MSc in Earthquake Engineering and Infrastructure Resilience

This MSc programme gives you the opportunity to study in the UK's leading earthquake laboratory, to visit an earthquake site and to be taught by world-class industry experts.

You will be taught by many more world-class members of the Earthquake and Geotechnical Engineering research group.

Our experts

Over the duration of the programme you'll be taught by academics in the field of earthquake engineering, such as:

Our outside experts

Ten seminars by international academic experts are scheduled as part of a 'Master Class' core unit for the programme. Previous seminars at the Department of Civil Engineering have included:

  • Professor Yousef Bozorgnia
    Seminar title: Latest Next Generation Ground Motion Developments

    Yousef Bozorgnia is Professor In Residence at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of California, Berkeley. He was the Executive Director (2009-2016), and the Associate Director (2004-2009), of the Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center (PEER). Dr. Bozorgnia’s expertise includes earthquake engineering and ground motion hazard.

  • Professor Jonathan Stewart
    Seminar title: Seismic Earth Pressures on Retaining Walls - A New Approach

    Jonathan P. Stewart is Professor and Chair of the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at UCLA. In 2016 he lead a team of geotechnical experts to Italy, to study the devastating earthquakes that occurred in August of that year.

  • Professor Dimitri Beskos
    Seminar title: Seismic Response of Rigid Walls Retaining Poroelastic or Non-Homogeneous Elastic Soil: Exact Solutions

    Professor Dimitri Beskos is Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering of the University of Patras, Greece. D. Beskos's research work is in the field of Structural Mechanics, Numerical Analysis Methods, with emphasis in Boundary Elements Methods, Earthquake Engineering and Seismic Design of Steel Structures.


As a student of this programme you'll have access to state-of-the-art facilities.

The programme director is Dr Anastasios Sextos from the Department of Civil Engineering.

Shaking table in action

Watch our MSc Earthquake Engineering Students predict the outcome of an Earthquake simulation on model buildings made by undergraduate students.

Five-day field trip

Earthquake assessment to building structureYou'll have the opportunity to spend five days visiting an earthquake affected area in South-East Europe. The field mission involves damage inspection and seismic pathology of structures, use of state-of-the-art equipment for structural health assessment, briefing by the civil protection and recovery management bodies and daily debriefing with oral presentations by the students.

Below is drone footage from a University of Bristol field trip to the devastated earthquake-hit areas of central Italy in 2016.

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