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Name Job title Email Phone number
Mr Huseyin Burak Akyol Computer Science (PhD)
Mrs Eman Alajrami Computer Science (PhD)
Miss Doaa Alamoudi Computer Science (PhD)
Mrs Luluah Albarrak Computer Science (PhD)
Mr Hugo Alcaraz Herrera Computer Science (PhD)
Dr Dima Aldamen Reader in Computer Vision Tel. (0117) 954 5633
Mr Mohammed Alshahrani Computer Science (PhD)
Mr Andres Amaya Garcia Computer Science (PhD)
Mr Andrei Apostol Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Dejanira Araiza Illan Visiting Fellow in Computer Science
Mr Benjamin Arana Sanchez Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Patrick Atkinson Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Amid Ayobi Research Associate
Miss Priyanka Badva Cyber Security (TIPS at Scale) (PhD)
Mr Thomas Bale Assistant Teacher,Teaching Support Assistant
Mrs Fatmah Bamashmoos Computer Science (PhD)
Mr Gareth Barnaby Casual IT Access,Teaching Support Assistant
Professor Julie Barnett Honorary Professor
Mr Phil Bates Honorary Professor
Mr Dean Beale Computer Science (PhD)
Mr Daniel Bennett Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Peter Bennett Lecturer
Dr Chris Bevan Research Associate for Virtual Realities - Immersive Documentary Encounters
Mrs Nouf Bindris Computer Science (PhD)
Ms Caroline Bird Research Associate
Dr Jon Bird Senior Lecturer
Mr Hongbo Bo Computer Science (PhD)
Mr Erik Bodin Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Laurie Bose Research Associate
Mr Ian Brooks Honorary Senior Teaching Fellow,Senior Associate Teacher,Teaching Support Assistant
Professor Seth Bullock Toshiba Chair in Data Science and Simulation/Head of Department Tel. (0117) 331 5043
Miss Helen Burchett Administrator
Dr Tilo Burghardt Senior Lecturer Tel. (0117) 954 5298
Dr Amelia Burroughs Research Associate in Language Learning Tel. (0117) 331 2291
Dr Alison Burrows Honorary Senior Research Associate
Mr Chris Cade Computer Science (PhD)
Professor Andrew Calway Professor of Computer Vision Tel. (0117) 954 5149
Mr Joey Campbell Computer Science (PhD)
Dr Neill Campbell Reader Tel. (0117) 954 5151
Dr John Cartlidge Senior Lecturer in Data and Financial Informatics Tel. (0117) 954 5142
Professor Kirsten Cater Academic Director,Professor of Human Computer Interaction & Entrepreneurship & Innovation Pedagogy
Dr Zbigniew Chamski Senior Research Associate
Dr Greg Chance Senior Research Associate
Dr Mark Chattington Project Staff
Miss Hsing-Yu Chen Teaching Support Assistant,Teaching Support Assistant
Miss Yu Chen Computer Science (PhD)
Dr Ruzanna Chitchyan Senior Lecturer in Software Engineering
Mr Phani Chitti Research Associate
Mr Benny Clark Teaching Support Assistant
Professor Dave Cliff Professor of Computer Science/Academic Director for TQC
Dr Raphael Clifford Reader in Algorithm Design Tel. (0117) 331 5147
Mr Atakan Colak Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Raef Coles Teaching Support Assistant
Mr James Cook Teaching Support Assistant
Miss Bex Coveney Student Administration Manager Tel. (0117) 928 8334
Dr Barney Craggs Senior Research Associate
Mr Michael Crosscombe Research Associate
Ms Clare Cullen Research Associate
Mr Amirhossein Dadashzadeh Computer Science (PhD)
Mr Colin Dalton Senior Lecturer Tel. (0117) 954 5164
Mr James Daly Casual IT Access,Teaching Support Assistant
Miss Brittany Davidson Research Associate
Dr Tom Deakin Research Associate
Mr Cyprien Delpech De Saint Guilhem Computer Science (PhD)
Dr Tom Diethe Honorary Research Fellow
Professor Karim Djemame External Examiner UG for SCEEM
Miss Hazel Doughty Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Francois Dupressoir Senior Lecturer in Cryptography Tel. (0117) 33 15200
Mr Andrew Dwyer Research Associate
Ms Rachel Eardley Research Associate
Professor Kerstin Eder Professor of Computer Science Tel. (0117) 954 5146
Mrs Charlotte Edom-Hodge Deputy School Manager Tel. (0117) 39 40337
Dr Matthew Edwards Lecturer
