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The 91st European Study Group with Industry (ESGI) will be held at the University of Bristol hosted by the Department of Engineering Mathematics. The study group will run from 10am Monday 15 April to 1pm Friday 19 April 2013 in the Queen's Building, University Walk.

Full details of the meeting will appear on this website when they are finalised. See the links in the left-hand menu for further information.

What is a study group?

Study groups are an intensive week-long workshop where industry-based engineers and scientists work alongside university-based academics on problems of direct industrial relevance. The aim of the study group is to generate new ideas and investigate potential solutions to existing industrial problems that have so far gone unsolved. Furthermore, study groups provide industry with opportunities to develop long-term and shorter-term interactions with academics to provide new scientific input concerning their products and processes.

The participants spend most of the week working on the problems, both discussing how to model the problems mathematically, and analysing, solving, interpreting and reviewing the models. The unscripted nature of the workshop cultivates a highly interactive atmosphere that provides opportunities for wide exploration of ideas, theoretical modelling approaches and synergistic development of collaborations.

Previous problems have covered a wide range of different topics including, but not limited to, flood prediction, optimal control, metrology, fluid dynamics, statistical modelling, parallelisable numerical algorithms, and image reconstruction. For specific examples of previous problems, see the web page of the 2012 study group held at the University of East Anglia or the Mathematics in Industry Information Service.


This study group is jointly organised by the local hosts and the Industrial Mathematics Knowledge Transfer Network (through the Smith Institute). The local organisers are