Project work

Design is at the heart of engineering and so forms the core of our courses at Bristol.  It is the process of applying the knowledge and skills you will have been learning elsewhere.  It is creative, open-ended, depends on 'systems thinking' and individual flair.  You learn design partly through formal teaching but mainly through trying out ideas and seeing if they work.  We expose you to many different problems and situations to stimulate your imagination.

Planning the location of a Welsh dam
Planning the location of a dam in Wales

The design process is brought to life through group projects, of which one of the most exciting is the Water Resources Project.  You have to design a water supply system in mid-Wales, given some maps and rainfall data.  It is all done in three weeks and we make the project as realistic as possible by simulating the atmosphere of a busy design office. 

Last-minute 'client' changes may arise to keep you on your toes!  The final presentations are always excellent and finish the project on a high note.

In the fourth year you will do a major group design project that brings together almost everything else you have learnt on the course.

Examples of Third Year Research Projects

Examples of Fourth Year Design Projects