Dr Carl Henrik Ek Senior Lecturer in Computer Science Tel. (0117) 331 5103
Miss Aluna Everitt Research Associate
Mr Ercan Ezin Teaching Support Assistant
Miss Feng Feng Research Associate
Mr Alberto Ferreira Computer Science (PhD)
Professor Peter Flach Professor of Artificial Intelligence Tel. (0117) 954 5162
Mrs Liz Foot CDT Administrator
Professor Alan Forsyth Lecturer
Mr Clement Foyer Computer Science (PhD)
Professor Mike Fraser Professor of Human-Computer Interaction
Miss Samantha Frohlich Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Oliver Frolovs Senior Resident,Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Kevin Galvin Project Staff
Mr Stoil Ganev Interactive Artificial Intelligence (PhD)
Mrs Jing Gao Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Si Gao Research Associate in Cryptography
Mr Joe Gardiner Research Associate
Dr Kyriakos Georgiou Lecturer,Senior Research Associate
Mr Abanoub Ghobrial Research Associate
Dr David Gibson Visiting Senior Research Fellow Tel. (0117) 331 5099
Mr Connor Goodwin Computer Science (PhD)
Professor Julian Gough Visiting Professor
Dr Stuart Gray Research Associate in Tangible User Interfaces for Children and Older People
Mr Benjamin Green Research Associate
Mr Joey Green Computer Science (PhD)
Ms Ana Guerra-Langan Teaching Support Assistant,Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Zichen Gui Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Joseph Hallett Research Associate
Mr Siyu Han Advanced Computing - Machine Learning, Data Mining and High Performance Computing (MSc),Engineering Mathematics (PhD)
Dr Sion Hannuna Lecturer Tel. (0117) 954 5142
Mr Ollie Hanton Computer Science (PhD)
Mr David Harvey Third Party Organisation
Mr Haroon Hassan Computer Science (PhD)
Mrs Farnoosh Heidarivincheh Computer Science (PhD)
Ms Emma Hewlett Computer Science (PhD)
Mr Elliott Hogg Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Yoav Hollander Visiting Fellow
Mr Jock Holmes Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Ian Holyer Senior Lecturer in Computer Science Tel. (0117) 954 5148
Dr Conor Houghton Reader in Computational Neuroscience Tel. (0117) 954 5140
Miss Hannah Hutton Cyber Security (TIPS at Scale) (PhD)
Mr Nazaal Ibrahim Assistant Teacher,Teaching Support Assistant
Mr David Ireland Interactive Artificial Intelligence (PhD)
Mr Ramon Izquierdo Cordova Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Youngkyoon Jang Senior Research Associate
Ms Rachel Jeffries-Harris Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Angus Johnson Project Staff
Professor Adam Joinson Honorary Professor
Mr Jack Jones Computer Science (MEng)
Mr Eddie Jones Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Kiran Joshi Research Associate
Mr Tayfun Karaderi Interactive Artificial Intelligence (PhD)
Mr Vangelis Kazakos Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Bilal Kazi Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Tom Kent Research Associate in Applied Mathematics & Computer Science
Mr Rajesh Khandelwal Colloboration within CAPRI/ROBOPILOT projects
Mr Csongor Kiss Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Christian Konrad Lecturer in Computer Science
Mr Joseph Lam Project Staff
Dr John Lapinskas Lecturer
Mr Robert Larson None
Mrs Alison Lavender Temporary Staffing Service (Appointment B)
Miss Chanelle Lee Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Gavin Leech Interactive Artificial Intelligence (PhD)
Mr Tim Lewis Self-Employed Individual
Miss Karen Li Computer Science (PhD)
Miss Soo Yee Lim Casual IT Access,Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Bin Liu Computer Science (PhD)
Miss Jingqi Liu Research Associate
Dr Simon Lock Senior Lecturer Tel. (0117) 954 5145
Mr Yao Lu Computer Science (PhD)
Mr Jian Ma Computer Science (PhD),Pre-sessional Course in English for Academic Purposes (B)
Mr Gaurav Maheshwari Honorary Research Associate
Ms Alexandra Malyugina Research Support Assistant
Miss Maria Marinova None
