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Name Job title Email Phone number
Dr Kiranmayi Abburi Venkata Visiting Fellow Tel. (0117) 39 41813
Mr Saber Abdo Mechanical Engineering (PhD)
Miss Vee Abhyankar Third Party Organisation
Dr Mo Abolkheir Honorary Senior Research Associate,Research Associate
Dr Hadi Abulrub Senior Lecturer Tel. (0117) 95 45605
Professor Alin Achim Professor of Computational Imaging Tel. (0117) 331 5137
Ms Teresa Adams Graduate Administration Manager Tel. (0117) 3315272
Professor Robert Adams Emeritus Professor of Applied Mechanics Tel. (0117) 331 5947
Dr Jeremy Adcock Honorary Research Associate Tel. (0117) 33 15373
Dr Jitendra Agarwal Senior Lecturer in Structural Engineering Tel. (0117) 331 5730
Mr Arman Aghaei Meibodi Civil Engineering (PhD)
Dr Dylan Agius Research Associate
Dr Dimitris Agrafiotis Senior Lecturer Tel. (0117) 331 5100
Mr Moonas Ahmad Communications (PhD)
Mr Rahim Ahmed Faculty Office Manager Tel. (0117) 331 5005
Miss Rainaa Ahmed Apprentice
Ms Sepide Ahsani Vibroacoustics of Periodic Media (PhD)
Dr Laurence Aitchison Lecturer
Professor Bob Akid Honorary Professor
Dr Djeylan Aktas Research Associate
Mr Khalid Al Mallak Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Fahad Saif Hamood Al Saadi Teaching Support Assistant
Miss Asmaa Al Shafiee Civil Engineering (PhD)
Mr Ghaith Al-Juboori Research Fellow
Dr Imad Al-Samman Visiting Industrial Fellow
Mrs Eman Alajrami Computer Science (PhD)
Miss Noor Alakhawand Teaching Support Assistant
Miss Doaa Alamoudi Computer Science (PhD)
Mr Kevin Alarcon Advanced Composites (PhD)
Mrs Luluah Albarrak Computer Science (PhD)
Mr Hugo Alcaraz Herrera Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Dima Aldamen Reader in Computer Vision Tel. (0117) 954 5633
Dr Andy Aldersley Research Fellow - PhD research collaboration
Dr Bill Alderson Hon Research Fellow working with Prof J Rossiter and Southmead Hosp on MRI brain
Dr Kazem Alemzadeh Senior Lecturer Tel. (0117) 331 5908
Dr Nicholas Alexander Reader in Structural Dynamics Tel. (0117) 331 5732
Mr Khaled Alferaidi Electrical and Electronic Engineering (PhD)
Mr Faya Algahtani Communications (PhD)
Miss Merihan Alhafnawi Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Fawaz Nashmi M Alhusayni Electrical and Electronic Engineering (MSc) (R)
Mr Ahmer Ali Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Hafiz Ali Third Party Organisation
Mr Obada Alia Teaching Support Assistant
Ms Diletta Aliperti Student Placement
Mr Mishal Aljarbou Civil Engineering (PhD)
Dr Bugra Alkan Research Associate
Dr Giuliano Allegri Reader in Composite Structures Tel. (0117) 33 15320
Dr Marek Allen LV=GI Senior Data Scientist
Professor Christian Allen Professor of Computational Aerodynamics/Head of Department of Aerospace Tel. (0117) 33 15539
Dr Stephen Allpress Visiting Professor
Miss Joanna Allsop Deputy Student Administrative Manager Tel. (0117) 39 40401
Mr Harry Almond University Subsidiary
Mr Mohammed Alshahrani Computer Science (PhD)
Mr Talal Alshammari Electrical and Electronic Engineering (PhD)
Mr Andres Amaya Garcia Computer Science (PhD)
Dr Harina Amer Hamzah Research Associate
Mrs Abia Amin None
Dr Ganapathi Ammasai Sengodan Research Associate in Analysis of Composite Materials & Structures
Dr Pui Anantrasirichai Research Fellow Tel. (0117) 331 5075
Dr Markos Anastasopoulos Senior Research Associate
Mr Mihai Anca Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Clark Anderson Third Party Organisation
Mrs Tracie Anderson Undergraduate Student Administrator Tel. (0117) 39 40575
Mr Stefan Anderson Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Huw Andrews Industrial Liaison Coordinator Tel. (0117) 954 5161
Mr Tim Andrews Third Party Organisation
Dr Petros Androvitsaneas Visiting PGR Tel. (0117) 928 7603
Mrs Ratih Anggraini Engineering Mathematics (PhD)
Miss Behjat Ansari Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Konstantinos Antoniou Electrical and Electronic Engineering (PhD)
Dr Karen Aplin Associate Professor Tel. (0117) 42 83371
Ms Kirsty Aquilina Robotics and Autonomous Systems (PhD)
Dr Eyad Arabi Research Associate
Mr Ekin Arabul Research Associate
Dr Dejanira Araiza Illan Visiting Fellow in Computer Science
Mr Benjamin Arana Sanchez Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Demetrios Araujo Magalhaes Coutinho Honorary Research Associate
Dr Sergio Araujo-Estrada Research Associate
Mr Gaetano Arena EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellowship
Miss Maria Arias UNDT Project Officer Tel. (0117) 42 82243
Dr Simon Armour Senior Lecturer in Software Radio Tel. (0117) 954 5173
Ms Becky Arnold CDT Administrator
Mr Musab Asad Teaching Support Assistant
Mr James Ascham Teaching Support Assistant
Ms Carol Ashby Undergraduate Student Administrator Tel. (0117) 39 40400
Dr Matthew Asher Honorary Research Associate Tel. (0117) 33 15862
Dr Simon Astwood Project Staff
Miss Eileen Atieno Support Worker
Mr Patrick Atkinson Teaching Support Assistant
Miss Fabrizia Auletta Teaching Support Assistant
Miss Natasha Avery Engineering Mathematics (PhD)
Miss Maria Aviles IDC Manager Tel. (0117) 33 15304
Dr Daniele Avitabile Lecturer
Mr Amid Ayobi Research Associate
Ms Chrysoula Aza Advanced Composites (PhD) Tel. (0117) 33 15769
Professor Mahdi Azarpeyvand Professor of Aerodynamics and Aeroacoustics Tel. (0117) 331 5949
Mr Alif Ezrul Azrin Esmady Electrical and Electronic Engineering (PhD)
Dr Ben Azvine Visiting Professor
Dr Robert Backhouse Honorary Professor
Mr Michael Baddeley Communications (PhD)
Miss Priyanka Badva Cyber Security (TIPS at Scale) (PhD)
Dr Liz Bagshaw Visiting Research Fellow Tel. (0117) 331 4192
Mr Mengxun Bai Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Long Bai Research Associate
Mr David Bailey SPHERE Deployment Technician
Miss Sophie Baker Assistant Teacher,Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Greg Baker Robotics and Autonomous Systems (PhD)
Mrs Amy Baker Undergraduate Senior Student Administrator Tel. (0117) 331 4786
Mr Arun Balasubramanian Research Associate
Professor James Baldwin Emeritus Professor of Artificial Intelligence Tel. (0117) 331 5612
Mr Thomas Bale Assistant Teacher,Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Csaba Bali Research assistant
Dr Matt Ball Project Staff
Mr Simon Ball Leading Technician
Dr Ulas Baloglu Research Associate
Mrs Fatmah Bamashmoos Computer Science (PhD)
Mr Punsara Banneheka Navaratna Aerospace Engineering (PhD)
Miss Ridhi Bansal Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Simonetta Baraccani Visiting Senior Research Associate
Professor Benjamin Baran Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professor
Mr James Barker Hub Strategic Engagement Administrator Tel. (0117) 39 41792
Mr Edward Barker Digital Health and Care (PhD)
Mr George Barnaby Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Gareth Barnaby Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Harry Barnard Composites Manufacture (EngD)
Mrs Kate Barnard Honorary Industrial Fellow
Mr Tom Barnes Technician
Professor Julie Barnett Honorary Professor
Mr Paul Barreto Visiting Industrial Fellow
Mr Jeff Barrie Senior Lecturer
Mr Vittorio Bartoli EPSRC Synthetic Biology Centre for Doctoral Training (PhD)
Dr Mike Barton Senior Associate Teacher Tel. (0117) 954 5177
Professor Janice Barton Professor Tel. (0117) 331 5921
Dr David Barton Reader in Engineering Maths Fax. (0117) 331 5606Telephone Number
Miss Kathryn Bastow Senior Digital Officer Tel. (0117) 331 5756
Mr Stamatis Batelis Civil Engineering (PhD)
Mr Phil Bates Honorary Professor
Dr Simon Bates Honorary Research Associate,QTEC Enterprise Fellow Tel. (0117) 33 15768
Mr David Bath Industrial Fellow
Mr Peter Bath Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Steve Battle Third Party Organisation
Dr Kim Bauters Senior Research Associate
Professor Mark Beach Professor of Radio Systems Engineering Tel. (0117) 954 5190
Mr Dean Beale Computer Science (PhD)
Mrs Vicky Beaumont-Brown Visiting Teaching Fellow
Dr Jonathan Belnoue Research Fellow Tel. (0117) 33 15798
Ms Ludovica Beltrame Visiting Research Associate
Dr Souheil Ben Smida Honorary Senior Lecturer Tel. (0117) 954 5198
Dr Oscar Benjamin Lecturer Tel. (0117) 331 5123
Dr Peter Bennett Lecturer
Mr Chris Bennett Teaching Support Assistant,Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Daniel Bennett Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Sandor Beregi Research Associate
Professor Lucy Berthoud Professor of Space Engineering Tel. (0117) 331 5140
Mr Paul Best Visiting Fellow
Dr Rhodri Bevan Senior Research Associate
Dr Chris Bevan Research Associate for Virtual Realities - Immersive Documentary Encounters
Mr Tom Bewley Teaching Support Assistant
Miss Sushma Umeshchandra Bhover Electrical and Electronic Engineering (MSc) (R)
Miss Teresa Bi Research Associate
Dr Haixia Bi Research Associate
Mr Stanislaw Biber Assistant Teacher,Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Mahmut Bicer Teaching Support Assistant
Miss Marion Biles Executive Assistant Tel. (0117) 39 40398
Mr Ricky Billingham Faculty Workshop Technician
Miss Amelia Billings Mechanical Engineering (PhD)
Mr Mohd Amirul Bin Mohd Snin Civil Engineering (PhD)
Miss Suzanne Binding CDT Manager Tel. (0117) 954 5395
Mrs Nouf Bindris Computer Science (PhD)
Professor Martin Birchall Honorary Professor Fax. (0117) 3319186Telephone Number
Ms Caroline Bird Research Associate
Dr Jon Bird Senior Lecturer
Mr Adam Bishop Research Fellow
Dr Md Israfil Biswas Senior Research Associate
Mr David Blackham Honorary Industrial Fellow
Dr Katharine Blackwell Industrial Liaison Manager Tel. (0117) 331 5815
Mr Matt Bland Specialist Technician
Professor David Blockley Emeritus Professor of Civil Engineering Tel. (0117) 331 5748
Mr Lourens Blok Research Associate
Dr Dominic Bloom Honorary Industrial Fellow Tel. (0117) 33 15794
Mr Andrew Bloor Industrial Fellow Tel. (0117) 39 40289
Mr Martin Blouet Project Staff
Mr Mark Blyth Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Hongbo Bo Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Federico Boccardi Professor
Dr Mateusz Bocian Visiting Fellow
Mr Junaid Bocus Research Associate
Dr Nikolai Bode Vice Chancellor's Fellow Tel. (0117) 331 4760
Mr Erik Bodin Computer Science (PhD)
Mr Tim Bond Technical Manager
Professor Philip Bond Visiting Professor
Professor Ian Bond Dean of Faculty of Engineering Tel. (0117) 954 5169
Mr Matt Bone Advanced Composites (PhD)
Mr William Bonnell Robotics and Autonomous Systems (PhD)
Professor Julian Booker Professor of Mechanical Design Engineering Tel. (0117) 331 5905
Mr Laurie Bose Research Associate
Dr Ervin Bossanyi Visiting Professor
Dr Wael Boukley Hasan Research Associate
Ms Kate Bourne Self-Employed Individual
Mr Luke Bowen Mechanical Engineering (PhD)
Professor Sid Bowes Emeritus Professor
Professor John Bowler Visiting Fellow in Mechanical Engineering
Mr Stephen Boyle Communications (PhD)
Miss Elisa Bozzolan Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Mike Bracey Integrated Workshops Technician
Mr Diego Bracho Garcia Advanced Composites (PhD) Tel. (0117) 33 15767
Mr Braggy Bragg Faculty Workshop Technician
Dr Jude Bramton Technical Manager
Mr John Branch Mechanical Engineering (PhD)
Mr Callum Branfoot Advanced Composites (PhD)
Mr Anderson Bravalheri Senior Research Associate
Mr Paul Bremner Third Party Organisation
Mr Charlie Brewster Advanced Composites (PhD)
Mr Henry Brice Communications (PhD)
Mr David Brigido Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Patrick Brinson Robotics and Autonomous Systems CDT Technician
Mr Henry Bromell None
Mr Ian Brooks Honorary Senior Teaching Fellow
Mr Frank Brooks-Tyreman Assistant Teacher,Teaching Support Assistant
Miss Alice Brown Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Jamie Brown Civil Engineering (PhD)
Mr Andrew Brown Technical Specialist
Mr Joe Brown Assistant Teacher
Mr Anthony Brown Project Staff
Mr Andrew Buchanan Visiting Fellow
