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Publication - Dr Joseph Hallett

    Cybersecurity Research: Challenges and Course of Action


    Backes, M, Buxmann, P, Eckert, C, Holz, T, Müller-Quade, J, Raabe, O, Waidner, M, Bardin, S, Debar, H, Dinger, J, Fahl, S, Fuster, GG, Grous, S, Hallett, J, Harlander, M, Houdeau, D, Kirchner, C, Klasen, W, Lotz, V, Markatos, E, Möhring, P, Posch, R, Ritter, S, Schallbruch, M, Schunter, M, Volkamer, M & Wespi, A, 2019, ‘Cybersecurity Research: Challenges and Course of Action’. German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF)

    Full details in the University publications repository