Postgraduate prizes

Tom Gower Fewtrell Prize

The Tom Gower Fewtrell Prize is to be given to the best overall student in the MSc in Computer Science course. Tom studied for the MSc in 1999/2000 and gained a Commendation. He had a great future ahead of him, but sadly his life was cut short and he died in August 2006. He was an intelligent, caring, fun loving person and a wonderful son and brother. His mother and sister have kindly donated this prize to honour his memory.

This prize will be awarded annually and has a value of £250.

Previous winners

  • 2008-9: Gareth Lloyd
  • 2007-8: Christopher Perry
  • 2006-7: Adam Dimmick

Detica Forensics Prize

This prize is given in the area of Security.

Detica Forensics are a part of the Detica group, they are dedicated to helping law enforcement agencies and commercial organisations solve their most challenging information recovery problems, especially those involving password protection, encryption and steganography.

Detica Forensics provides support services throughout or at the most difficult stages in computer forensics investigations.

Detica kindly sponsor a security prize for both the Undergraduate and Postgraduate projects, each prize is worth £250.

Previous winners

  • 2008-9: Emily Evripidou
  • 2007-8: Sam Ferrar
  • 2006-7: Pamela Lubinda and Essam Ghadafi
  • 2005-6: Nicholas Mayers and Fangfang Yuan
  • 2004-5: Husna Siddiqi
  • 2003-4: Jing Wei
  • 2002-3: Antoine Muzereau

Surface Inspection Prize

This prize is given in the area of Image Processing.

Surface Inspection Ltd is the world leader in the development, manufacture and supply of automatic inspection systems for the ceramic tile industry. These specialised machine vision systems acquire and process digital images of tiles in order to grade the tile quality and sort them by shade. Our expanding R&D group in Bristol works to develop new products, increase the functionality of existing products, and identify and apply innovative techniques which can help improve performance and ease of use.

To learn more visit Nuova Firma / Surface Inspection.

The value of this Postgraduate prize is £500 however it is normally shared between a couple of students.

Previous winners

  • 2008-9: Tasos Papastylianou and Ioannis Kaloskampis
  • 2007-8: Christopher Evans and Anete Piebalga
  • 2006-7: Maria Nigianni and Yufeng Zhang
  • 2005-6: Sarah Goodway, Renato Salas and Jia Wei
  • 2004-5: Yilin Su
  • 2003-4: Marc Ramsdale, Tilo Burghardt and Tariq Rashid