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From Eng Maths to Start Up: The Miminal Story

The Miminal directors with University of Bristol Vice Chancellor Hugh Brady at their November launch in Bristol, who wished the start up every success with their venture (from left to right: Alex Ogilvie, Charlie Bickerton, Hugh Brady, William Worrall).

20 November 2017

Three graduates from the Engineering Maths degree programme have recently embarked on a new business venture. The trio from the 2017 MEng cohort have spent the summer starting up a data science consultancy. Their mission: To help organisations fulfil their potential through data driven decisions.

Charlie Bickerton, Alex Ogilvie and William Worrall's inspiration for their business, Miminal Limited, developed over the last two years of their degrees. "Working on numerous Maths & Data Modelling Projects and Final Year Projects directly related to industry made us realise how much of a need there is for the skills we have learnt during our degrees" said Alex.

"Owning a business has always been an ambition of mine and when we saw the number of organisations coming to university with potential projects, we saw there was an opportunity" added Will.

"The foundations of our business come directly from what we have studied during our degrees" said Charlie. "The core is the data modelling which is an integral part of the course from the first year. Combining this with some of the more advanced techniques from later years has enabled us to provide a valued service to organisations."

Miminal have expanded on the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning knowledge they picked up at university and rely heavily on multiple programming languages, particularly javascript and python on a daily basis. Having taken multiple computer science modules over their degree, they have experience in pattern recognition, classification and can build highly scalable cloud based applications.

Over the summer, they have been building up their portfolio, developing javascript web applications for various clients. This means that they can also offer software packages for clients which incorporate their data solutions. One particular app acts as a front end for users to run simulations on a neural network.

"Developing software containing these techniques is important for many organisations but isn't very widely offered" said Will. "We value our client's satisfaction above all else and can deliver our services in whatever form suits them most".

"There is a stigma surrounding big data and data science that it is only for the big organisations that have a load of money to invest in it but that's simply not the case" said Alex. "We want to be the link that brings these capabilities out of the lab and into any company who could learn more from their data."

Having recently had their official launch at the Engineering Research Showcase in the new Queens Wing, Miminal are keen to relocate their business back to Bristol as soon as possible and continue expanding their network in Bristol and the skills they developed at university.

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