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Professor Dawei Han

Water and Environmental engineering

Research Interests

Hydroinformatics(Support Vector Machines, Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic, Hybrid systems)
Real-time Flood Forecasting(System design, real-time updating, ungauged catchment, uncertainty, lumped hydrological modelling)
Flood Risk Assessment and Management(Flood risk assessment, flood statistics, frequency analysis, PMP/PMF, geostatistics, hydrological design)
Climate Change (Climate policy, weather modelling, climate trend, impact, mitigation and adaptation)
Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System(Weather radar, satellite, digital terrain model, distributed hydrological modeling, GIS)
Water Resources Management(Water resources assessment, hydroecology, catchment soil moisture modelling)
Natural Hazards (Debris flow, drought, flood)
Systems (Nonlinear system, complex adaptive system, systems engineering)
Environmental engineering (Water quality, ecosystems)

Research keywords

  • Hydroinformatics
  • Real-time Flood Forecasting
  • Remote Sensing
  • Flood Risk Assessment and Management
  • Climate Change
  • Water Resources Management
  • Natural Hazards
  • Water quality
  • Systems Engineering