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Dr Arash Farhadi Beldachi


Arash Farhadi Beldachi is an honorary Research Fellow at High Performance Networks (HPN) Group . Previously, Arash was FPGA team leader and a Research Fellow in High-speed FPGA and embedded systems design at HPN Group. He holds a PhD in Dynamically reconfigurable network-on-chip from the University of Bristol. Also, Arash was a member of Microelectronics group at the University of Bristol. He worked on different projects as a research assistant and research associate in Microelectronics group such as Adaptive Dynamic Voltage and Frequency scaling (ADVFS) on FPGAs, energy efficient video super-resolution system, OpenCL on FPGAs, and FPGA based High Performance Computing Platform(HPC). 
Most of Arash’s work is based on FPGAs mainly from Xilinx. Arash’s research area of interest are reconfigurable systems, Network-On-Chip(NoC), System-On-Chip(SoC), embedded systems, energy efficient digital systems, hardware software co design, and high-speed FPGA based systems.