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Nello Cristianini gives the Annual STOA Lecture at the European Parliament

28 November 2017

Nello Cristianini has given the Annual STOA Lecture at the European Parliament. STOA is the Science and Technology Options Assessment office of the Parliament, and this year their lecture was about Media in the Age of Artificial Intelligence.

Nello Cristianini is an active researcher in AI, is the recipient of an Advanced ERC grant, and has been the recipient of a Wolfson research merit Award of the Royal Society. In 2014 he was included by Thomson Reuters in a list of the more cited researchers in his area. He is also the co-author of popular books on machine learning.

Besides his research on Machine Learning technology, over the past years, Cristianini has focussed his research in the interaction between Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Media Content, and on the social and ethical implications of Artificial Intelligence. The Annual Lecture addressed recent public concerns about AI and Media, and how regulation can be used to reduce risks.

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