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Name Job title Email Phone number
Dr Mo Abolkheir Honorary Senior Research Associate
Dr Jitendra Agarwal Senior Lecturer in Structural Engineering Tel. (0117) 331 5730
Mr Arman Aghaei Meibodi None
Miss Asmaa Al Shafiee Civil Engineering (PhD)
Dr Nicholas Alexander Reader in Structural Dynamics Tel. (0117) 331 5732
Mr Ahmer Ali Civil Engineering (PhD)
Mr Mishal Aljarbou Civil Engineering (PhD)
Mr Jeff Barrie Senior Lecturer
Mr Stamatis Batelis Civil Engineering (PhD)
Mrs Vicky Beaumont-Brown Visiting Teaching Fellow
Dr Ludovica Beltrame Visiting Research Associate
Mr Tom Bewley Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Mohd Amirul Bin Mohd Snin Civil Engineering (PhD)
Professor David Blockley Emeritus Professor of Civil Engineering Tel. (0117) 331 5748
Dr Mateusz Bocian Visiting Fellow
Miss Elisa Bozzolan Civil Engineering (PhD)
Mr Jamie Brown Civil Engineering (PhD)
Dr Neil Carhart Lecturer Tel. (0117)3318149
Dr Yiheng Chen Honorary Research Fellow
Dr Otto Chen Honorary Research Associate
Dr Luping Chen Senior Research Associate Tel. (0117) 331 5423
Mr Xiaoyang Cheng Civil Engineering (PhD)
Mr Peter Clutterbuck Associate Teacher
Miss Mayra Codo De Oliveira Civil Engineering (PhD)
Dr Graeme Collinson Visiting Research Fellow
Mrs Elisa Coraggio None
Dr Adam Crewe Reader in Earthquake Engineering Tel. (0117) 331 5741
Mr Jamie Crispin Civil Engineering (PhD)
Mr Ted Cross Civil Engineering (PhD)
Mr Andy Crossley Senior Lecturer Tel. (0117) 954 5628
Miss Afrah Daham Visiting Research Fellow,Visiting Research Fellow
Mr Roger Davies Civil Engineering (PhD)
Mr Lawrence De Leeuw Civil Engineering (PhD)
Dr Flavia De Luca Senior Lecturer in Structural and Earthquake Engineering Tel. (0117) 4550557
Dr Raffaele De Risi Lecturer
Mrs Rachael De'Ath Honorary Lecturer Tel. (0117) 954 5612
Miss Laura Devitt Demonstrator,Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Andrea Diambra Senior Lecturer Tel. (0117) 331 5600
Dr Laura Dickinson Lecturer Tel. (0117) 4550346
Dr Matt Dietz Research Fellow Tel. (0117) 331 5726
Dr Luiza Dihoru Research Fellow Tel. (0117) 331 5714
Mr Teoman Efeoglu Civil Engineering (PhD)
Mr Angelo Fasano Civil Engineering (PhD)
Dr Alan Feest Senior Research Fellow in Civil Engineering Tel. (0117) 331 5729
Miss Shuyin Feng Teaching Support Assistant
Professor Gordon Findlay Visiting Lecturer
Dr Sarah Fowler Senior Research Associate Tel. (0117) 954 5421
Mr Borui Ge Civil Engineering (PhD)
Miss Giulia Giani Senior Resident
Dr Paul Gibbons Visiting Research Fellow
Miss Charlotte Gilder Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Nicola Giordano Senior Research Associate
Mr Sebastian Gnann Civil Engineering (PhD)
Dr Katsuichiro Goda Reader Tel. (0117)3315516
Professor Patrick Godfrey Emeritus Professor Tel. (07738) 44 8156
Dr Tansu Gokce Research Associate
Mr Daniel Gonzalez-Fernandez Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Martin Griffiths Lecturer - integrated catchment management
Dr Claire Gronow Lecturer
Mr Sam Gunner Research Associate
Professor Dawei Han Professor of Hydroinformatics Tel. (0117) 331 5739
Dr Paul Harper Lecturer Tel. (0117) 95 45159
Dr Andreas Hartmann Honorary Research Associate
Dr Eli Hatleskog Senior Research Associate
Dr Rosalind Hen-Jones Research Associate
Dr Liz Holcombe Senior Lecturer Tel. (0117) 331 5612
Dr Tony Horseman Research Fellow Tel. (0117) 331 5608
Professor Guy Howard Global Research Chair Environmental and Infrastructure Resilience
Dr Nicholas Howden Reader in Water & Environmental Engineering Tel. (0117) 331 5630
Dr Shaofu Huang Honorary Senior Research Fellow Tel. (0117) 331 4265
Dr Andy Hughes Visiting Industrial Professor
Dr Erdin Ibraim Associate Professor in Geomechanics/Head of Department Tel. (0117) 4550714
Mr Joost Iwema Visiting Research Associate
Mr Jiayang Jiang Civil Engineering (PhD)
Mr Ali Kandemir Advanced Composites (PhD)
Dr Dimitris Karamitros Lecturer in Geotechnical Engineering Tel. (0117) 331 5155
Mr Dimitrios Karanikas Civil Engineering (PhD)
Dr Mehdi Kashani Visiting Senior Research Fellow Tel. (0117) 954 5627
Miss Melike Kiraz Civil Engineering (PhD)
Dr Panos Kloukinas Visiting Senior Research Associate
Mr Vijay Kumar Civil Engineering (PhD)
Mr Arthur Lawrence Visiting Research Fellow Tel. (0117) 331 5423
Mr Mingnan Li Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Jenny Li Honorary Research Associate
Miss Yuexiao Liu Civil Engineering (PhD)
