submitting it?

You will be able to view and edit extenuating circumstances forms in Powerapps after submission. This functionality is not currently available for extension or absence forms, but you can request for a copy of your submitted form to be automatically emailed to you.

If you have any questions or would like other support

If you have questions or concerns about the University’s response to Covid-19, please contact the Faculty Education Manager’s team by emailing

If you need to ask a question about how to manage your own circumstances, please contact your School Office in the first instance.

You can access wellbeing support online, or you may prefer to contact your department’s Senior Tutor or your personal tutor.

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