Mr Ben Marshall Research Associate SCARV: a side-channel hardened RISC-V platform
Dr Paul Marshall Senior Lecturer Tel. (0117) 33 15352
Mr Sam Martin Research Associate
Dr Jose Martinez Carranza Senior Research Fellow
Mr Marco Martinoli Computer Science (PhD)
Mr Nyasha Masamba Computer Science (PhD)
Ms Chloe Massey Student Wellbeing Adviser Mob. (07967) 773771
Mr Alessandro Masullo Research Associate
Mr Luke Mather Research Associate
Professor David May Professor of Computer Science Tel. (0117) 954 5134
Professor Walterio Mayol-Cuevas Professor in Robotics, Computer Vision and Mobile Systems Tel. (0117) 954 5128
Mr Kipp McAdam Freud Interactive Artificial Intelligence (PhD)
Mr Dave McEwan Teaching Support Assistant
Professor Simon McIntosh-Smith Professor in High Performance Computing Tel. (0117) 3315324
Mrs Qianru Meng Computer Science (PhD)
Dr Oussama Metatla EPSRC Research Fellow
Ms Ola Michalec Research Associate
Mr Sunny Miglani Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Mihajlo Milosavljevic SCEEM Outreach Ambassador,Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Ed Milsom Mathematics and Computer Science (MEng)
Mr Yuhang Ming Computer Science (PhD)
Professor Majid Mirmehdi Professor of Computer Vision/Engineering Faculty Education Director Tel. (0117) 954 5139
Mr Davide Moltisanti Teacher,Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Iain Monteath Industrial Fellow
Dr Oliver Moolan-Feroze Senior Research Associate
Dr Miranda Mowbray Lecturer in Computer Science Tel. (0117) 331 5055
Mr Jonathan Munro Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Abubakar Muqaddas Senior Research Associate
Mr Jordan Murkin Computer Science (PhD)
Professor Ian Nabney Head of School,Professor and Head of SCEEM School of Engineering Tel. (0117) 954 5468
Mr James Neve Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Ejay Nsugbe Research Associate
Mr Ed Nutting Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Cian O'Donnell Lecturer in Computer Science Tel. (0117) 3315235Telephone Number
Dr Paul O'Dowd Lecturer
Dr Aisling O'Kane Senior Lecturer in Human Computer Interaction for Health Tel. (0117) 954 5142
Professor Elisabeth Oswald Professor in Applied Cryptography Tel. (0117) 954 5634
Mr Abel Pacheco Ortega Computer Science (PhD)
Dr Daniel Page Senior Lecturer in Computer Science Tel. (0117) 331 5146
Dr Adeline Paiement Third Party Organisation
Dr Ivan Palomares Carrascosa Lecturer in Data Science and A.I Tel. (0117) 954 5148
Mr Alexander Pang Teaching Support Assistant,Third Party Organisation
Mr Alixander Partridge Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Thomas Pasquier Lecturer Tel. (0117) 954 5155
Mr Nikhil Patnaik Computer Science (PhD)
Mr Callum Pearce Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Claudia Peersman Senior Research Associate
Mr Miquel Perello Nieto Research Associate
Dr Venura Perera Liverpool Victoria Data Science Lead
Mr Toby Perrett Honorary Research Associate,Research Associate
Mr Tudor Petrescu Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Thinh Pham Research Associate
Mr Matthew Pickering Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Beatriz Pimentel Mizusaki Research Associate
Mr Andrei Poenaru Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Yasen Polihronov Teaching Support Assistant,Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Victor Ponce Lopez Honorary Research Associate
Dr Rui Ponte Costa Lecturer in Computational Neuroscience and Machine Learning Tel. (0117) 954 5155
Mr Codrin Popa Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Rafael Poyiadzi Teaching Support Assistant
Professor Dhiraj Pradhan Emeritus Professor of Computer Science Tel. (0117) 954 5637
Professor Chris Preist Professor of Sustainability & Computer Systems Tel. (0117)3315105
Mr Will Price Teaching Support Assistant
Mr James Price Advanced Computing Systems Administrator,Research Associate
Dr Simon Price Research Fellow Tel. (0117) 39 41626
