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Name Job title Email Phone number
Miss Rainaa Ahmed Apprentice
Mr David Bailey SPHERE Deployment Technician
Mr Simon Ball Leading Technician
Mr Ricky Billingham Faculty Workshop Technician
Mr Matt Bland Specialist Technician
Mr Mike Bracey Integrated Workshops Technician
Mr Braggy Bragg Faculty Workshop Technician
Dr Jude Bramton Technical Manager
Mr Andy Byles Workshop Technician
Mr Daniel Carrington Field Apprentice
Mr Richard Chaffey Deputy Workshop Manager (Mechanical) Tel. (0117) 331 5814
Mr Ian Chorley Composites Technician
Mr Pete Coddington Stores Coordinator Mob. (07980) 979359Telephone Number
Mr Enea Colleoni Faculty Assistant Teaching Lab Technician Tel. (0117) 331 5173
Mr Peter Crook Radio Frequency & Electronics Laboratory Technician
Mr Simon Downes Electronics Technician Tel. (0117) 331 5839
Mr Richard Dyer Engineering Technician
Mr Kieran Elliott Senior Teaching Technician
Mr James Filbin Teaching Technologist Tel. (0117) 331 4765
Mr Matt Finch Technical Manager(Workshops and Fabrication) Tel. (0117) 42 82732Telephone Number
Mr Mark Fitzgerald Electronics Technician Tel. (0117) 331 5839
Mr Christopher Fry Electrical and Electronic Workshop Technician
Mr David Godoy Alonso Electronics Technician
Mr Steve Harding Technical Manager Tel. (0117) 331 5820
Mr Dominic Hardman Deputy Technical Manager
Mr Harry Hillier Apprentice Workshop Technician
Mr Duncan Hine Specialist Technician
Mr Richard Hooper Faculty Workshop Technician
Mr Hugh James Engineering Chemistry Laboratory Technician Tel. (0117) 331 5565
Dr Pisu Jiang Senior Cleanroom Process Engineer
Mr Nicholas Jones Electrical and Electronic Class Technician Tel. (0117) 331 5450
Mr Mark Jordan Technician
Ms Beth Kimber Teaching Technologist Tel. (0117) 331 4783
Mr Russell Knights SPHERE Deployment Technician
Mr Leif Knowles High Performance Network Technician
Mr Adrian Kraft Specialist Technician
Miss Xiao Liu Technical Specialist
Mr Julian Maggs Technician
Mr Jack Marsh Apprentice Workshop Technician
Mr Gary Martin Specialist Technician
Mr Ian Milnes Deputy Manager Tel. (0117) 331 5824
Mr Mictroy Mitchell Research Technician
Mr Neil Pearce Workshop Technician Tel. (0117) 331 5811
Mr Guy Pearn Technical Specialist
Mr Mike Penney Electrical and Electronic Workshop Technician Tel. (0117) 331 5450
Mr Michael Powell Workshop Technician
Mr Mark Reed Apprentice
Mr Greg Richards Technician
Mr Darren Roderick Technical Manager
Mr Jonathan Rose Apprentice Technician
Mr Archie Smith Apprentice Toolroom Machinist
Mr Andrew Stinchcombe Technician
Mr Matthew Sutton Research Designer
Mr Toby Tate-Druiff Specialist Technician
Mr Paddy Uglow SPHERE Deployment Technician
Mr Rich Walker Senior Laboratory Technician Tel. (0117) 331 5472
Mr Dave Ward Specialist Technician Tel. (0117) 331 5818
Mr Michael Welsh Workshop Technician
Mr Peter Whereat Faculty Research Technician Tel. (0117) 331 5821
Mr Daryl White Teaching Technologist
Mr Mike Williams Technician
Mr Lee Winter Wind Tunnel Laboratory Technician