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Publication - Dr Neil Carhart

    Learning Frameworks for Future Infrastructure Provision


    Taylor, C, Crick, RD, Huang, S, Davies, R & Carhart, N, 2017, ‘Learning Frameworks for Future Infrastructure Provision’., pp. 386-392


    The vast scale of global infrastructure spending over the next 25 years, and the opportunities created by the new disruptive technologies, ought to generate profound benefits through realising new societal ambitions. A key challenge for infrastructure providers is to ensure that their future understanding and capabilities are in harmony with the evolving complexity and scale of the task. Radical solutions require a radical collective mindset and a radical reframing of infrastructure provision. Mindset change and new capabilities develop only through learning. This paper argues that radical change depends on making explicit and improving the individual and collective learning across all actors, including citizens as co-producers and users, and that the infrastructure sector needs to reframe itself around explicit learning to achieve this outcome.

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