Mr Benjamin Buchanan Industrial Fellow
Dr Peter Budden Project Staff Tel. (0117) 331 5709
Miss Nikita Budwal Composites Manufacture (EngD)
Mr Nicolas Budyn Non-Destructive Evaluation (EngD)
Professor David Bull Professor of Signal Processing Tel. (0117) 954 5195
Dr Steve Bullock Senior Lecturer Tel. (0117) 33 15550
Professor Seth Bullock Toshiba Chair in Data Science and Simulation/Head of Department Tel. (0117) 331 5043
Dr Berna Bulut Senior Research Associate Tel. (0117) 3314752
Mr Monchai Bunyakitanon Electrical and Electronic Engineering (PhD)
Mr Huseyin Burak Akyol Teaching Support Assistant
Miss Romana Burgess Digital Health and Care (PhD)
Professor Stuart Burgess Professor of Engineering Design Tel. (0117) 331 5954
Dr Tilo Burghardt Senior Lecturer Tel. (0117) 954 5298
Dr Christopher Burr Honorary Research Associate
Dr Amelia Burroughs Honorary Research Associate Tel. (0117) 331 2291
Dr Steve Burrow Associate Professor in Aircraft Systems/Head of Department Tel. (0117) 33 15542
Dr Alison Burrows Honorary Senior Research Associate
Dr David Burt Honorary Lecturer
Mr Joe Butchers Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Joe Butler Visiting Industrial Professor
Dr Ola Bykowska Honorary Research Associate
Mr Andy Byles Workshop Technician
Mr Dito Eka Cahya Robotics and Autonomous Systems (PhD)
Mr Thomas Cairnes Teaching Support Assistant
Ms Praminda Caleb-Solly Third Party Organisation
Mr Pete Calvert Composites Manufacture (EngD)
Professor Andrew Calway Professor of Computer Vision Tel. (0117) 954 5149
Mr Marc-Antoine Campana Vibroacoustics of Periodic Media (PhD)
Mr Vincenzo Campanella Visiting Research Associate
Mr Joey Campbell Computer Science (PhD)
Dr Neill Campbell Reader Tel. (0117) 954 5151
Dr Colin Campbell Reader in Mathematics for Information Technology Tel. (0117) 331 5620
Mr Hengli Cao Aerospace Engineering (PhD)
Dr Alessio Cardillo Visiting Research Associate
Miss Julia Carey SPHERE Project Manager Tel. (0117) 42 84262
Dr Neil Carhart Lecturer Tel. (0117)3318149
Mr Alexandre Carmo Honorary Research Associate
Mr Pietro Carnelli Systems (EngD)
Dr Charles Carpenter Visiting Research Fellow
Mr Daniel Carrillo Zapata Robotics and Autonomous Systems (PhD)
Mr Daniel Carrington Field Apprentice
Dr John Cartlidge Senior Lecturer in Data and Financial Informatics Tel. (0117) 954 5142
Mr James Cass Teaching Support Assistant
Professor Kirsten Cater Academic Director,Professor of Human Computer Interaction & Entrepreneurship & Innovation Pedagogy
Mr Luca Cavallini Visiting Research Associate
Dr Alper Celik Research Associate
Mr Hanyu Cen Electrical and Electronic Engineering (PhD)
Miss Marie Cepek Sustainability Conference Organiser
Mr Richard Chaffey Deputy Workshop Manager (Mechanical) Tel. (0117) 331 5814
Miss Jennifer Chakravarty Communications (PhD)
Mr Oli Chalkley Complexity Sciences (4 year) (PhD)
Professor Alan Champneys Professor of Applied Non-linear Mathematics Fax. (0117) 331 5606Telephone Number
Dr Zbigniew Chamski Senior Research Associate
Dr Greg Chance Senior Research Associate
Dr Alastair Channon Teaching Associate
Professor Andrew Charlesworth Professor of Law, Innovation and Society Tel. (0117) 954 5355
Dr Mark Chattington Project Staff
Mr Noah Cheesman Assistant Teacher,Teaching Support Assistant
Miss Hsing-Yu Chen Teaching Support Assistant,Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Guanjiang Chen Mechanical Engineering (PhD)
Mr Chien-Nien Chen Research Associate
Ms Mudan Chen Advanced Composites (PhD)
Dr Lifeng Chen Honorary Research Associate
Miss Yu Chen Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Zeng Chen Mechanical Engineering (PhD)
Dr Luping Chen Senior Research Associate Tel. (0117) 331 5423
Mr Yu-Shao Chen Electrical and Electronic Engineering (MSc) (R),Pre-sessional Course in English for Academic Purposes (B)
Mr Yangjie Chen Mechanical Engineering (PhD)
Mr Anthony Siming Chen Mechanical Engineering (PhD)
Dr Isaac Chenchiah Senior Lecturer Tel. (0117) 42 84931
Mr Xiaoyang Cheng Civil Engineering (PhD)
Dr Ronald Cheung Research Associate in Aeroelasticity / Dynamics Tel. (0117) 33 15634
Mr Xintian Chi Aerospace Engineering (PhD)
Mr Benny Chitambira Advanced Computing Systems Administrator Tel. (0117) 4550852
Dr Ruzanna Chitchyan Senior Lecturer in Software Engineering
Ms Marianne Chitolina Student Placement
Mr Phani Chitti Research Associate
Mr Ka Ho Chiu Electrical and Electronic Engineering (PhD)
Mr Peter Chivers Visiting Industrial Fellow Tel. (0117) 3707 606
Mr Ian Chorley Composites Technician
Mr Alex Church Engineering Mathematics (PhD)
Mx Lucia Cipolina Kun Electrical and Electronic Engineering (PhD)
Dr Lindsay Clare Teaching Associate Tel. (0117) 33 15862
Mr Andy Clark Industrial Fellow
Mr Charles Clarke Robotics and Autonomous Systems (PhD)
Ms Becca Clarke Undergraduate Student Administrator
Mr Gordon Clarke Senior Associate Teacher
Mr Robert Clarke Research Associate
Mr Harry Clegg Project Staff
Mr William Clements Electrical and Electronic Engineering (PhD)
Professor Dick Clements Emeritus Professor Tel. (0117) 331 5617
Professor Dave Cliff Professor of Computer Science/Academic Director for TQC
Dr Raphael Clifford Reader in Algorithm Design Tel. (0117) 331 5147
Mr Peter Clutterbuck Senior Associate Teacher
Mr Alex Cochrane Composites Manufacture (EngD)
Mr Pete Coddington Stores Coordinator Mob. (07980) 979359Telephone Number
Miss Mayra Codo De Oliveira Civil Engineering (PhD)
Miss Hannah Coe Deputy Student Administration Manager Tel. (0117) 331 4784
Dr Etienne Coetzee Industrial collaboration with Airbus. Tel. (0117) 33 15611
Mrs Lauren Coggins Deputy School Manager Tel. (0117) 33 15567
Dr Krishna Coimbatore Balram Associate Professor in Photonic Quantum Engineering Tex. (0117) 331 5378 ext 15378
Miss Sara Cole Senior Student Administrator Tel. (0117) 39 40396
Mr Jim Cole Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Enea Colleoni Teaching Technician Tel. (0117) 331 5173
Miss Suzie Collins Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Andrew Collins Lecturer - QTEC Enterprise Developer Tel. (0117) 4034039
Mr Ben Collins Assistant Teacher,Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Graeme Collinson Visiting Research Fellow
Mr Carlos Colman Meixner Senior Research Associate
Mr Gianni Comandini Senior Resident,Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Andrew Conn Senior Lecturer Tel. (0117) 331 5642
Ms Sarah Connolly Temporary Staffing Service (Appointment C) Tel. (0117) 954 5967
Mr Lucian Constantin Aerospace Engineering (PhD)
Dr Timothy Coope Visiting Industrial Fellow Tel. (0117) 33 15514
Professor Jonathan Cooper RAEng Airbus Sir George White Professor of Aerospace Engineering Tel. (0117) 95 45388
Mr Christopher Cooper Electrical and Electronic Workshop Technician
Mr Sean Cooper Project Staff
Miss Elisa Coraggio Teaching Support Assistant,UKCRIC Technical Assistant
Dr Harry Coules Lecturer in Structural Integrity
Mr Ryan Coulthard Teaching Support Assistant
Miss Bex Coveney Student Administration Manager Tel. (0117) 928 8334
Mr Luke Cox Mechanical Engineering (PhD)
Ms Jacqui Crabbe Postgraduate Student Administrator Tel. (0117)3315232
Professor Ian Craddock Professor,University Lead on Digital Health Tel. (0117) 39 41129
Dr Barney Craggs Lecturer
Miss Pernilla Craig Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Adam Crewe Reader in Earthquake Engineering Tel. (0117) 331 5741
Mr Jamie Crispin Teaching Support Assistant
Professor Nello Cristianini Professor of Artificial Intelligence Tel. (0117) 954 5160
Mr Peter Crook Radio Frequency & Electronics Laboratory Technician
Mr Ted Cross Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Michael Crosscombe Research Associate
Mr Andy Crossley Senior Lecturer Tel. (0117) 954 5628
Ms Michelle Crouch Technical Manager Mob. (07929) 188979Telephone Number
Mr Dennis Crowley Senior Research Associate (Layup RITE Technology Development Engineer) Tel. (0117) 33 15775
Professor Anthony Croxford Professor of Ultrasonics and Dynamics Tel. (0117) 331 5909
Professor Martin Cryan Professor of Applied Electromagnetics and Photonics Tel. (0117) 954 5176
Mr Han Cui Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Maell Cullen Engineering Mathematics (PhD)
Ms Clare Cullen Research Associate
Dr James Cunningham Senior Associate Teacher
Miss Emma Curran Student Administrator Tel. (0117) 3315238
Dr Gergely Czel Visiting Research Fellow Tel. (0117) 33 15764
Ms Freya Dabson Undergraduate Senior Student Administrator Tel. (0117) 954 5208
Mr Amirhossein Dadashzadeh Computer Science (PhD)
Professor Erik Dagless Emeritus Professor Tel. (0117) 954 5205
Miss Afrah Daham Teaching Support Assistant,Visiting Research Fellow
Dr Naim Dahnoun Reader in Teaching & Learning in Signal Processing Tel. (0117) 954 5181
Mr Colin Dalton Senior Lecturer Tel. (0117) 954 5164
Mr Joseph Daly Robotics and Autonomous Systems (PhD)
Dr Annabel Dance Specialist level 3 NDT Tecn
Dr Katherine Daniels Honorary Research Fellow Tel. (0117) 331 5936
Mr Abdel Darwich Ajjour Aerospace Engineering (PhD)
Dr Gaetano Dato Visiting Research Associate
Mr Zachary Davey Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Thomas David Research Associate
Dr Cristina David Lecturer
Miss Zoe Davidson Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Brittany Davidson Research Associate
Miss Jackie Davies Research Fellow
Mr Roger Davies Civil Engineering (PhD)
Mr Donald Davies Visiting Honorary Industrial Fellow
Professor John Davis Emeritus Professor
Mr Matt Davis Electrical and Electronic Engineering (PhD)
Dr Tijl De Bie None Tel. (0117) 3314756
Miss Irene de Cesare Engineering Mathematics (PhD)
Mr Joe De Courcy Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Unai De Francisco Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Charles De Kergariou Advanced Composites (PhD)
Mr Lawrence de Leeuw Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Flavia De Luca Senior Lecturer in Structural and Earthquake Engineering Tel. (0117)3315296
Dr Raffaele De Risi Lecturer
Mrs Rachael De'Ath Lecturer in Professional Engineering Tel. (0117) 954 5612
Dr Tom Deakin Research Associate
Mr Simone Del Broccolo Vibroacoustics of Periodic Media (PhD)
Mr Cyprien Delpech De Saint Guilhem Computer Science (PhD)
Dr Karthik Depuru-Mohan Research Fellow
Mr Chetan Desai Advanced Composites (PhD)
Miss Laura Devitt Demonstrator,Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Satyajit Dey Mechanical Engineering (PhD)
Professor Mario Di Bernardo Professor of Nonlinear Systems and Control Tel. (0117)3315307
Dr Dario Di Maio Honorary Lecturer Alt. (0117) 331 5519Telephone Number
Dr Luigi Di Sarno Visiting Research Associate
Dr Mohamed Diab Research Associate
Dr Andrea Diambra Senior Lecturer Tel. (0117) 331 5600
Mr Frederico Dias Paulino Da Costa Teaching Support Assistant
Miss Andrea Diaz Gaxiola Demonstrator,Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Robert Dibble Aerospace Engineering (PhD)
Dr Michael Dicker Senior Research Associate Tel. (0117) 39 40603
Dr Laura Dickinson Lecturer Tel. (0117) 331 5544
Dr Tom Diethe Honorary Research Fellow
Dr Matt Dietz Research Fellow Tel. (0117) 331 5726
Dr Manaswi Digumarti Research Associate
Dr Luiza Dihoru Research Fellow Tel. (0117) 331 5714
Mr Michael Dilmore Communications (PhD)
Mr Sydney Dimmock Computer Science (PhD)
Mr Filippo Dionisi Project Staff
Mr Richard Suphapol Diteesawat Research Associate
Professor Karim Djemame Honorary Senior Teaching Fellow
Mr Huan Doan Research Associate
Mr Yousef Dobah Mechanical Engineering (PhD)
Ms Tamsin Dobson None
Professor Sanja Dogramadzi Visiting Fellow
Dr Erin Dooley Digital Health Project Officer
Mrs Josephine Dorh Third Party Organisation
Professor Angela Doufexi Professor of Wireless Networks/Head of Department Tel. (0117) 954 5201
Miss Hazel Doughty Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Simon Downes Electronics Technician Tel. (0117) 331 5839
