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Dr Md Israfil Biswas


Dr. Md Israfil Biswas is working for the SPHERE IRC project at the University of Bristol focusing on energy-efficient networking for wireless embedded devices in IoT.  He develops applications for digital healthcare and smart city, involved in prototyping of optimisation of algorithms for constrained/low-capability, battery-powered devices without compromising performance and reliability.

Key duties:

  • Embedded system development with various platforms using texas instruments, FPGA, Raspberry pi, etc.
  • Reprogram and debug  real-time operating systems for processors with constrained resources (e.g., Contiki -NG, FreeRTOS, mbed)
  • The complete life cycle from specification, prototyping, and testing, through to production and support Source code control tools   (eg Git)
  • Hardware interfacing –  UART, I2C, SPI, RS232, etc. – with a basic understanding of electronic schematic

Previously, he was a Research Engineer at British Telecom (BTIIC) for the Internet of Things Project and Research Associate for the 'Agile Cloud Services and Orchestration' of US-Ireland project at the Ulster University.  Dr. Israfil also worked for the Digital Innovation Infrastructure for The Next Generation Internet project at the Ulster University funded under the 'InvestNI Research & Development' Grant Scheme. He was a Research Fellow and visiting lecturer at the City, the University of London in the Internet of Things EU F7 project.  

Dr. Israfil finished his Ph.D. from the University of Aberdeen-UK in Communication Engineering and among other research outputs it has led to an Internet-Draft at IETF. His research was to investigate Internet protocols, developing new protocols for Satellite Networks and Multimedia Communications. He is experienced in Software development to simultaneously work on a centralized project using SVN, coding using C/C++ and Tcl in Linux based network simulator (ns-2).  Dr. Israfil Biswas also worked on eHealth and real-time monitoring project PsychoFIZZ - an open-source project in Python, funded by the Horizon Digital Economy Research at the University of Nottingham. 

In the past, he was a lecturer of the school of engineering and course instructor for Cisco Network Academy Program CCNA at the American International University, Bangladesh.   



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