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Dr Shuangyi Yan

Dr Shuangyi Yan

Dr Shuangyi Yan
BEng, PhD

Lecturer in High Performance Networking & Optical Networking

Area of research

Artificial Intelligence for automatic low-margin optical networks

Office 4,23 MVB
Merchant Venturers Building,
Woodland Road, Clifton BS8 1UB
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+44 (0) 117 954 5183


My research focuses on the future dynamic optical networks with flexible network functions and fast network reconfigurations. The envisioned programmable optical networks could deliver network services automatically in an on-demand approach. The flexible network resource can accommodate network requests by providing just-enough network hardware to maximize the utilisation of network resources. The margin-reduced dynamic optical network will be one of the key research themes for intelligent optical transport. To achieve this, two key research directions are explored.

Artificial Intelligence driven optical networks

Based on the proposed SDN-based multi-layer monitoring framework, AI-based network analytics could offer novel network functions and leverage the intelligence of SDN networks. Various field trial experiments demonstrated the advantages of AI in optical networks.

Programmable multi-dimensional networks

Programmable optical hardware is one of the key enabling technologies for dynamic networks. This research will investigate programmable network architecture, reconfigurable node functions and programmable transmission equipment. Our developed architecture-on-demand synthesized optical nodes and bandwidth programmable optical transmitters provide a solid foundation for hardware-programmable optical networks. The research intends to bring programmability in multiple dimensions (i.e. TDM/WDM/SDM in optical networks). The flexibility of network hardware can adapt the capability, according to network states and network requirements, to contribute to the vision of intelligent optical transport.


Shuangyi Yan is currently a lecturer in High Performance Networking & Optical Networking at the University of Bristol. He received the B.E degree in information engineering from Tianjin University, Tianjin, China in 2004. In 2009, he got the PhD degree in optical engineering from Xi’an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics, CAS, Xi’an, China. His doctoral dissertation focused on key technologies in ultra-high-speed optical communication networks, such as ultra-short optical pulse generation, high-bandwidth optical signal processing. From 2011 to 2013, He worked on the spectra-efficient long-haul transmission system and low-cost short-range transmission system in Photonics Research Centre, Dept. EIE of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong. He was involved in several industrial funded projects. In July 2013, he joined the High Performance Networks Group at University of Bristol. His research interests include Artificial intelligence in Optical Networks, multi-dimensional programmable optical networks, multi-layer network analytics for network optimisation, and next generation data centre networks. He is the author or co-author of over 60 publications, of which consist patents and several post deadline papers in optical communication related top-level conferences.

Here is my research theme in High Performance Networks group: Intelligent Optical Transport Networks.

Recent Update:


July 2020, Dr Shuangyi Yan delivered an invited talk about programmable ROADM for SDM/WDM networks in ICTON. #multi-dimensional networks. Video: youtube-link


22-26 September 2019 Visiting Student Zhengguang Gao's ECOC 2019 paper was nominated for the Best paper award. Paper

13-16 May 2019 Dr. Shuangyi Yan delivered an invited talk in ONDM 2019, Athens, Greek. Check it here.

3-7 March 2019 Dr. Shuangyi Yan delivered an invited talk in OFC 2019, San Diego, US. Check it here.

23-27 September 2018 Dr. Shuangyi Yan delivered a talk in ECOC2018 titled: Exploring multi-dimensional optical switching technologies in DCN.




  • Artificial intelligence in optical networks
  • Programmable optical networks for future 5G and beyond
  • Network analytics application
  • Data centre network



Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

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