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Publication - Dr Andrew Conn


    hypocycloid mechanism for efficient bio-inspired robotic gaits


    Knoop, E, Conn, A & Rossiter, J, 2017, ‘VAM: hypocycloid mechanism for efficient bio-inspired robotic gaits’. IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters, vol 2., pp. 1055-1061


    We present VAMOS (Variable Amplitude Module Orthogonal Slider), a novel two-motor hexapedal robot that is able to walk and turn with arbitrary curvature. The VAMOS walking mechanism is based around a Variable Amplitude Module (VAM), a compact and modular gearbox that produces reciprocating sinusoidal output of continuously variable amplitude. The inputs to the VAM are a drive motor, rotating at a constant speed, and a single control input for changing the output amplitude. Unlike other methods for amplitude modulation, the VAM does not require modulation of the main drive input and we can therefore operate it at peak efficiency thoughout the gait cycle. As demonstrated by VAMOS, the VAM provides a versatile building block for biomimetic robotic gaits.

    Full details in the University publications repository