Undergraduate study

The Department of Engineering Mathematics is a vibrant department with a strong international reputation for teaching and research into real-world applications of mathematics. As a mathematics department embedded in an engineering faculty, we have unrivalled access to a wide range of industrial collaborations.

BEng Engineering Mathematics (G162)

3 years full-time

A major focus of the course, and a key strand throughout the curriculum, is training in real-world problem solving. Problems span many different application areas, from robotics and social media to medicine and environmental modelling.

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MEng Engineering Mathematics (G161)

4 years full-time

The MEng follows the same structure as the BEng for first two years, with different topics in years 3 and 4. The highlight will be your final year project, a creative, challenging and enjoyable experience that is excellent preparation for your career.

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MEng Engineering Mathematics with Study Abroad (G160 or via G161 and G162)

This course follows the structure of our MEng Engineering Mathematics course but gives you the opportunity to spend your third year abroad at an English-speaking university. You can transfer onto this course up until your second year of the BEng or MEng course.

Programme details

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