Ms Filomena Dreyer Undergraduate Student Administrator Tel. (0117) 33 15201
Professor Bruce Drinkwater Professor of Ultrasonics Tel. (0117) 331 5914
Mr Phil Druiff Composites Manufacture (EngD)
Mr Tim Drummond-Smith Casual IT Access
Mrs Katie Drury Project Manager Tel. (0117) 39 40681
Dr David Drury Senior Lecturer in Electrical Engineering Tel. (0117) 954 5141
Dr Bill Drury Visiting Professor
Dr Zach du Toit Honorary Research Associate
Miss Louise Duncan Industrial Liaison Coordinator Tel. (0117) 954 5483
Dr Bill Dunford Industrial Fellow - continued contributtions to the Electrical Energy Management
Dr Francois Dupressoir Senior Lecturer in Cryptography Tel. (0117) 33 15200
Dr Andrew Dwyer Research Associate
Mr Richard Dyer Engineering Technician
Dr Harry Dymond Senior Research Associate in Power Electronics Tel. (0117) 39 40289
Ms Rachel Eardley Research Associate
Mrs Claire Eatock Deputy Industrial Liaison Manager Tel. (0117) 331 5547
Mr Zubeir Ebrahim Saib Future Innovation in Non-Destructive Evaluation (PhD)
Professor Kerstin Eder Professor of Computer Science Tel. (0117) 954 5146
Mr Huw Edwards Composites Manufacture (EngD)
Mr Matt Edwards Teaching Support Assistant
Ms Antonia Edwards Deputy Student Administration Manager Tel. (0117) 331 5478
Dr Matthew Edwards Lecturer
Mr Teoman Efeoglu Civil Engineering (PhD)
Professor Steve Eichhorn Professor of Materials Science and Engineering Tel. (0117) 33 15277
Dr Carl Henrik Ek Senior Lecturer in Computer Science Tel. (0117) 331 5103
Mr Michael Elkington Research Associate Tel. (0117) 33 15775
Mrs Sylvia Elliott Faculty Manager Tel. (0117) 331 5846
Mr Kieran Elliott Senior Teaching Technician
Miss Bridget Ellis Digital Health and Care (PhD)
Professor Graham Ellison Emeritus Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Mr Weam Elsahhar Mechanical Engineering (PhD)
Dr Bassam Elsaied Vice Chancellor's Fellow Tel. (0117) 33 15797
Mr Torran Elson Research Fellow Fax. (0117) 928 7999Telephone Number
Dr Atis Elsts Honorary Senior Research Associate
Mr Amin Emami Research Associate Tel. (0117) 33 15685
Mr Ufuk Erol Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Alonso Espinosa Mireles De Villafranca Complexity Sciences (3 year) (PhD)
Mr Thomas Etchells Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Julie Etches Faculty Safety Manager and Adviser Tel. (0117) 954 5369
Dr Louise Evans Cyber Security Research Group Manager
Miss Bridget Everett Research Administrator & PA to Research Group Heads Tel. (0117) 42 84248Telephone Number
Miss Aluna Everitt Research Associate
Mrs Donna Exon-Bartlett Supervising Executive Assistant Tel. (0117) 954 5261
Mr Robert Eyre Assistant Teacher
Mr Ercan Ezin Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Xenofon Fafoutis Research Fellow
Dr Hamid Falaki Consultant Tel. (0117) 331 5024
Mr Decheng Fang None
Dr Arash Farhadi Beldachi Research Fellow Tel. (0117) 3315569
Ms Hajnal Farkas Rolls-Royce UTC & ACCIS Project Manager
Mrs Jan Farmery Student Administration Manager Tel. (0117) 3315291
Dr Jason Farrell Solid Mechanics & Nuclear Engineering Research Manager
Dr Ian Farrow Senior Lecturer in Aerospace Structural Design Tel. (0117) 33 15316
Dr Imad Faruque Research Associate Tel. (0117) 33 15373
Mr Angelo Fasano Civil Engineering (PhD)
Mr James Fearn Engineering Mathematics (PhD)
Miss Noemie Fedon Teaching Support Assistant
Miss Hannah Fedyk Administrator
Dr Alan Feest Senior Research Fellow in Civil Engineering Tel. (0117) 331 5729
Mr Harry Felton Teaching Support Assistant,Website Assistant
Miss Feng Feng Research Associate
Miss Shuyin Feng Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Alberto Ferreira Computer Science (PhD)
Miss Zoe Fielden-Stewart Teaching Support Assistant
Mr James Filbin Teaching Technologist Tel. (0117) 331 4765
Dr Daniela Filcheva Visiting Research Associate
Mr Ruggero Filippone Advanced Composites (PhD)
Mr Matt Finch Technical Manager(Workshops and Fabrication) Tel. (0117) 42 82732Telephone Number
Professor Gordon Findlay Visiting Lecturer
Dr Gianfranco Fiore Honorary Research Associate
Dr Daniele Fiscaletti Lecturer in Aerodynamics
Mr Adam Fisher Aerospace Engineering (PhD)
Mr Aaron Fishman Engineering Mathematics (PhD)
Mr Mark Fitzgerald Electronics Technician Tel. (0117) 331 5839
Professor Peter Flach Professor of Artificial Intelligence Tel. (0117) 954 5162
Mr Liam Fletcher Teaching Support Assistant
Mrs Zoe Fogarty Deputy School Manager Tel. (0117) 331 5163
Ms Lily Fogden Postgraduate Student Administrator Tel. (0117) 39 40407
Miss Ildi Fogel Project Coordinator Tel. (0117) 331 5024
Mrs Liz Foot CDT Administrator
Mr Chris Ford Robotics and Autonomous Systems (PhD)
Mr Gary Ford Industrial Fellow
Mr Paul Forna Kreutzer Advanced Composites (PhD)
Dr Francesco Fornetti Senior Lecturer Tel. (0117) 331 5367
Professor Alan Forsyth Lecturer
Mrs Ann Foster Executive Assistant Tel. (0117) 331 4787
Dr Peter Foster Research Associate
Professor Steve Foti Senior Associate Teacher
Professor Dora Foti Visiting Research Fellow
Miss Amy Foulds Aerospace Engineering (PhD)
Mr Stephane Fournier Senior Research Associate in SABRE Morphing Structures
Mrs Nicky Fox Student Administration Manager Tel. (0117) 39 40587
Mr Clement Foyer Computer Science (PhD)
Mr Hilary Frank Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Ivor Franklin Visiting Fellow Tel. (0117) 33 15536
Miss Amanda Franklin Mechanical Engineering (PhD)
Miss Holly Fraser Digital Health and Care (PhD)
Professor Mike Fraser Professor
Miss Emma Freeman Undergraduate Senior Student Administrator Tel. (0117) 954 5356
Mr Owen Freeman Gebler Systems (EngD)
Professor Michael Friswell Visiting Fellow in Aerospace Engineering
Miss Samantha Frohlich Computer Science (PhD)
Mr Oliver Frolovs Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Pedro Frosi Rosa Visiting Professor
Mr Christopher Fry Electrical and Electronic Workshop Technician
Dr Jonathan Fuller University Subsidiary Tel. (0117) 33 15651
Mr Tatsuki Fushimi Research Associate,Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Hermes Gadelha Senior Lecturer in Mathematical and Data Modelling Tel. (0117) 331 5093
Dr Ann Gaitonde Associate Professor Tel. (0117) 33 15626
Mrs Connie Gallion Education Administrator Tel. (0117) 954 5383
Mr Pedro Galvez Hernandez Aerospace Engineering (PhD)
Mr Kevin Galvin Project Staff
Dr Alberto Gambaruto Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering Tel. (0117) 954 5602
Miss Nikita Gandhi Composites Manufacture (EngD)
Mr Stoil Ganev Interactive Artificial Intelligence (PhD)
Mrs Jing Gao Teaching Support Assistant
Miss Laura Garcia Martinez Undergraduate Student Administrator
Dr Joan Garcia-Espin Third Party Organisation
Ms Ana Garcia-Fernandez Temporary Staffing Service (Appointment B)
Mr Joe Gardiner Research Associate
Mr Martin Garrad Research Associate
Dr Karolina Gaska Research Associate
Mr Mostapha Gasmi Third Party Organisation
Mr Abhishek Gautam Chief Resident
Mr Andy Gayner Deputy Student Administration Manager Tel. (0117) 928 9054
Mrs Louise Gayner Senior Education Administrator Tel. (0117) 331 5834
Mr Borui Ge Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Xiao Ge Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Benjamin Gear None Tel. (0117) 33 15658
Dr Kibrom Gebremicael Senior Research Associate
Miss Laura Gemmell Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Kyriakos Georgiou Lecturer,Senior Research Associate
Miss Yasemin Gezer Undergraduate Student Administrator Tel. (0117) 331 4786
Mr Abanoub Ghobrial Research Associate
Miss Giulia Giani Senior Resident,Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Elena Giannaccini Honorary Research Associate
Dr Paul Gibbons Visiting Research Fellow
Dr David Gibson Visiting Senior Research Fellow Tel. (0117) 331 5099
Dr Emma Giddings Faculty Timetabling & Education Officer Alt. (0117) 42 83058Telephone Number
Dr Mark Gilbertson Senior Academic Fellow Tel. (0117) 331 5923
Miss Charlotte Gilder Teaching Support Assistant
Mrs Jo Gildersleve Research Administrator Tel. (0117) 39 40563
Mr Vincent Gill Composites Manufacture (EngD)
Mr Calum Gillespie Advanced Composites (PhD)
Miss Cat Gilmour Postgraduate Student Administrator Tel. (0117) 39 40586
Miss Ellen Gingell Technician
Dr Nicola Giordano Research Associate,Teaching Associate
Dr Luca Giuggioli Senior Lecturer Tel. (0117) 331 5638
Professor Manuel Giuliani Honorary Research Fellow
Mr Andrew Glester SUN Coordinator
Mr Henry Mark Glyde Digital Health and Care (PhD)
Mr Sebastian Gnann Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Katsuichiro Goda Reader Tel. (0117)3315516
Professor Patrick Godfrey Emeritus Professor Tel. (07738) 44 8156
Mr David Godoy Alonso Electronics Technician
Dr Tansu Gokce Research Associate
Mr Brandon Gomes Engineering Mathematics (PhD)
Dr Kate Gongadze Senior Research Associate
Dr Alicia Gonzalez-Buelga Lecturer Tel. (0117) 331 5554
Mr Daniel Gonzalez-Fernandez Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Vahid Goodarzi Ardakani Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Jacob Goodenough Aerospace Engineering (PhD)
Mr Tharan Gordon Advanced Composites (PhD)
Mr Daniel Gosden Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Rajib Goswami Senior Research Associate
Mr Hirad Goudarzi Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Mark Goudswaard Research Associate
Professor Julian Gough Visiting Professor
Mr Edd Gough Robotics and Autonomous Systems (PhD)
Mr John Gowar Visiting Fellow in Electrical & Electronic Engineering Tel. (0117) 954 5197
Mr Chris Grace Advanced Composites (PhD)
Mr Richard Grafton Computer Science (PhD) Tel. (0117) 331 4783
Mr Mark Graham Teaching Support Assistant,Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Duncan Grant Visiting Research Fellow Tel. (0117) 954 5205
Dr Stuart Gray Research Associate in Tangible User Interfaces for Children and Older People
Mr Will Greedy Computer Science (PhD)
Mr Steven Green Project Staff Tel. (0117) 331 5511
Mr Roger Green Communications (PhD)
Mr Andy Greener Lecturer Tel. (0117) 331 5554
Mr Bradley Greenwood Mechanical Engineering (PhD)
Mr Joe Gregory Aerospace Engineering (PhD)
Mr Steven Grey Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Daniel Griffin Composites Manufacture (EngD)
Dr Thom Griffith Research Associate
Dr Martin Griffiths Lecturer - integrated catchment management
Ms Sarah Griffiths Graduate Administration Manager Tel. (0117) 39 40574
Dr Rainer Groh Research Fellow Tel. (0117) 39 40603
Dr Claire Gronow Lecturer
Mr Kilian Gruebler Advanced Composites (PhD)
Mrs Emily Grundy Deputy Student Administration Manager Tel. (0117) 3315255
Mr Felix Gstrein Teaching Support Assistant
Ms Ana Guerra-Langan Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Zichen Gui Computer Science (PhD)
Mr Yasin Gunaydin Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Sam Gunner Research Associate
Dr Jianglong Guo Research Associate
Dr Anupam Gupta Research Associate
Dr Rahul Gupta Research Associate
Mr Bill Hadall Industrial Liaison Officer for the Meng Course in Engineering Design (H150)
Dr Isabel Hadley Visiting Professor
Miss Soizic Hagege Temporary Staffing Service (Appointment B)
Dr John Haine Visiting Professor
Ms Dannie Hale SPHERE Deployment Project Officer
Dr Cameron Hall Lecturer Tel. (0117) 331 5151
Professor Stephen Hallett Professor in Composite Structures Tel. (0117) 33 15313
Dr Joseph Hallett Senior Research Associate
Mr John Halliwell Knowledge Exchange Manager Tel. (0117) 42 84030
Dr David Halls Visiting Research Fellow Tel. (0117) 331 5053
Ms Sarah Hallworth CDT Manager Tel. (0117) 42 84619
Professor Ian Hamerton Professor of Polymers and Composites Tel. (0117) 331 4799
Mr Scott Hammond Administrative Assistant Tel. (0117) 331 5830
Professor Dawei Han Professor of Hydroinformatics Tel. (0117) 331 5739
Mr Jonte Hance Electrical and Electronic Engineering (PhD)
Dr Sion Hannuna Lecturer Tel. (0117) 954 5142
Mr Mark Hansen Third Party Organisation