Mr Ben Pritchard Project Staff
Miss Aatina Punjabi Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Isabel Qamar EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellow Tel. (0117) 33 15763
Mr Stefan Radic Webster Interactive Artificial Intelligence (PhD)
Dr Steven Ramsay Lecturer
Professor Awais Rashid Professor of Cyber Security Tel. (0117) 331 5106
Dr Sanjay Rawat Lecturer
Dr Oliver Ray Lecturer Tel. (0117) 954 5150
Mr Benjamin Rayneau-Kirkhope Third Party Organisation
Mr Dylan Rees Third Party Organisation
Mr Dragos Rotaru Computer Science (PhD)
Dr Anne Roudaut Associate Professor in Human-Computer Interaction
Dr Arnab Roy Senior Research Associate in Cryptography
Mr Zeynel Samak Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Manolis Samanis Computer Science (PhD)
Mr Obed Samano Abonce Computer Science (PhD)
Mr Jorge Sanchez-Cano Mathematics and Computer Science (MEng)
Mr Miltiadis Saratzidis Teaching Support Assistant
Miss Faegheh Sardari Computer Science (PhD)
Miss Anne-Lene Sax Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Aidan Scannell Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Daniel Schien Senior Lecturer in Computer Science Tel. (0117) 331 5369
Mr Philipp Schmitz Interactive Artificial Intelligence (PhD)
Mr Paul Shabajee Research Fellow Tel. (0117) 3315303
Dr Jenna Shapiro Research Associate
Mr Zijian Shi Computer Science (PhD)
Dr Ben Shreeve Research Associate
Mr Anas Shrinah Assistant Teacher,Teaching Support Assistant
Miss Torty Sivill Computer Science (PhD)
Professor Nigel Smart Professor of Cryptology Tel. (0117) 985 6904
Mr Kacper Sokol Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Hao Song Research Associate
Mr Ewan Soubutts Associate Teacher
Dr Katarzyna Stawarz Senior Research Associate
Mr Joseph Stephenson Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Grant Stevens Senior Resident
Mr James Stevenson Computer Science (PhD)
Mr Janis Stolzenwald Associate Teacher
Mr Matthew Sutton Research Designer
Mr Marc Tannous Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Josh Taylor Research Associate
Dr Claire Taylor Visiting Fellow
Mr Pete Thompson Cyber Security (TIPS at Scale) (PhD)
Miss Natalie Thurlby Data Science Specialist
Mr Colin Topping Computer Science (PhD)
Mr Josef Valvoda Research Associate
Dr Erik Van De Sandt Honorary Research Fellow
Dr Dirk van der Linden Senior Research Associate
Dr Luis Vaquero Gonzalez Reader in Computer Science
Mr Manan Vaswani Teaching Support Assistant
Miss Emily Vosper Interactive Artificial Intelligence (PhD)
Dr Ding Wang Honorary Research Associate
Mr Wenxin Wang Computer Science (PhD)
Miss Hanyuan Wang Computer Science (PhD)
Dr Meng Wang Senior Lecturer Tel. (0117) 954 5145
Professor Bogdan Warinschi Professor of Computer Science Tel. (0117) 3315220
Mr Harry Waugh Computer Science (PhD)
Mr James Webb Research Associate
Mr Tobias Weickert Cyber Security (TIPS at Scale) (PhD)
Mr Dan Whettam Interactive Artificial Intelligence (PhD)
Mr Sam Whitehouse Teaching Support Assistant
Mrs Carolyn Whitnall Senior Research Associate
Dr Alvin Wilby Visiting Professor
Mr Jamie Willis Assistant Teacher
Dr Peter Wolanin Research Associate
Mr Tim Wood Computer Science (PhD)
Mr Michael Wray Teacher,Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Samuel Xavier De Souza Royal Society Newton Advanced Research Fellow
Miss Zhaozhen Xu Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Mengwei Xu Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Taku Yamagata Senior Research Associate
Mr Yan Yan Research Associate
Mr Xinyu Yang Computer Science (PhD)
Mr Xingrui Yang Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Jiang Foong Yeap Teaching Support Assistant
Miss Rebecca Young Computer Science (PhD)
Miss Yael Zekaria Research Associate
Mr Yutian Zhang Senior Resident,Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Xuan Zheng Advanced Microelectronic Systems Engineering (MSc),Computer Science (PhD)
Miss Mengjie Zhou Computer Science (PhD)