Ms Ying Liu Civil Engineering (PhD)
Mr Hai Liu Civil Engineering (PhD)
Mr Zhen Liu Civil Engineering (PhD)
Dr Isobel Lloyd Senior Lecturer Tel. (0117) 954 5628
Miss Anna Lo Jacomo Civil Engineering (PhD)
Mr Pablo Lopez Filun Civil Engineering (PhD)
Ms Louise Lynch Civil Engineering (PhD)
Professor John Macdonald Professor of Structural Dynamics Tel. (0117) 4550471
Dr Steven Male Visiting Fellow in Infrastructure Asset Management
Miss Dominika Malkowska Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Carolina Massmann Honorary Research Associate
Dr Hisato Matsumiya Visiting Research Associate
Dr John May Reader in Safety Systems Tel. (0117) 3315139
Dr Thea Morgan Lecturer
Mr Joshua Mudie Honorary Research Associate
Dr Ario Muhammad Honorary Research Associate
Professor David Muir Wood Emeritus Professor of Civil Engineering Tel. (0117) 331 5745
Professor George Mylonakis Chair in Geotechnics and Soil-Structure Interaction Tel. (0117) 331 5838
Miss Shaini Naha Civil Engineering (PhD)
Mr David Nepomuceno Science of Happiness Mentor,Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Pablo Newberry Civil Engineering (PhD)
Dr Anisha Nijhawan Research Associate in WASH and Environmental Health
Dr Valentina Noacco Senior Research Associate
Dr James Norman Associate Professor in Sustainable Design Tel. (0117) 954 5269
Dr Viviana Novelli Visiting Research Associate
Dr Ollie Oddbjornsson Visiting Senior Research Fellow Tel. (0117) 331 5726
Ms Sabriye Ozkan Civil Engineering (PhD)
Dr Rishi Parajuli Research Associate
Mr Anderson Peccin Da Silva Civil Engineering (PhD)
Dr Andres Penuela-Fernandez Research Associate in Water Resource Management
Dr Francesca Pianosi Senior Lecturer in Water and Environmental Engineering Tel. (0117) 331 5701
Dr Rama Pokhrel Senior Research Associate
Mr Daniel Power Civil Engineering (PhD)
Dr Maria Pregnolato Lecturer
Mr Roberto Quaglia Civil Engineering (PhD)
Mr David Quarton Senior Associate Teacher,Visiting Professor
Dr Alin Radu Visiting Research Fellow
Dr A S M Mostaquimur Rahman Lecturer Tel. (0117) 331 5701
Dr Andre Ramos Barbosa Senior Lecturer
Mr Jonathan Rees Honorary Teaching Fellow
Dr Miguel Rico-Ramirez Senior Lecturer in Radar Hydrology and Hydroinformatics Tel. (0117) 331 5736
Dr Rafael Rosolem Senior Lecturer in Civil Engineering Tel. (0117) 331 5070
Mr Daniel Sanchez Rivas Civil Engineering (PhD)
Mr Georgios Sarailidis Civil Engineering (PhD)
Dr Fanny Sarrazin Visiting Research Associate
Mr Samuel Scott Teaching Support Assistant
Professor Robert Sellin Emeritus Professor in Hydraulic Engineering Tel. (0117) 331 5748
Professor Anastasios Sextos Professor of Earthquake Engineering Tel. (0117) 4550476
Mr Gang Shen Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Victoria Sloan Visiting Senior Teaching Fellow
Dr Paul Smith Honorary Senior Teaching Associate,Senior Associate Teacher,Senior Associate Teacher,Senior Associate Teacher
Ms Lina Stein Civil Engineering (PhD)
Miss Emma Su Civil Engineering (PhD)
Mr Gary Sutlieff Aerospace Engineering (PhD)
Professor Colin Taylor Emeritus Professor
Dr Richard Taylor Visiting Professor in Civil Engineering Tel. (0117) 331 5423
Mr Peter Thomas Civil Engineering (PhD)
Professor Philip Thomas Professor of Risk Management
Dr Eleni Toumpanaki Lecturer
Mr David Trujillo Visiting Research Fellow
Dr Theo Tryfonas Associate Professor Tel. (0117) 331 5740
Mr Liam Turton Civil Engineering (PhD)
Dr Paul Vardanega Senior Lecturer in Civil Engineering Tel. (0117) 4550535
Mr Felipe Vicencio Civil Engineering (PhD)
Mr Richard Voke Visiting Research Fellow
Dr Elia Voyagaki Research Associate
Professor Thorsten Wagener Professor of Water and Environmental Engineering Tel. (0117) 331 5737
Ms Lina Wang Civil Engineering (PhD)
Miss Luhua Wang Civil Engineering (PhD)
Miss Jiao Wang Civil Engineering (PhD)
Mr Charles West Civil Engineering (PhD)
Mr Rory White Research Associate
Mr Mervyn White Lecturer Tel. (0117) 331 5554
Mr Clive Wishart Visiting Teaching Fellow Tel. (0117) 331 5946
Dr Ross Woods Reader in Water & Environmental Engineering Tel. (0117) 33 15661
Dr Maria Xanthou Senior Research Associate
Professor Mike Yearworth Visiting Professor Tel. (0117) 331 5723
Mr Sergio Felipe Zaldivar Reyes Civil Engineering (PhD)
Mr Yichen Zhang Civil Engineering (PhD)
Mr Ziliang Zhang Civil Engineering (PhD)
Mr Yulong Zhang Civil Engineering (PhD)
Dr Jun Zhang Honorary Research Associate
Dr Lu Zhuo Visiting Research Fellow