Mr Oliver Hanton Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Pengcheng Hao Electrical and Electronic Engineering (PhD)
Dr Edmund Harbord Lecturer in Optical Communications & Networks Tel. (0117) 954 5390
Mr Steve Harding Technical Manager Tel. (0117) 331 5820
Mr Dominic Hardman Deputy Technical Manager Tel. (0117) 331 5010
Mr Douglas Harewood-Gill Teaching Support Assistant
Miss Athia Haron Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Paul Harper CDT Manager Tel. (0117) 33 15309
Dr Paul Harper Lecturer Tel. (0117) 95 45159
Mrs Amy Harris CDT Manager Tel. (0117) 42 84616
Dr Andrew Harrison Senior Lecturer Tel. (0117) 331 5916
Mr Robin Hartley Advanced Composites (PhD)
Mr Jamie Hartley Advanced Composites (PhD) Tel. (0117) 33 15768
Dr Andreas Hartmann Honorary Research Associate
Mr David Harvey Third Party Organisation
Miss Sarah Hassall Project Officer Tel. (0117) 33 15309
Mr Haroon Hassan Computer Science (PhD)
Dr Eli Hatleskog Research Associate
Dr Sabine Hauert Senior Lecturer Tel. (0117) 331 5602
Dr Helmut Hauser Senior Lecturer in Robotics Tel. (0117) 331 5033
Mr Chris Hawkins Senior IT Support Specialist Tel. (0117) 4550203
Mr Samuel Hayler School Administrative & Projects Assistant
Miss Alice Haynes Engineering Mathematics (PhD)
Dr Caroline Hazlewood Industrial Fellow
Mr Suihua He Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Desmond He Advanced Composites (PhD)
Mr Haonan He Mechanical Engineering (PhD)
Miss Liz Heal School Manager Tel. (0117) 331 5703
Mr Fintan Healy Mechanical Engineering (PhD)
Dr Robert Heath Honorary Research Associate
Mrs Carla Heath Faculty Timetabling and Education Officer Tel. (0117) 42 83009
Mr Danny Heaton Senior Associate Teacher
Ms Marcelle Hecker Advanced Composites (PhD)
Dr Mohammad Hedayati Senior Research Associate Tel. (0117) 39 40289
Mr Rafael Heeb Teaching Support Assistant
Mrs Farnoosh Heidarivincheh Research Associate
Dr Tim Helps Postdoctoral Research Fellow Tel. (0117) 331 5936
Mr Mark Hempsell Visiting Senior Teaching Fellow
Mr Alex Hepburn Engineering Mathematics (PhD)
Dr Robert Herbert Senior Research Fellow
Mr Robbie Herring Composites Manufacture (EngD)
Professor Guido Herrmann Honorary Professor
Mrs Leah Heslin Undergraduate Student Administrator Tel. (0117) 39 40584
Ms Emma Hewlett Computer Science (PhD)
Mr Will Hewson Aerospace Engineering (PhD)
Professor Ben Hicks Professor in Mechanical Engineering,Programme Director Strategic Alliances Tel. (0117) 954 5609
Ms Caroline Higgins Outreach & Student Liaison Manager Tel. (0117) 3315193
Mr Hanrahan Highland Senior Digital Education Developer Tel. (0117) 42 82888
Mr Aewis Hii Research Associate
Dr Tom Hill Lecturer
Mr Callum Hill Teaching Support Assistant
Mrs Fionnuala Hill Centre for Doctoral Training Manager
Dr Paul Hill Lecturer,Research Fellow in Image Communication Tel. (0117) 954 5192
Mr Harry Hillier Apprentice Workshop Technician
Dr Geoffrey Hilton Senior Lecturer in Electrical & Electronic Engineering Tel. (0117) 954 5178
Dr Ian Hindmarch Visiting Research Fellow
Mr Duncan Hine Technical Specialist
Dr Andrew Hinitt Research Associate
Mr Julian Hird Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Daniel Ho Visiting Lecturer Tel. (0117) 331 5458
Professor John Hogan Professor of Mathematics (Faculty of Engineering) Fax. (0117) 331 5606Telephone Number
Mr Elliott Hogg Robotics and Autonomous Systems (PhD)
Miss Pippa Hogg Admissions Selector Tel. (0117) 39 41159
Dr Liz Holcombe Senior Lecturer Tel. (0117) 331 5612
Mrs Leah Holford Education Administration Manager Tel. (0117) 331 5671
Mr Yoav Hollander Visiting Fellow
Dr Simon Hollis None Tel. (0117) 3315238
Mr Tom Holmes Undergraduate Student Administrator
Dr Michael Holmes Honorary Senior Research Associate
Mr Stephen Holton Visiting Professor
Dr Ian Holyer Senior Lecturer Tel. (0117) 954 5148
Dr Martin Homer Associate Professor in Mathematical Modelling Tel. (0117) 331 5607
Professor Jun Hong Honorary Professor
Mr Dongxiao Hong Mechanical Engineering (PhD)
Mr Josh Hoole Aerospace Engineering (PhD)
Mr Richard Hooper Faculty Workshop Technician
Mr Andrew Hopkins Senior Research Associate,Senior Research Associate Tel. (0117) 39 40289
Miss Siobhan Horan Centre for Doctoral Training Manager Tel. (0117) 42 84261
Mrs Kirsten Horne Programme Assistant Tel. (0117) 331 4793
Mr Jonathan Horne Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Graeme Horne Research Associate Tel. (0117) 331 5941
Miss Nikki Horrobin Centre for Doctoral Training Manager Tel. (0117) 928 4605
Dr Tony Horseman Lecturer,Research Fellow Tel. (0117) 331 5608
Dr Conor Houghton Reader in Computational Neuroscience Tel. (0117) 954 5140
Professor Guy Howard Global Research Chair Environmental and Infrastructure Resilience
Dr Chris Howcroft Visiting Research Associate Tel. (0117) 33 15611
Dr Nicholas Howden Reader in Water & Environmental Engineering Tel. (0117) 331 5630
Ms Antonia Hoxha Executive Assistant
Dr Chengyong Hu Honorary Research Associate Tel. (0117) 928 7603
Dr Yongzhao Hua Research Associate
Dr Shaofu Huang Senior Research Associate Tel. (0117) 331 4265
Dr Andy Hughes Visiting Industrial Professor
Dr Robert Hughes Lecturer in Non-Destructive Testing Tel. (0117) 331 5738
Ms Sarah Hugo Student Administration Manager Tel. (0117) 331 5671
Dr Emilio Hugues Salas Research Fellow
Miss Lizzie Hull None Tel. (0117) 3315696
Dr David Humphreys Visiting Fellow
Dr Edmund Hunt Senior Research Associate Tel. (0117) 331 4760
Professor Giles Hunt Honorary Senior Research Fellow
Mr Christopher Hunt Teaching Support Assistant
Miss Sam Huntley Research Associate,Research Associate in Modelling of Composite Manufacture Tel. (0117) 33 15634
Mr Yameen Hussain Systems (EngD)
Mr Paul Hutchinson Collaborative Research
Miss Hannah Hutton Cyber Security (TIPS at Scale) (PhD)
Mr Andrea Iannelli Visiting Research Associate
Dr Erdin Ibraim Associate Professor in Geomechanics/Head of Department Tel. (0117) 331 5734
Mr Muhammad Ichwan Aerospace Engineering (PhD)
Dr Reza Imani Asrai Research Associate
Dr Azeem Imtiaz Research Associate
Professor Daniel Inman Professor Tel. (0117) 331 5819
Mr David Ireland Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Dmitry Ivanov Senior Lecturer in Aerospace Engineering Tel. (0117) 33 15776
Professor Salvador Ivorra Visiting Professor
Mr Joost Iwema Visiting Research Associate
Mr Ramon Izquierdo Cordova Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Sam Jackson Research Associate
Miss Alice Jackson Temporary Staffing Service (Appointment C) Mob. (0740) 0 50 6668
Dr Saeed Jahdi Lecturer in Power Electronics Tel. (0117) 331 5011
Mr Pratchaya Jaisudthi Electrical and Electronic Engineering (PhD),Pre-sessional Course in English for Academic Purposes (C)
Dr Meisam Jalalvand Research Associate Tel. (0117) 33 15764
Mrs Nur Syafiqah Jamaluddin Aerospace Engineering (PhD)
Mr Hugh James Engineering Chemistry Laboratory Technician Tel. (0117) 331 5565
Mr Peter James Communications (PhD)
Mr Jasper James Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Andrew James Mechanical Engineering (PhD)
Dr Youngkyoon Jang Senior Research Associate
Mr Mark Jefferies Project Staff
Miss Caroline Jeffery Temporary Staffing Service (Appointment B)
Dr Mike Jeffrey Senior Lecturer Tel. (0117) 33 15681
Dr Anna Jenkin CDT Administrator
Mr Simon Jenkins Industrial Fellow
Miss Morgan Jenkinson Digital Health and Care (PhD)
Mr George Jenkinson Mechanical Engineering (PhD)
Miss Leanne Jeremy Student Administrator Tel. (0117) 954 5167
Miss Simeng Jia Electrical and Electronic Engineering (PhD)
Dr David Jia Visiting Research Associate
Mr Wu Jiacheng Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Zeyu Jiang Aerospace Engineering (PhD)
Miss Pingping Jiang Engineering Mathematics (PhD)
Mr Jiayang Jiang Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Jason Zheng Jiang Senior Lecturer Tel. (0117) 331 5907
Dr Pisu Jiang Senior Cleanroom Process Engineer
Miss Claudia Jimenez Martin Composites Manufacture (EngD)
Mr Nakrop Jinaporn Communications (PhD)
Mr Gautam Jindal Senior Resident
Dr Anders Johansson Senior Lecturer in Systems Engineering Tel. (0117) 954 5110
Dr Marcus Johns Research Associate in Materials Science
Mr Angus Johnson Project Staff
Professor Adam Joinson Honorary Professor
Dr David Jones Research Associate
Mr Nicholas Jones Electrical and Electronic Class Technician Tel. (0117) 331 5450
Mr Jordan Jones Research Associate
Dr Dorian Jones Associate Professor Tel. (0117) 33 15626
Mr Owen Jones Communications (PhD)
Mr Simon Jones Research Associate
Mr Eddie Jones Teaching Support Assistant
Mrs Helen Jones Project Officer Tel. (0117) 33 15782
Mr Mark Jordan Technician
Dr Siddarth Joshi Senior Research Associate in Quantum Enhanced Sensing & Metrology
Mr Kiran Joshi Research Associate
Mr Euan Judd Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Byungkwon Jung Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Vaia Kalokidou Senior Research Associate
Mr Aravind Kumar Kamaraj Research Associate
Mr Siddharth Kamble Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Pravin Kamble Aerospace Engineering (PhD)
Mr Hasan Kamliya Jawahar Research Associate
Miss Konstantina Kanari Teaching Support Assistant,Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Ali Kandemir Teaching Support Assistant
Dr George Kanellos Lecturer in Electrical & Electronic Engineering Tel. (0117) 954 5196
Mr Tayfun Karaderi Interactive Artificial Intelligence (PhD)
Dr Oktay Karakus Research Associate
Dr Dimitris Karamitros Lecturer in Geotechnical Engineering Tel. (0117) 331 5155
Mr Dimitrios Karanatsis Composites Manufacture (Visiting) (EngD)
Mr Dimitrios Karanikas Civil Engineering (PhD)
Mr Ben Karkera None
Dr Mehdi Kashani Visiting Senior Research Fellow Tel. (0117) 954 5627
Dr Angeliki Katsenou Leverhulme Fellow
Miss Elpida Katsiveli Civil Engineering (PhD)
Professor Risto Kauppinen Visiting Professor Tel. (0117) 928 8461
Dr Luiz Kawashita Senior Lecturer Tel. (0117) 331 5716
Mr Toby Kay Engineering Mathematics (PhD)
Dr Matthew Kay University Subsidiary Tel. (0117) 331 5513
Mr Vangelis Kazakos Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Laurence Kedward Research Associate
Mr Mark Kelly Industrial Fellow
Mr Lee Kent MR Lab Designer,Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Tom Kent Research Associate in Applied Mathematics & Computer Science
Mr Nawid Keshtmand Robotics and Autonomous Systems (PhD)
Mr Ahmed Khalil Electrical and Electronic Engineering (PhD)
Dr Said Khan Research Collaborator
Mr Mahmoud Khazim Research Associate
Mr Codor Khodr Research Fellow
Mr Charles Khoury Communications (PhD)
Professor Janice Kiely Visiting Fellow
Dr Byung Chul Kim Lecturer Tel. (0117) 331 4769
Mr Christopher King Assistant Teacher,Teaching Support Assistant
Ms Melike Kiraz Teaching Support Assistant
Mr James Kirkpatrick Non-Destructive Evaluation (EngD)
Dr Joanne Kitson Honorary Senior Research Associate Tel. (0117) 331 5464Telephone Number
Dr Panos Kloukinas Visiting Senior Research Associate
Dr Nigel Knee Industrial Fellow
Mr Russell Knights SPHERE Deployment Technician
Mr Wouter Knoben Visiting Research Associate
Professor David Knowles Professor of Nuclear Engineering/Director (Engineering) of South West Hub Tel. (0117) 331 5723
Mr Leif Knowles Smart Internet Lab Technician
Mr Iosif Koen Visiting Research Associate
Dr Kyungil Kong Research Associate
Mr Liang Kong Electrical and Electronic Engineering (PhD)
Dr Di Kong Honorary Senior Research Associate Tel. (0117) 331 5053
Dr Christian Konrad Lecturer in Computer Science
Miss Athina Kontopoulou Advanced Composites (PhD)
Mr Anatoly Koptelov Senior Resident
Ms Maria Korea Smart Internet Lab Manager
Mr Konstantinos Kouzoumis Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Tim Kovacs Honorary Senior Lecturer
Mr Pawel Kowalski Communications (PhD)
Mr Adrian Kraft Specialist Technician
Mr Narongkorn Krajangsawasdi Teaching Support Assistant
Dr James Kratz Lecturer in Materials Engineering Tel. (0117) 331 5746
