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Publication - Dr Ross Woods

    Joint Editorial

    Invigorating hydrological research through journal publications


    Quinn, N, Blöschl, G, Bárdossy, A, Castellarin, A, Clark, M, Cudennec, C, Koutsoyiannis, D, Lall, U, Lichner, L, Parajka, J, Peters-Lidard, CD, Sander, G, Savenije, H, Smettem, K, Vereecken, H, Viglione, A, Willems, P, Wood, A, Woods, R, Xu, CY & Zehe, E, 2018, ‘Joint Editorial: Invigorating hydrological research through journal publications’. Hydrological Sciences Journal, vol 19., pp. 365-369


    Editors of several journals in the field of hydrology met during the General Assembly of the European Geosciences Union—EGU in Vienna in April 2017. This event was a follow-up of similar meetings held in 2013 and 2015. These meetings enable the group of editors to review the current status of the journals and the publication process, and to share thoughts on future strategies. Journals were represented at the 2017 meeting by their editors, as shown in the list of authors. The main points on invigorating hydrological research through journal publications are communicated in this joint editorial published in the above journals.

    Full details in the University publications repository