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Bristol Composites Institute congratulates its February 2018 graduates

From left to right (front row): Isabel Qamar, Adam Thompson, Yann Le Cahain, Simon Bates, James Chilles, Jack Cullinan, Peter Duckworth, Ian Gent, Robin Neville, Beene M'membe and Runa Begum. From left to right (back row): Guillaume Francois and Matthew Thomas Stephen Hallett

The ACCIS CDT graduates Michael Dicker

9 February 2018

Fifteen doctoral students and five MSc students affiliated to the Bristol Composites Institute (ACCIS) graduated on the afternoon of Thursday 8 February 2018. The doctoral graduates included nine students from the 2011 and 2012 entry cohorts of the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Advanced Composites for Innovation and Science (ACCIS CDT).

Academic staff from the Institute joined family members and guests in the Great Hall of the Wills Memorial Building to watch proudly as their students ascended the stage to be conferred their degrees by the University’s Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Hugh Brady.

Prior to the ceremony the Faculty of Engineering’s graduands and their guests gathered together for a special pre-graduation celebration event in the Merchant Venturers Building. The informal sparkling wine reception and buffet lunch incorporated a short prize giving ceremony to recognise the excellent achievements of individual postgraduate students. MSc graduand Bruno Vermes received a prize for his outstanding academic performance and research project.

In alphabetical order, the full list of doctoral graduates is provided below:

Simon Bates (2012 ACCIS CDT cohort)

  • Thesis title: Tailorable energy absorption using 3D printed thermoplastic polyurethane honeycombs
  • Supervisors: Dr Ian Farrow and Prof. Richard Trask

Runa Begum

  • Thesis title: Toward the development of a biomimetic smart biomaterial
  • Supervisors: Prof. Fabrizio Scarpa and Dr Wael Kafienah

James Chilles (2012 ACCIS CDT cohort)

  • Thesis title: The application of piezoelectric sensors to composite materials
  • Supervisors: Dr Anthony Croxford and Prof. Ian Bond

Jack Cullinan

  • Thesis title: In-situ repair of composite structures
  • Supervisors: Prof. Ian Bond and Prof. Michael Wisnom

Peter Duckworth (2012 ACCIS CDT cohort)

  • Thesis title: Chlorhexidine-phosphate salts in wound care; the development and testing of antimicrobial functionalised materials
  • Supervisors: Dr Michele Barbour, Dr Sameer Rahatekar and Dr Valeska Ting

Guillaume Francois (2012 ACCIS CDT cohort)

  • Thesis title: Aerolastic tailoring of aircraft wings using structural geometric features
  • Supervisors: Prof. Jonathan Cooper and Prof. Paul Weaver

Ian Gent (2011 ACCIS CDT cohort)

  • Thesis title: Biologically inspired adaptive camouflage: polychromatic smart materials
  • Supervisors: Dr Ian Hamerton, Prof. Richard Trask and Dr Annela Seddon

Yann Le Cahain

  • Thesis title: New interscale techniques for non-periodic architectures
  • Supervisors: Dr Dmitry Ivanov and Prof. Kevin Potter

Beene M’membe (2011 ACCIS CDT cohort)

  • Thesis title: Novel through thickness reinforcement development
  • Supervisors: Prof. Stephen Hallett, Prof. Ivana Partridge and Dr Mehdi Yasaee

Robin Neville (2011 ACCIS CDT cohort)

  • Thesis title: Kirigami cellular structures: mechanical properties and shape morphing behaviour
  • Supervisor: Prof. Fabrizio Scarpa

Isabel Qamar (2011 ACCIS CDT cohort)

  • Thesis title: Development of 3D printed vascular networks for repeated self-healing
  • Supervisors: Prof. Ian Bond and Prof. Richard Trask

Jamie Snudden

  • Thesis title: A novel approach to reforming in-process scrap carbon fibre for high value applications: a techno-economic study
  • Supervisors: Dr Carwyn Ward and Prof. Kevin Potter

Matthew Thomas (2012 ACCIS CDT cohort)

  • Thesis title: Structural design of variable stiffness composites laminated on doubly curved surfaces
  • Supervisors: Prof. Paul Weaver and Prof. Stephen Hallett

Adam Thompson

  • Thesis title: Multi-scale modelling of textile composite manufacture
  • Supervisors: Prof. Stephen Hallett and Dr Jonathan Belnoue

Felix Warzok

  • Thesis title: Experimental and numerical characterisation of fatigue damage in Z-pinned composite structures
  • Supervisors: Prof. Stephen Hallett and Dr Giuliano Allegri

The following students graduated with an MSc in Advanced Composites: Anthony Brown, Napatsorn Prakobboon, Ling-Yu Tan, Bruno Vermes and Ming Zhou.

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