Mr Jakub Kucera Composites Manufacture (EngD)
Mr Sebastian Kudera Communications (PhD)
Mr Rico Kuehlewind Aerospace Engineering (PhD)
Mr Shashitha Kularatna Advanced Composites (PhD) Tel. (0117) 33 15767
Dr Meelis Kull Senior Lecturer
Mr Vijay Kumar Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Dan Kumpik Digital Health and Care (PhD)
Ms Hannah Ladkoo Postgraduate Administrator Tel. (0117) 39 40582
Dr Ian Laird Lecturer Tel. (0117) 39 40289
Mr Joseph Lam Project Staff
Mr Sean Lancastle Academic Enhancement Manager Tel. (0117) 331 45207
Miss Sophie Landon Assistant Teacher,Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Ian Lane Senior Associate Teacher,Visiting Industrial Professor
Mr David Langston Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Andrea Lannelli Research Associate
Dr John Lapinskas Lecturer
Mrs Clare Lapworth Web Administrator Tel. (0117) 954 5663
Dr Nicolas Larrosa Lecturer in Structural Integrity
Mr Robert Larson Computer Science (PhD)
Mr Arthur Lawrence Visiting Research Fellow Tel. (0117) 331 5423
Dr Andrew Lawrie Lecturer Tel. (0117) 331 5915
Professor Jonathan Lawry Professor Tel. (0117) 331 5629
Miss Sarah Lawton Temporary Staffing Service (Appointment B)
Dr Irina Lazar Lecturer Tel. (0117) 331 5944
Mr Anthony Le Teaching Support Assistant
Miss Olivia Leao Carvalho Advanced Composites (PhD)
Miss Chanelle Lee Teaching Associate
Mr Kyoung Hyun Lee Engineering Mathematics (PhD)
Mr Gavin Leech Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Jack Leendertz Research Fellow in Clinical Sciences Tel. (0117) 342 5096
Mr Charlie Lees Third Party Organisation
Mr David Legg Undergraduate Senior Student Administrator Tel. (0117) 954 5530
Mr Konstantinos Lekkas Communications (PhD)
Mr Severin Lemaignan Third Party Organisation
Mr Sergejs Leonovs Electrical and Electronic Engineering (MSc) (R)
Mr Alexandros Leontaritis Teaching Support Assistant,Teaching Support Assistant
Professor Nathan Lepora Professor of Robotics and AI Tel. (0117) 331 5169
Mr Tim Lewis Self-Employed Individual
Dr Simon Lewis Honorary Industrial Fellow Tel. (0117) 331 5941
Mrs Chantal Lewis Advanced Composites (PhD)
Mr Tim Lewis Mechanical Engineering (PhD)
Dr Li Li Senior Research Associate Tel. (0117) 331 5058
Dr Jenny Li Research Associate
Mr Jiaqing Li Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Mickey Li Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Qinyu Li Aerospace Engineering (PhD)
Miss Yi-Yuan Li Teaching Support Assistant
Miss Karen Li Computer Science (PhD)
Mr Peizheng Li Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Feitao Li Honorary Senior Research Associate
Dr Shuxin Li Visiting Senior Research Fellow
Miss Yuan Li Research Associate
Mr Yifan Li Mechanical Engineering (PhD)
Mr Mingnan Li Teaching Support Assistant
Professor Nicholas Lieven Professor
Mr James Lightfoot University Subsidiary Tel. (0117) 33 15504
Dr Xie Lihong Research Associate
Miss Lucy Lilwall School Research Administrator Tel. (0117) 331 5016
Ms Soo Yee Lim Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Reece Lincoln Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Cristian Lira University Subsidiary Tel. (0117) 33 15796
Mr Dawei Liu Senior Research Associate Tel. (0117) 39 40289
Mr Zixuan Liu Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Zhen Liu Civil Engineering (PhD)
Professor Weiru Liu Professor of Artificial Intelligence Tel. (0117) 33 15526
Mr Long Liu Aerospace Engineering (PhD)
Mr Hai Liu Civil Engineering (PhD)
Miss Yuexiao Liu Teaching Support Assistant
Ms Ying Liu Civil Engineering (PhD)
Miss Xiao Liu Technical Specialist
Dr Jingqi Liu Visiting Research Associate
Miss Yi Liu Library Support Assistant
Mr Yanan Liu Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Tom Llewellyn-Jones EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellowship Tel. (0117) 33 15768
Dr John Lloyd Senior Research Associate
Dr Isobel Lloyd Senior Lecturer Tel. (0117) 954 5628
Miss Harriet Lloyd School Research Administrator Tel. (0117) 33 15520
Ms Valentina Lo Gatto Teaching Support Assistant
Miss Anna Lo Jacomo Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Alberto Loaiza Freire Research Associate
Dr Simon Lock Senior Lecturer Tel. (0117) 954 5145
Mr Oliver Logan Mechanical Engineering (PhD)
Miss Maria Lombardi Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Luca Lombardi Visiting Research Associate
Dr Marco Longana Senior Research Associate in Composites Manufacture and Characterisation Tel. (0117) 33 15775
Dr John Looney Honorary Teaching Fellow
Mr Pablo Lopez Filun Civil Engineering (PhD)
Dr Erwin Lopez Pulgarin Visiting Research Associate
Dr Eduardo Lopez Villaverde Research Associate
Mr Joshua Loughton Composites Manufacture (EngD)
Mrs Barb Lowden High Performance Networks Research Administrator Tel. (0117)3315177
Mr David Lowe Systems (EngD)
Professor Mark Lowenberg Professor of Flight Dynamics Tel. (0117) 33 15555
Dr David Lowndes Research Associate in Experimental Quantum Information Tel. (0117) 33 15373
Mr Yao Lu Computer Science (PhD)
Mr Nick Luck IT Support Officer Tel. (0117) 4550708
Dr Sam Luke Honorary Industrial Fellow
Dr Sha Luo Honorary Research Fellow
Ms Louise Lynch Civil Engineering (PhD)
Mr Andrew Ma Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Di Ma Communications (PhD)
Mr Jiteng Ma Electrical and Electronic Engineering (PhD)
Mr Jian Ma Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Zhanguo Ma Research Fellow
Mr Fraser MacDonald Engineering Mathematics (PhD)
Professor John Macdonald Professor of Structural Dynamics/Interim Head of Department Tel. (0117) 331 5735
Ms Luana Maciel Cesar Mechanical Engineering (PhD)
Mrs Beth Mackey Robotics and Autonomous Systems (PhD)
Dr Alex Mackin Honorary Research Associate
Mr Andy Mackintosh Senior IT Support Specialist Tel. (0117) 4550753
Mr Jamie Macleod Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Charles Macleod Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Terence Macquart Lecturer in Aeroelastics Tel. (0117) 33 15670
Mr Steve Macqueen Visiting Senior Teaching Fellow Tel. (0117) 33 15862
Mr Vincent Maes Research Associate
Mr Julian Maggs Technician
Dr Yusuf Mahadik Technical Specialist Tel. (0117) 33 15775
Mr Sarthak Mahapatra Advanced Composites (PhD)
Mr Gaurav Maheshwari Honorary Research Associate
Dr Nasir Mahyuddin Visiting Fellow Tel. (0117) 33 15938
Mr Chris Mair Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Steven Male Visiting Fellow in Infrastructure Asset Management
Mr Mateusz Malinowski Aerospace Engineering (PhD)
Dr Rob Malkin Senior Research Associate in Non-destructive Defect Characterisation Tel. (0117) 331 5919
Miss Dominika Malkowska Teaching Support Assistant
Mrs Ly Malnick Temporary Staffing Service (Appointment B)
Dr Irene Malvestio Research Associate
Ms Alexandra Malyugina Computer Science (PhD)
Dr Abdullah Al Mamun Senior Research Associate
Miss Sarah Manley Undergraduate Student Administrator
Mr Riccardo Manno Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Andres Marcos Senior Lecturer in Aerospace Engineering Tel. (0117) 95 45607
Dr Richard Markiewicz Visiting Professor
Mr Jack Marsh Apprentice Workshop Technician
Dr Paul Marshall Senior Lecturer Tel. (0117) 33 15352
Mr Ben Marshall Research Associate SCARV: a side-channel hardened RISC-V platform
Miss Zoe Marston Industial liaison Projects Coordinator Tel. (0117) 954 5161
Mr Sam Martin Research Associate
Mr Richard Martin Lecturer Tel. (0117) 33 15536
Professor Trevor Martin Professor of Artificial Intelligence Tel. (0117) 331 5628
Mr Gary Martin Specialist Technician
Dr Chloe Martindale Lecturer
Dr Jose Martinez Carranza Senior Research Fellow
Mr Marco Martinoli Computer Science (PhD)
Mr Athanasios Martsopoulos Robotics and Autonomous Systems (PhD)
Dr Lucia Marucci Associate Professor in Systems and Synthetic Biology Tel. (0117)3315307
Mr Nyasha Masamba Computer Science (PhD)
Dr Carolina Massmann Honorary Research Associate
Dr Naoki Masuda Honorary Visiting Associate Professor
Mr Alessandro Masullo Research Associate
Mr Luke Mather Research Associate
Mr David Mathias Mechanical Engineering (PhD)
Dr Hisato Matsumiya Visiting Research Associate
Mr Joe Matthews Digital Health and Care (PhD)
Mr Antoni Matyjaszkiewicz Research Associate
Mr Alex Mavromatis Senior Research Associate
Dr Ioannis Mavromatis Honorary Research Associate
Dr John May Reader in Safety Systems Tel. (0117) 3315139
Professor David May Professor of Computer Science Tel. (0117) 954 5134
Mr Yannick Mayer Aerospace Engineering (PhD)
Miss Perla Jazmin Mayo Diaz de Leon Demonstrator,Teaching Support Assistant
Professor Walterio Mayol-Cuevas Professor in Robotics, Computer Vision and Mobile Systems Tel. (0117) 954 5128
Mr Kipp McAdam Freud Interactive Artificial Intelligence (PhD)
Dr Hamish McAlpine Consultant Tel. (0117) 331 5672
Mr James McArdle Aerospace Engineering (PhD)
Dr Kevin McAreavey Senior Research Associate
Dr Michael McCann Senior Teaching Associate
Mr Bish McCarthy-Singh Mechanical Engineering (PhD)
Mr Alex Mcconville Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Ryan McConville Lecturer in Data Science, Machine Learning and AI
Mr Scott McCormick Research Associate
Dr Sean McCorry Postgraduate Student Administrator Tel. (0117) 39 40573
Mr Dave McEwan Teaching Support Assistant
Professor Joe McGeehan Emeritus Professor
Mr Calum McInnes Advanced Composites (PhD)
Professor Simon McIntosh-Smith Professor in High Performance Computing Tel. (0117) 3315324
Mrs Allison McIntosh-Smith Senior Administrator and Project Co-ordinator Tel. (0117) 33 15782
Miss Jessica McKee Mechanical Engineering (PhD)
Mr Jack McKenna Executive Assistant Tel. (0117) 954 5369
Professor Chris McMahon Senior Associate Teacher,Senior Research Fellow Tel. (0117) 33 15669
Dr Alex McMillan Research Associate Tel. (0117) 331 7340
Dr Roisin McNaney Lecturer
Mrs Joanne McWhirter Programme Assistant Tel. (0117) 954 5168
Dr Chris McWilliams Lecturer,Senior Research Associate
Ms Rebecca Mear School Manager Tel. (0117) 954 5135
Professor Christopher Melhuish Professor of Robotics and Autonomous Systems
Dr Evangelos Mellios Honorary Senior Research Associate Tel. (0117) 954 5196
Professor Phil Mellor Professor of Electrical Engineering Tel. (0117) 954 5259
Dr Antonio Melro Research Fellow
Mr Hernaldo Mendoza Nava Advanced Composites (PhD)
Dr Oussama Metatla EPSRC Research Fellow
Ms Ola Michalec Research Associate
Miss Gabriella Miles Teaching Support Assistant
Mrs Mary Millard Faculty Manager Tel. (0117) 331 5846
Mr Stuart Mills University Subsidiary
Miss Emma Milner Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Sergio Minera Rebulla University Subsidiary
Mr Yuhang Ming Teaching Support Assistant
Professor Majid Mirmehdi Professor of Computer Vision/Engineering Faculty Education Director Tel. (0117) 954 5139
Mr Sandy Mitchell Senior Associate Teacher,Senior Lecturer Tel. (0117) 33 15536
Mr Mictroy Mitchell Research Technician
Dr Shadi Moazzeni Senior Research Associate
Mr Mehdi Mokhtarishirazabad Technical Specialist
Mr Davide Moltisanti Teaching Support Assistant
Mrs Keri Montague Composites CDT Industry Engagement Manager
Mr Iain Monteath Industrial Fellow
Miss Sandra Montes Olivas Teaching Support Assistant
Mrs Joy Moody Graduate Administration Manager Tel. (0117) 39 41263
Mr Francescogiuseppe Morabito Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Peiman Moradi Research Associate
Dr Rosalyn Moran Senior Lecturer
Dr Thea Morgan Lecturer
Professor Kevin Morris Professor of Radio Frequency Engineering Tel. (0117) 954 5268
Mr Peter Morrish Visiting Senior Research Fellow
Mr Alex Moss Advanced Composites (PhD)
Dr Mahmoud Mostafavi Reader in Structural Integrity
Dr Nigel Mottram Visiting Teaching Fellow
Dr Joao Mouro Visiting Research Associate
Dr Miranda Mowbray Senior Associate Teacher,Visiting Lecturer Tel. (0117) 331 5055
Mr Joshua Mudie Teaching Associate in Civil Engineering
Dr Ario Muhammad Research Associate
