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The University is located in the centre of Bristol, a thriving, modern city which is home to over 35,000 students. Bristol strikes an unusual balance: it offers all of the facilities of a big city, but is small enough to enjoy living in. Many students and staff who have joined the University over the years have chosen to make Bristol their permanent home. The city's location also provides easy access to London, as well as favourite areas - the countryside, mountains and beaches - in the South West and Wales.

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Computing at Bristol is based in a modern building immediately adjacent to one of Bristol's liveliest areas. This houses well-equipped student laboratories, state-of-the-art research laboratories, and staff offices surrounding a large atrium. For most of the day the atrium is a hive of activity, with students meeting, relaxing, discussing project work, or using the wireless internet access. Immediately outside, the streets are full of cafes, shops, bars and clubs, and here life goes on into the small hours. Within ten minutes walk are Bristol's harbourside, Clifton village, and Whiteladies road, all similarly vibrant areas providing a home to thousands of students.

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We benefit from the concentration of high-technology industries in Bristol and the South West that provide us with industrial staff, opportunities for student projects, internships (both summer and year in industry placements) and - for many students - their first job after graduating. Many Computing students work during the summer, often spending two or three months in a computing-related job in a company. Many companies are enthusiastic about employing students in this way, as it gives them an introduction to someone who will probably be looking for a job when they have finished their degree. In addition, the placement may provide the topic for a final-year project.

Our students have worked at a wide variety of companies, many of them local to Bristol. The area hosts many appropriate technical companies including software development, animation, microelectronics, games and communications as well as significant computer users such as financial services. They include multinational companies such as Hewlett- Packard, STMicroelectronics, Infineon and Toshiba, alongside start-ups such as Xmos, Clementine, and Netsight. Whenever a company or student approaches us about summer placements we try and find the right candidates for the right jobs.

"[Bristol students] bring us the latest views on some of the developments in Computer Science ... and an interest and enthusiasm which really injects a more exciting air into the company, that would otherwise be missing."  Simon Lewis, Technical Director, Appliance Studio, Bristol

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