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Publication - Dr Andrew Conn

    WormTIP: An Invertebrate inspired active Tactile Imaging Pneumostat


    Hinitt, A, Rossiter, J & Conn, A, 2015, ‘WormTIP: An Invertebrate inspired active Tactile Imaging Pneumostat’. in: Proceedings of 4th International Conference on Biomimetic and Biohybrid Systems: Living Machines 2015., pp. 38-49


    WormTIP is a novel lightweight self-actuating exploratory sensor, using a pneumostatic vessel and a dielectric elastomeric actuator (DEA) to create an active sensory tip capable of object shape determination as part of a flexible soft robot. Utilising the coupling of a static fluid vessel, the DEA is paired with a sensory membrane with internal papillae mimicking the internal morphology found in the fingertip. The sensory membrane is extended onto an object, conforming to its surface. Experimental results are presented which show the detection of shapes using particle velocimetry and papillae density analysis. These are preliminary results which show the potential of the WormTIP, which is the focus of ongoing work. The device is aimed for use as a self-contained palpating sensor, or as an attachment to a bio-inspired robotic worm forming a self-contained exploratory vehicle with the device acting as the sensory appendage or proboscis.

    Full details in the University publications repository