Professor David Muir Wood Emeritus Professor of Civil Engineering Tel. (0117) 331 5745
Professor Anthony Mulholland Professor/Head of Department Tel. (0117) 331 5643
Mr Jonathan Munro Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Lewis Munshi Chief Resident,Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Abubakar Muqaddas Senior Research Associate
Mr Jordan Murkin Computer Science (PhD)
Mr Dominic Murphy Robotics and Autonomous Systems (PhD)
Mr Dan Muscat Core Facility Technician Tel. (0117) 33 15424
Mr Vasilis Mygdalis Assisting with financial reporting for M1-M6 on multi-drone project
Professor George Mylonakis Chair in Geotechnics and Soil-Structure Interaction Tel. (0117) 331 5838
Professor Ian Nabney Head of School,Professor and Head of SCEEM School of Engineering Tel. (0117) 954 5468
Mr Sanat Nagaraju Communications (PhD)
Miss Shaini Naha Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Adham Naji Research Collaboration Tel. (0117) 331 5053
Dr Raj Nangia Research Fellow
Dr Aydin Nassehi Reader/Head of Department Tel. (0117) 331 5429
Dr Lata Nautiyal Research Associate
Dr Diego Navarro-Tapia Research Associate
Dr Philip Naylor Senior IT Support Specialist Tel. (0117) 4550232
Professor Simon Neild Interim Head of School,Professor in Nonlinear Structural Dynamics/Head of Department Civil Engineering Tel. (0117) 331 5918
Professor Reza Nejabati Professor of Intelligent Networks Tel. (0117) 33 15682
Dr Luke Nelson Senior Research Associate
Mr David Nepomuceno Civil Engineering (PhD)
Mr Zohar Neu None
Mr James Neve Computer Science (PhD)
Mr Pablo Newberry Civil Engineering (PhD)
Miss Emma Newman Deputy School Manager Tel. (0117) 33 15567
Mrs Tanya Newton Undergraduate Student Administrator Tel. (0117) 954 5168
Mr Duc Nguyen Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Minh Nguyen Computer Science (PhD)
Miss Jemma Nicholson Executive Assistant Tel. (0117) 39 40397
Miss Evangelia Nicolaidou Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Rinat Nigmatullin Research Fellow of General Engineering
Dr Anisha Nijhawan Research Associate in WASH and Environmental Health
Dr Kris Nikov Senior Research Associate
Mr Xudong Niu Research Associate
Professor Andrew Nix Emeritus Dean
Dr Ollie Nixon-Pearson Visiting Senior Research Associate Tel. (0117) 33 15504
Dr Valentina Noacco Senior Research Associate
Dr Gianmarco Nocera Third Party Organisation
Dr James Norman Associate Professor in Sustainable Design,Bristol Institute for Learning and Teaching (BILT) Academic Fellow Tel. (0117) 954 5269
Mrs Emma North Clinical Training Scholar Administrator Tel. (0117) 33 19192
Mr Dominic North Research Support Assistant Tel. (0117) 39 40289
Dr Viviana Novelli Visiting Research Associate
Mr Luis Nunes Cunha Mechatronic CAD Designer
Dr Jose Nunez-Yanez Reader in Adaptive and Energy Efficient Computing Tel. (0117) 331 5128
Mr Ed Nutting Computer Science (PhD)
Dr Cian O'Donnell Lecturer in Computer Science Tel. (0117) 3315235Telephone Number
Dr Matt O'Donnell Lecturer,Research Fellow Tel. (0117) 33 15654
Dr Paul O'Dowd Lecturer
Dr Aisling O'Kane Senior Lecturer in Human Computer Interaction for Health Tel. (0117) 954 5142
Caroline O'Keeffe Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Michael O'Leary Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Connor O'Malley Administrative Assistant
Ms Jacqueline Ochoa Roman Visiting Research Associate
Dr Ollie Oddbjornsson Visiting Senior Research Fellow Tel. (0117) 331 5726
Dr George Oikonomou Senior Lecturer in IoT Networking Tel. (0117) 954 5175
Mrs Roz Okatan Undergraduate Senior Student Administrator Tel. (0117) 39 40406
Dr Vaclav Ondra Research Associate in Active Tendon Morphing Rotor Blades
Miss Maria Onoufriou Composites Manufacture (EngD)
Dr Amy Osborne Research Associate
Dr Maria Oswald Honorary Professor Tel. (0117) 954 5634
Mr Borja Otura Garcia Senior Research Associate
Miss Yanni Ou Senior Research Associate
Mr Imad Ouachan Demonstrator,Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Martin Ould Senior Lecturer Tel. (0117) 954 5612
Professor Ruth Oulton Professor,Professor of Quantum Photonics Alt. (0117) 42 82917Telephone Number
Mr Sarmad Ozan Communications (PhD)
Ms Sabriye Ozkan Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Abel Pacheco Ortega Computer Science (PhD)
Mrs Alison Page Apprentice Assessor
Dr Daniel Page Senior Lecturer in Computer Science Tel. (0117) 331 5146
Mrs Caterina Palange Composites Manufacture (EngD)
Dr Ivan Palomares Carrascosa Lecturer in Data Science and A.I Tel. (0117) 954 5148
Mr Dominic Palubiski Filming and photography work for the ACCIS CDT
Ms Rita Palumbo Admin & Lab Support
Dr Dinesh Pamunuwa Reader in Microelectronics Tel. (0117) 954 5197
Mr Alexander Pang Third Party Organisation
Mr Antonios Papaioannou Electrical and Electronic Engineering (PhD)
Mr Ioannis Papoutsidakis Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Rishi Parajuli Research Associate
Mr Arjun Parekh Visiting Industrial Fellow
Mrs Harriet Parks Project Coordinator Tel. (0117) 3315356
Mr Oliver Parks Composites Manufacture (EngD)
Mr Alixander Partridge Mechanical Engineering (PhD)
Professor Ivana Partridge Professor of Composites Processing Tel. (0117) 95 45461
Miss Chrys Paschou Communications (PhD)
Dr Thomas Pasquier Lecturer Tel. (0117) 954 5155
Mrs Rachel Passmore University Subsidiary
Miss Maitri Patel Student Administrator
Ms Sophie Paterson Communications Manager Mob. (07795) 640825Telephone Number
Mr Nikhil Patnaik Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Mayank Patni None
Mrs Louise Paton Graduate Administration Manager Tel. (0117) 39 40574
Mr Aakash Paul Research Assistant,Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Jonas Paulavicius Electrical and Electronic Engineering (PhD)
Professor Martyn Pavier Professor in Mechanics of Materials Fax. (0117) 929 4423Telephone Number
Mr Alexandre Payot Aerospace Engineering (PhD)
Mr Rob Peace Cyber Security (TIPS at Scale) (PhD)
Mr Neil Pearce Workshop Technician Tel. (0117) 331 5811
Mr Guy Pearn Technical Specialist
Mr Martin Pearson Third Party Organisation
Mr Anderson Peccin da Silva Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Dabal Pedamonti Robotics and Autonomous Systems (PhD)
Dr Elisa Pedone Research Associate
Dr Matthew Peel Senior Lecturer Tel. (0117) 331 5912
Dr Claudia Peersman Senior Research Associate
Mrs Siobhan Pegler Faculty Education Manager Tel. (0117) 331 5829
Dr Timothy Pelham Senior Research Associate
Mr Joseph Pemberton Computer Science (PhD)
Professor Hua-Xin Peng Visiting Professor Tel. (0117) 33 15310
Dr Jian Peng Visiting Lecturer
Dr Andres Penuela-Fernandez Research Associate in Water Resource Management
Mr Miquel Perello Nieto Research Associate
Dr Venura Perera LV=GI Data Science Manager
Mr Toby Perrett Honorary Research Associate,Research Associate
Mr Nicholas Pestell Teaching Support Assistant
Miss Chiara Petrillo Demonstrator
Dr Thinh Pham Research Associate
Dr Hemma Philamore Research Associate,Senior Lecturer Tel. (0117) 954 5392
Dr Francesca Pianosi Senior Lecturer in Water and Environmental Engineering Tel. (0117) 331 5701
Miss Laura Rhian Pickard Research Assistant
Mr Matthew Pickering Teaching Support Assistant
Professor Robert Piechocki Professor of Wireless Systems Tel. (0117) 954 5655
Mr Nikolay Pilashev Chief Resident,Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Beatriz Pimentel Mizusaki Research Associate
Miss Jiang Pingping Teaching Support Assistant
Professor Tony Pipe UWE FARSCOPE Co-director
Dr Alberto Pirrera Senior Lecturer in Composite Structures Tel. (0117) 331 5625
Professor Ioannis Pitas Honorary Professor Tel. (0117) 331 5106
Mr Alex Pitt Communications (PhD)
Mr Andrei Poenaru Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Rama Pokhrel Senior Research Associate
Mr Yasen Polihronov Mechanical Engineering (PhD)
Dr Victor Ponce Lopez Honorary Research Fellow
Miss Alison Ponche Aerospace Engineering (PhD)
Dr Rui Ponte Costa Lecturer in Computational Neuroscience and Machine Learning Tel. (0117) 331 5428
Dr Daniel Poole Lecturer Tel. (0117) 331 5825
Dr Lorena Postiglione Honorary Research Fellow
Professor Kevin Potter Emeritus Professor
Mr Matt Potts Aerospace Engineering (PhD)
Mr Michael Powell Workshop Technician
Mrs Selena Power Student Administration Manager Tel. (0117) 954 5311
Mr Daniel Power Civil Engineering (PhD)
Mr Rafael Poyiadzi Engineering Mathematics (PhD)
Dr Prasanth Prabhakaran Research Associate
Professor Dhiraj Pradhan Emeritus Professor of Computer Science Tel. (0117) 954 5637
Mr Kanav Prashar Non-Destructive Evaluation (EngD)
Mr Nigel Preece Communications (PhD)
Dr Maria Pregnolato Lecturer
Professor Chris Preist Professor of Sustainability & Computer Systems Tel. (0117)3315105
Mr Will Price Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Xavier Priem Senior Research Fellow
Ms Rachel Prior Senior Research Administrator Tel. (0117) 331 5063
Mrs Emma Pritchard Research Development Associate Tel. (0117) 42 84090
Mr Ben Pritchard Project Staff
Miss Molly Probert Mechanical Engineering (PhD)
Mr Will Proud Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Efi Psomopoulou Research Associate
Mr Nick Psyrras Civil Engineering (PhD)
Dr Jon Pugh Lecturer,Senior Research Associate Tel. (0117) 331 5557
Dr Thibaut Putelat Senior Research Associate
Mr Richard Pyle Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Kfir Pzenica Senior Research Associate Tel. (0117) 39 40289
Mr Cenxiao Qu Mechanical Engineering (MSc) (R),Mechanical Engineering (Non-Bristol)
Mr Roberto Quaglia Civil Engineering (PhD)
Professor Joe Quarini Professor of Process Engineering Tel. (0117) 331 5948
Mr David Quarton Senior Associate Teacher,Visiting Professor
Mr Alexander Quessy Aerospace Engineering (PhD)
Mr Rosen Rachev Non-Destructive Evaluation (EngD)
Mr Charles Radclyffe Industrial Fellow
Mr Arjun Radhakrishnan Research Associate
Mr Stefan Radic Webster Interactive Artificial Intelligence (PhD)
Dr Alin Radu Visiting Research Fellow
Mr Steven Rae Technical Specialist Tel. (0117) 33 15775
Mr Syed Rahman IT Support Specialist Tel. (0117) 4550269
Mr A S M Mostaquimur Rahman Lecturer Tel. (0117) 331 5701
Professor Christopher Railton Emeritus Professor Tel. (0117) 954 5175
Dr Marvin Ramokapane Research Associate
Dr Andre Ramos Barbosa Senior Lecturer
Dr Steven Ramsay Lecturer
Dr Sunil Rana Honorary Senior Research Associate
Professor John Rarity Professor of Optical Communication Systems Tel. (0117) 954 5646
Mr Navid Rasekh Teaching Support Assistant
Professor Awais Rashid Professor of Cyber Security Tel. (0117) 331 5106
Miss Michelle Rautmann Advanced Composites (PhD)
Dr Sanjay Rawat Lecturer
Mr David Rawlins WAREZ Team Manager Tel. (0117) 4550925
Dr Oliver Ray Lecturer Tel. (0117) 954 5150
Mr Benjamin Rayneau-Kirkhope Third Party Organisation
Mr Ric Real Research Support Assistant
Dr Murray Reed Industrial Fellow
Mr Mark Reed Apprentice
Mr Dylan Rees LV=GI Data Engineer
Mr Osh REES Work Experience Placement
Mr Jonathan Rees Honorary Teaching Fellow
Miss Teresa Reis Aerospace Engineering (PhD)
Dr Chrystel Remillat Research Fellow
Miss Zhihan Ren Electrical and Electronic Engineering (PhD)
Dr Irene Renaud-Assemat Lecturer Tel. (0117) 331 5554
Dr Thomas Rendall Senior Lecturer Tel. (0117) 33 15639
Dr Ludovic Renson Honorary Lecturer
Mr Tamas Rev Advanced Composites (PhD)
Mr David Reyes Paredes Communications (PhD)
Dr Djamel Rezgui Lecturer Tel. (0117) 33 15475
Mr Greg Richards Technician
Professor Arthur Richards Professor of Robotics and Control Tel. (0117) 331 5706
Mr Steff Richards Engineering Mathematics (PhD)
Dr Tom Richardson Senior Lecturer in Flight Mechanics Tel. (0117) 33 15532
Dr Carolyn Rickards Senior Research Administrator Tel. (0117) 331 8787
Dr Miguel Rico-Ramirez Senior Lecturer in Radar Hydrology and Hydroinformatics Tel. (0117) 331 5736
Ms Yvonne Rigby Project Manager
Mr Tom Ringwood Senior Student Administrator Tel. (0117) 39 40583
Mr David Rios Santini Teaching Support Assistant
