MSc in Biomedical Engineering

This innovative programme will help you to gain expertise in the exciting field of biomedical engineering and covers both theory and practical applications.

New for 2019-20

Bio-inspired Artificial Intelligence

Nature has found clever solutions for the design of intelligent systems. Chemical networks, cells, brains and societies are able to self-organise to perform seemingly complex tasks. These behaviours result from evolution, development, and learning.

With this course we aim to take inspiration from nature to engineer intelligent systems for real-world applications. Each lecture looks at a biological system and extracts basic principles that can be implemented in reality. Topics covered include neural networks, machine learning, artificial evolution, cellular systems, DNA computing, swarm intelligence, and bio-inspired robotics.

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Sensing Technologies for Diagnostics and Monitoring

This unit focuses on information acquisition using biosensors and the subsequent wireless networking and data processing involved. It draws specifically on the electrical engineering department's acknowledged expertise in communications and teaches you the skills required for applications in e-healthcare.

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Over the duration of the programme you'll be taught by experts in the field of biomedical engineering, such as:

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The MSc in Biomedical Engineering programme will give you access to state-of-the-art facilities at the University:

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Studying at Bristol has exceeded my expectations. The amazing support of my supervisor and cutting-edge facilities enabled me to produce high-quality research.

Talitha, MSc in Biomedical Engineering
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