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Publication - Dr Andrea Diambra

    Strength anisotropy of fibre-reinforced sands under multiaxial loading


    Mandolini, A, Diambra, A & Ibraim, E, 2019, ‘Strength anisotropy of fibre-reinforced sands under multiaxial loading’. Géotechnique, vol 69., pp. 203-216


    The strength anisotropy of fibre reinforced sands in the multiaxial stress space has been investigated using the Hollow Cylinder Torsional Apparatus (HCTA). Probing stress paths under constant cell pressure have been performed on both unreinforced and reinforced sand specimens to assess the influence of the orientation of the principal stress directions on the fibre strengthening contribution. For the first time, a deviatoric strength envelope for fibre reinforced soils in the multiaxial stress space was identified. The addition of fibres produces an anisotropic increase and a distortion of the deviatoric strength envelope if compared to the unreinforced soil matrix. The fibre strengthening contribution is governed by the developed tensile strain domain and the fibre orientation distribution. Further observations on the effect of addition of fibres on the volumetric response, principal stress and strain rate non-coaxiality, and shear bands formation of the composite are presented. An analytical model to capture the anisotropic fibre strengthening contribution is developed and discussed.

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