Miss Mayra Rivera Lopez Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Andres Rivero Bracho Teaching Support Assistant Tel. (0117) 33 15778
Dr Igor Rizaev Research Associate in Mathematical Modelling
Mr Benjamin Robinson Mechanical Engineering (PhD)
Professor Katharine Robson Brown Director of the Jean Golding Institute,Professor in Mechanical Engineering,Professor of Biological Anthropology Tel. (0117) 954 6081
Dr Sebastien Rochat Dean's Fellow and Lecturer in Functional Materials
Mr Peter Rock Research Associate
Mr Darren Roderick Technical Manager Tel. (0117) 42 82729
Dr Mark Rogers Honorary Senior Research Associate
Mrs Sarah Rogers Research Administrator Tel. (0117) 3315287
Mr Steve Roome Research Fellow Tel. (0117) 39 41738
Professor Judy Rorison Professor of Optoelectronics Tel. (0117) 954 5170
Ms Edwin Rosario Research Associate
Dr Emma Rose Special Projects Manager
Mr Jonathan Rose Apprentice Technician,Hackspace Technician
Dr Ges Rosenberg Research Fellow Tel. (0117) 331 5721
Dr Rafael Rosolem Senior Lecturer in Civil Engineering Tel. (0117) 331 5070
Dr Joel Ross Senior Lecturer Mob. (07973) 614895Telephone Number
Mr Jon Ross-Elliott Postgraduate Student Administrator Tel. (0117) 42 84618
Professor Jonathan Rossiter Professor of Robotics Tel. (0117) 331 5601
Mr Peter Rosso Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Dragos Rotaru Computer Science (PhD)
Dr Anne Roudaut Associate Professor in Human-Computer Interaction
Miss Kathryn Rowe Executive Assistant Tel. (0117) 954 5385
Miss Jemma Rowlandson Research Associate
Mr Suppanat Ruangdech Robotics and Autonomous Systems (PhD)
Dr Gustavo Rubio Anton Visiting Industrial Fellow
Miss Ana Maria Rubio Denniss Engineering Mathematics (PhD)
Dr Valentina Ruffini Visiting Research Associate
Mr Moray Rumney Visiting Industrial Fellow
Miss Bethany Russell Advanced Composites (PhD)
Mr Jakub Rycerz Advanced Composites (PhD) Tel. (0117) 33 15769
Miss Frances Ryding IT Support Officer Tel. (0117) 4550884
Mr Ali Safari Research Associate
Mr Karam Safarov Chief Resident
Dr Hind Saidani-Scott Senior Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering Tel. (0117) 331 5902
Mr Hatim Salih Research Associate
Ms Philippa Salsbury Faculty Education Administrator Tel. (0117) 3315344
Mr Davide Salzano Visiting Research Fellow
Mr Zeynel Samak Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Manolis Samanis Computer Science (PhD)
Mr Obed Samano Abonce Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Nigam Samantaray Research Associate in Quantum Enhanced Sensing
Mr Daniel Sanchez Rivas Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Cameron Sanderson Mechanical Engineering (PhD)
Mr Eduardo Santana De Vega Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Raul Santos-Rodriguez Senior Lecturer in Data Science and Intelligent Systems Tel. (0117) 394 5485
Mr Georgios Sarailidis Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Miltiadis Saratzidis None
Miss Faegheh Sardari Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Fanny Sarrazin Visiting Research Associate
Mr Seeralan Sarvaharman Assistant Teacher,Teaching Support Assistant
Miss Mara Saunders Temporary Staffing Service (Appointment B) Tel. (0117) 3315255
Mrs Charlotte Savage Assistant Accountant Fax. (0117) 954 5360Telephone Number
Miss Anne-Lene Sax Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Lawrence Sayer Communications (PhD)
Mr Ben Sayers Quantum Engineering (PhD)
Mr Aidan Scannell Teaching Support Assistant
Professor Fabrizio Scarpa Professor of Smart Materials & Structures Tel. (0117) 33 15306
Miss Daniela Schamroth Rossade Mechanical Engineering (PhD)
Mr Ben Schellenberg Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Mark Schenk Lecturer Tel. (0117) 331 5364
Dr Daniel Schien Senior Lecturer in Computer Science Tel. (0117) 331 5369
Mr Philipp Schmitz Interactive Artificial Intelligence (PhD)
Mr Robert Schultz-Graham Technical Services Administrator Tel. (0117) 42 83157
Mr John Scott Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Samuel Scott Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Elliott Scott Engineering Mathematics (PhD)
Dr Wendel Sebastian Visiting Research Fellow Tel. (0117) 331 5733
Mr Michael Secker CDT Administrator
Professor Robert Sellin Emeritus Professor in Hydraulic Engineering Tel. (0117) 331 5748
Mr Jagan Selvaraj Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Becky Selwyn Lecturer Tel. (0117) 331 5731
Miss Cui Seow Mechanical Engineering (PhD)
Mr Bryan Sergeant Self-Employed Individual
Dr Joel Serra Research Associate
Professor Anastasios Sextos Professor of Earthquake Engineering Tel. (0117) 331 5744
Dr Victoria Sgardoni Research Fellow
Mr Paul Shabajee Research Fellow Tel. (0117) 3315303
Mr Mark Shannon Mechanical Engineering (PhD)
Miss Barbara Shannon Research Associate Tel. (0117) 331 2154
Mr Wesley Shao Engineering Mathematics (PhD)
Dr Jenna Shapiro Research Associate
Mr Namid Shatil Research Associate
Mr Chengjun Shen Electrical and Electronic Engineering (PhD)
Mr Jiajia Shen Research Associate
Mr Gang Shen Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Zijian Shi Computer Science (PhD)
Mrs Courtney Shirvani Deputy Student Administration Manager Tel. (0117) 39 40405
Dr Graeme Short Industrial Fellow
Dr Ben Shreeve Research Associate
Mr Shivaprasad Shridhara Bhat Research Associate
Mr Anas Shrinah Assistant Teacher,Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Jan Sieber Visiting Fellow
Mr Usman Sikander Senior Resident,Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Rafael Silva Guimaraes Research Associate
Mr Lee Silver Technical Manager
Dr Josh Silverstone Senior Research Associate Tel. (0117) 33 15373
Mr Simone Simeone Systems (EngD)
Professor Dimitra Simeonidou Professor of High Performance Networks
Dr Filippo Simini Senior Lecturer Tel. (0117) 331 4760
Miss Melanie Simons Engineering Mathematics (PhD)
Mrs Amanda Simpson Senior Administrator Tel. (0117) 42 82731
Dr Chris Simpson Senior Research Associate
Dr Nick Simpson Senior Lecturer in Electrical Engineering Tel. (0117) 331 5174
Mr Jon Sims Williams Senior Teaching Fellow Tel. (0117) 331 5640
Miss Kaya Sinclair Robotics and Autonomous Systems (PhD)
Mr Raghubir Singh Electrical and Electronic Engineering (PhD)
Mrs Chiara Singh-Fisher Office Manager Mob. (07813) 016403 Telephone Number
Mr Laxman Sivanathan Composites Manufacture (EngD)
Miss Torty Sivill Computer Science (PhD)
Mr Ed Skuse Technician Tel. (0117) 331 5818
Miss Karen Skuse Undergraduate Selector Tel. (0117) 39 41578
Dr Victoria Sloan Visiting Senior Teaching Fellow
Mr Ben Smallwood Visiting Industrial Fellow
Professor Nigel Smart Professor of Cryptology Tel. (0117) 985 6904
Mr Ben Smith Senior Education Administrator
Mrs Anita Smith Temporary Staffing Service (Appointment B)
Dr Paul Smith Honorary Senior Teaching Associate,Senior Associate Teacher,Senior Associate Teacher,Senior Associate Teacher,Senior Associate Teacher
Professor Robert Smith Professor of NDT and High Value Manufacturing Tel. (0117) 331 5934
Miss Katie Smith Technical Specialist
Mr Archie Smith Apprentice Toolroom Machinist
Mr Alex Smith Teaching Support Assistant
Professor Melvyn Smith Third Party Organisation
Mr Kez Smithson Whitehead Robotics and Autonomous Systems (PhD)
Dr Chris Snider Lecturer in Design and Manufacture
Mr Mohammad Sobhani Research Associate
Mr Kacper Sokol Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Navid Solhjoo Senior Research Associate Tel. (0117) 33 15685
Mr Keyao Song Aerospace Engineering (PhD)
Miss Meng Yi Song Aerospace Engineering (PhD)
Mr Hao Song Research Associate
Miss Jie Song Temporary Staffing Service
Dr Soheyl Soodmand Senior Research Associate
Mr Gabor Soter Engineering Mathematics (PhD)
Mr Ewan Soubutts Teaching Support Assistant
Miss Anouk Spelt Aerospace Engineering (PhD)
Miss Sophie Spence Project Manager
Mrs Briony Spraggon CDT Manager Tel. (0117) 42 84619
Mr Christopher Spratt Engineering Mathematics (PhD)
Mr Christian Spreadbury Executive Assistant Tel. (0117) 3315222
Miss Pichaya Srisuk Aerospace Engineering (PhD) Tel. (0117) 33 15794
Mr Jonathan Stacey Teaching Support Assistant
Miss Laura Stafford Student Industrial Liason Manager Tel. (0117) 39 40630
Mr Simon Stafford-Townsend Postgraduate Administrator Tel. (0117) 3314753
Dr Rodrigo Stange Tessinari Research Associate
Professor Bernard Stark Professor of Electrical Engineering Tel. (0117) 954 5499
Ms Avgi Stavrou Robotics and Autonomous Systems (PhD)
Dr Katarzyna Stawarz Senior Research Associate
Mr Zeke Steer Research Assistant
Ms Lina Stein Civil Engineering (PhD)
Mr Grant Stevens Senior Resident,Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Jonathan Stevenson Research Associate
Mr James Stevenson Computer Science (PhD)
Mr Andrew Stinchcombe Technician
Mr Janis Stolzenwald Computer Science (PhD)
Mr Christian Stone Third Party Organisation
Miss Lizzie Stone Robotics and Autonomous Systems (PhD)
Professor David Stoten Emeritus Professor of Dynamics and Control Tel. (0117) 33 15938Telephone Number
Mr Tom Strain Assistant Teacher,Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Matthew Studley Third Party Organisation
Miss Kat Styles Robotics and Autonomous Systems (PhD)
Miss Emma Su Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Kashin Sugishita Visiting Research Associate
Mr Xiaoyang Sun Aerospace Engineering (PhD)
Mr Xiaoyu Sun Functional Nanomaterials (PhD)
Dr Ric Sun Research Associate Tel. (0117) 33 15797
Miss Iida Suomalainen Research Administrator Tel. (0117) 33 15311
Miss Angela Suriyakumaran Demonstrator
Mr Joe Surmon Advanced Composites (PhD)
Mr Richard Sutherden Industrial Fellow
Mr Gary Sutlieff Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Matthew Sutton Research Designer
Mr Adam Sutton Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Putu Suwarta Visiting Research Associate
Mrs Kathleen Swales IDC Manager Tel. (0117) 42 84617
Dr Robert Szalai Senior Lecturer in Engineering Mathematics Tel. (0117) 3315343
Mr Chris Szczyglowski Research Associate
Dr Majid Taghavi Senior Research Associate
Mr Scott Tancock Lecturer
Dr Andrea Tassi Honorary Senior Research Associate
Mr Ali Tatar Research Associate
Mr Toby Tate-Druiff Specialist Technician
Mr Mike Taverne Research Associate
Mrs Anna Taylor Research Project Officer
Professor Colin Taylor Emeritus Professor
Dr Richard Taylor Visiting Professor in Civil Engineering Tel. (0117) 331 5423
Mr Owen Taylor Composites Manufacture (EngD)
Miss Megan Taylor Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Josh Taylor Research Associate
Dr Rostand Tayong Boumda Honorary Research Fellow
Mrs Marta Tazewell Project Officer Tel. (0117) 331 5113
Dr Lui Terry Research Associate
Dr James Thatcher Technical Expert
Dr Raf Theunissen Visiting Senior Lecturer Tel. (0117) 33 15202
Mr Peter Thomas Assistant Teacher
Mr Jonathan Thomas Communications (PhD)
Dr Paul Thomas Research Fellow
Professor Philip Thomas Professor of Risk Management
Dr Adam Thompson Research Associate
Professor Mark Thompson Professor in Quantum Photonics,Professor in Quantum Photonics Tel. (0117) 3940024
Professor Ole Thomsen Professor
Mrs Clare Thresher Bristol Composites Institute Manager
Miss Natalie Thurlby Data Science Specialist
Miss Xin Tian Electrical and Electronic Engineering (PhD)
Dr Michael Tierney Senior Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering Tel. (0117) 331 5903
Dr Fai Tila CSN Technical Project Manager
Professor Valeska Ting Professor of Smart Nanomaterials Tel. (0117) 33 15330
Dr Branislav Titurus Senior Lecturer in Aerospace Dynamics Tel. (0117) 33 15552
Mr Francis Tocher Electrical and Electronic Engineering (PhD)
Mr Yunhe Tong Engineering Mathematics (PhD)
Mr Simon Tonge Teaching Support Assistant
Miss Aree Tongloet Aerospace Engineering (PhD)
Dr Emma Tonkin Senior Research Associate
Mr Yannis Topalidis Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Colin Topping Computer Science (PhD)
Dr Eleni Toumpanaki Lecturer
Mr Jamie Townes Industry Engagement Manager, South West Nuclear Hub Tel. (0117) 42 82531
Dr Stuart Townley Senior Associate Teacher Tel. (0117) 331 5946
Professor Richard Trask Professor Tel. (0117) 42 83372
Mr Thomas Trehard None Tel. (0117) 33 15778
Ms Iryna Tretiak Research Associate Tel. (0117) 33 15768
Mr Shashank Tripathi Mechanical Engineering (PhD)
Mr David Trujillo Visiting Research Fellow
Professor Christopher Truman Professor of Solid Mechanics Tel. (0117) 331 5911
Dr Theo Tryfonas Associate Professor Tel. (0117) 331 5740
Mr Aristeidis Tsiamis Demonstrator,Teaching Support Assistant
Mrs Selim Tudgey Robotics and Autonomous Systems (PhD)
Ms Leila Tufekci CDT Administrator
Dr Patrick Tully Project Manager Tel. (0117) 331 5617
Mr Mark Turk Aerospace Engineering (PhD)
Dr Peter Turner Senior Lecturer,Senior Lecturer Tel. (0117)3940012
Mr Liam Turton Civil Engineering (PhD)
Ms Emma Tweddle Executive Assistant Tel. (0117) 954 5385
Dr Niall Twomey Honorary Research Fellow
Mr Stavros Typos Communications (PhD)
Miss Ashley Tyrer Engineering Mathematics (PhD)
Dr Anna Tzanakaki Research Fellow
Dr Antonia Tzemanaki Lecturer Tel. (0117) 954 5479
Mr Navdeep Uniyal Senior Research Associate
Dr Saurabh Upadhyay Research Associate
Mr Matthew Uppington Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Antonis Vafeas Research Associate
Dr Stefano Valle Senior Research Associate
Mr Mario Adrian Valverde Aerospace Engineering (PhD)
Dr Erik Van De Sandt Honorary Research Fellow
Dr Dirk van der Linden Senior Research Associate
Mr Richard Van Gelder Technical Specialist
Mr Xavier Van Heule Mechanical Engineering (PhD)
Dr Luis Vaquero Gonzalez Reader in Computer Science
Dr Paul Vardanega Senior Lecturer in Civil Engineering Tel. (0117) 331 5710
Dr Xenofon Vasilakos Research Fellow
Dr Martin Vaughan Honorary Research Associate
Dr Julio Vega Honorary Research Associate
Dr Alexander Velichko Senior Lecturer Tel. (0117) 331 5920
Dr Hari Vemuri EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellow
Dr Natarajan Venkatachalam Senior Research Associate
Mr Nicolas Verschueren van Rees Honorary Research Fellow
Mr Jan Vettel Aerospace Engineering (PhD)
Mr Felipe Vicencio Teaching Support Assistant
Dr David Victor Research Associate
Mr Marcos Villeda Hernandez Demonstrator,Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Richard Voke Visiting Research Fellow
Miss Emily Vosper Interactive Artificial Intelligence (PhD)
Dr Elia Voyagaki Research Associate
Mr Constantinos Vrontos Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Marceli Wac Digital Health and Care (PhD)
Dr Daichi Wada Visiting Research Fellow
Mr Simon Wadey Composites Research & Impact Manager
Professor Thorsten Wagener Professor of Water and Environmental Engineering Tel. (0117) 331 5737
Mr Thomas Wainwright Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Sergio Waitman Filho Honorary Research Associate
Mr Richard Wakeling-Gentle Robotics and Autonomous Systems (PhD)
Dr Christopher Wales Research Assistant Tel. (0117) 33 15501Telephone Number
Mrs Katt Walker Robotics and Autonomous Systems (PhD)
Mr Rich Walker Specialist Technician(Lead Teaching Technician) Tel. (0117) 331 5472
Mrs Anna Wallace Deputy Student Administration Manager,Temporary Staffing Service (Appointment B) Tel. (0117) 3311522
Mr Jonny Walsh Aerospace Engineering (PhD)
Miss Luhua Wang Civil Engineering (PhD)
Miss Jiao Wang Civil Engineering (PhD)
Mr Yi Wang Advanced Composites (PhD)
Miss Wenbo Wang Electrical and Electronic Engineering (PhD)
Ms Lina Wang Civil Engineering (PhD)
Mr Sheng Wang Computer Science (PhD)
Dr Jun Wang Research Associate Tel. (0117) 39 40289
Dr Rui Wang Senior Research Associate
Dr Xiaoyang Wang Research Associate
Mr Ruixiong Wang Electrical and Electronic Engineering (PhD)
Dr Ding Wang Honorary Research Associate
Miss Hanyuan Wang Computer Science (PhD)
Miss Jing Wang Aerospace Engineering (PhD)
Dr Bo Wang Visiting Reader
Dr Meng Wang Senior Lecturer Tel. (0117) 954 5145
Miss Julia Warburton Complexity Sciences (4 year) (PhD)
Mr Dave Ward Specialist Technician Tel. (0117) 331 5818
Mr Carwyn Ward Lecturer in Composites Design, Processing & Manufacture Tel. (0117) 33 15503
Mr Ben Ward-Cherrier Senior Research Associate
Professor Bogdan Warinschi Professor of Computer Science Tel. (0117) 3315220
Dr Paul Warr Senior Lecturer Tel. (0117) 954 5166
Mr Spencer Warren Research Associate
Professor Avril Waterman-Pearson Emeritus Professor Tel. (0117) 928 9400
Mr Chris Waters Communications (PhD)
Mrs Kathinka Watts Postgraduate Administrator Tel. (0117) 39 40586
Mr Harry Waugh Senior Resident,Teaching Support Assistant
Professor Paul Weaver Professor in Lightweight Structures Tel. (0117) 33 15318
Mr James Webb Research Associate
Mr Simon Webber Assistant Teacher,Teaching Associate,Teaching Support Assistant
Miss Mikaela Webster Teaching Support Assistant,Teaching Support Assistant
Ms Emma Weeks International Market Development Manager Mob. (07989) 653 272Telephone Number
Dr Bin Wei Visiting Research Fellow
Mr Tobias Weickert Cyber Security (TIPS at Scale) (PhD)
Mr Michael Welsh Workshop Technician
Mr Matthew Weltevreden Mechanical Engineering (PhD)
Mr Enrico Werner Robotics and Autonomous Systems (PhD)
Mr Charles West Civil Engineering (PhD)
Mr Peter Wharton Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Wayne Wheeler Database Developer Tel. (0117) 928 7766
Mr Liam Wheen Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Peter Whereat Faculty Research Technician Tel. (0117) 331 5821
Mr Dan Whettam Interactive Artificial Intelligence (PhD)
Mr Rory White Research Associate,Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Mervyn White Lecturer Tel. (0117) 331 5554
Mr Daryl White Teaching Technologist
Mr Sam Whitehouse Teaching Support Assistant
Mrs Carolyn Whitnall Senior Research Associate
Mr Fred Wiffen Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Luc Wijnen Robotics and Autonomous Systems (PhD)
Professor Alvin Wilby Visiting Professor
Professor Paul Wilcox Professor of Dynamics Tel. (0117) 331 5906
Mr Simon Wilkinson Composites Manufacture (EngD)
Mr Lachlan Williams Composites Manufacture (EngD)
Mr Mike Williams Technician
Dr Robin Williams Honorary Professor
Mrs Jen Williams Student Administration Manager Tel. (0117) 954 5489
Dr Sam Williamson Lecturer in Electrical & Electronic Engineering Tel. (0117) 954 5177
Ms Cara Williamson Research Associate
Mr Kirk Willicombe Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Jamie Willis Assistant Teacher
Mr Michael Wilsher Teaching Support Assistant,Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Simon Wilson Communications (PhD)
Mr Max Wilson Quantum Engineering (PhD)
Professor Eddie Wilson Chair in Intelligent Transport Systems/Head of Department Fax. (0117) 331 5606Telephone Number
Dr Shane Windsor Senior Lecturer in Aerodynamics/Aeroelasticity Tel. (0117) 95 45606
Miss Katie Winkle Robotics and Autonomous Systems (PhD)
Dr Darren Winter Research Fellow Tel. (0117) 33 15503
Mr Lee Winter Wind Tunnel Laboratory Technician
Mr Clive Wishart Senior Associate Teacher,Visiting Teaching Fellow Tel. (0117) 331 5946
Professor Michael Wisnom Professor of Aerospace Structures Tel. (0117) 331 5366
Dr Peter Wolanin Research Associate
Dr Kieran Wood Senior Research Associate in Advanced Aerial Resources for the Nuclear Industry Tel. (0117) 33 15523
Ms Nicola Woodhall GSV Project Manager Tel. (0117) 954 5376
Dr Ross Woods Reader in Water & Environmental Engineering Tel. (0117) 33 15661
Dr Benjamin King Sutton Woods Lecturer in Aerosopace Structures Tel. (0117) 33 15845
Miss Janet Woolley Executive Assistant Tel. (0117) 331 5833
Mrs Janet Woolway-Allen Postgraduate Student Administrator Tel. (0117) 39 40576
Mr Rob Worboys Advanced Composites (PhD)
Mr Justin Worsey Communications (PhD)
Mr Elliott Worsey Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Chris Wragg Mechanical Engineering (PhD)
Mr Michael Wray Research Associate
Dr Jerry Wright Emeritus Professor in Engineering Maths
Dr Nicolas Wu Honorary Senior Lecturer Tel. (0117) 954 5141
Miss Xun Wu Research Associate Tel. (0117) 33 15768
Dr Maria Xanthou Senior Research Associate
Dr Samuel Xavier De Souza Royal Society Newton Advanced Research Fellow
Mr Qingyang Xian Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Chaoqun Xiang Research Associate
Dr Xiaodong Xu Senior Research Associate in Composites Modelling Tel. (0117) 33 15775
Mr Mengwei Xu Computer Science (PhD)
Miss Zhaozhen Xu Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Yuan Xue Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Taku Yamagata Senior Research Associate
Dr Shuangyi Yan Lecturer in High Performance Networking & Optical Networking Tel. (0117) 954 5183
Mr Yan Yan Research Associate
Ms Yan Yan Electrical and Electronic Engineering (PhD)
Mr Mark Yang Electrical and Electronic Engineering (PhD)
Mr Xinyu Yang Teaching Support Assistant
Miss Anna Yang Mechanical Engineering (PhD)
Dr Yi Yang Visiting Lecturer
Mr Juefei Yang Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Xingrui Yang Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Weisong Yang Engineering Mathematics (PhD)
Mr Edward Yap Teaching Support Assistant
Professor Mike Yearworth Visiting Professor Tel. (0117) 331 5723
Miss Caroline Yeates Executive Assistant Tel. (0117) 39 40404
Dr Jason Yon Lecturer in Electromechanical Systems Tel. (0117) 331 5910
Dr Kristina Yordanova Research Associate
Miss Rebecca Young Computer Science (PhD)
Miss Chloe Young LV=GI Data Engineer
Dr Andrew Young Research Associate Tel. (0117) 928 7603
Mr James Young None
Mr Joseph Young Research Associate
Mr Sam Young Communications (PhD)
Mr Jibran Yousafzai Aerospace Engineering (PhD)
Professor Siyuan Yu Professor of Photonic Information Systems Tel. (0117) 954 5295
Mr Kuo Yuan Mechanical Engineering (PhD)
Professor Xibo Yuan Professor of Advanced Energy Conversion Tel. (0117) 954 5186
Mr Hui Yuan Mechanical Engineering (PhD)
Mr Tianqi Yue Engineering Mathematics (PhD)
Miss Keren Yue Research Associate
Mr Robert Zakrzewski Communications (PhD)
Mr Sergio Felipe Zaldivar Reyes Teaching Support Assistant
Dr Criseida Zamora Research Associate
Mr Ioannis Zampetakis Aerospace Engineering (PhD)
Dr Debora Zanatto Research Associate
Dr Bin Zang Research Associate
Miss Yael Zekaria Research Associate
Mr Fanqi Zeng Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Nader Zentuti Solid Mechanics Research Assistant
Dr Hui Zhang Visiting Lecturer
Mr Yutian Zhang Senior Resident,Teaching Support Assistant
Mr Yichen Zhang Civil Engineering (PhD)
Dr Jun Zhang Honorary Research Associate
Dr Qicheng Zhang Senior Research Associate
Dr Jie Zhang Research Fellow Tel. (0117) 331 5919
Dr Yang Zhang Honorary Senior Research Fellow
Mr Bohao Zhang Research Associate
Dr Joanne Zhang Honorary Industrial Fellow Tel. (0117) 33 15653
Mr Peide Zhang Electrical and Electronic Engineering (PhD)
Mr Lizhong Zhang Civil Engineering (PhD)
Mr Zhaobo Zhang Electrical and Electronic Engineering (PhD)
Dr Aaron Zhang Senior Research Associate
Dr Bing Zhang Senior Research Associate Tel. (0117) 33 15798
Mr Yulong Zhang Civil Engineering (PhD)
Dr Wenhao Zhang Third Party Organisation
Mr Ziyao Zhang Electrical and Electronic Engineering (PhD)
Mr Duanqi Zhao Mechanical Engineering (PhD)
Dr Yian Zhao Research Associate
Dr Xu Zheng Honorary Research Associate
Mr Xuan Zheng Computer Science (PhD)
Mr Wenzhi Zhou Teaching Support Assistant
Miss Mengjie Zhou Computer Science (PhD)
Miss Xueqing Zhou Electrical and Electronic Engineering (PhD)
Dr Jiangbo Zhu Research Associate
Mr Yiheng Zhu Robotics and Autonomous Systems (PhD)
Dr Chenchen Zhu Senior Research Associate in Advanced Cellulose Fibres Manufacturing and Testing Tel. (0117) 33 15652
Mr Ming Zhu Mechanical Engineering (PhD)
Dr Lu Zhuo Visiting Research Fellow
Miss Maria Zilidou Composites Manufacture (EngD)
Mr Petar Zivkovic Composites Manufacture (EngD)