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Publication - Professor Arthur Richards

    Power and Endurance Modelling of Battery-Powered Rotorcraft


    Abdilla, A, Richards, A & Burrow, S, 2015, ‘Power and Endurance Modelling of Battery-Powered Rotorcraft’.


    This paper characterises the power consumption
    of electric rotorcraft and derives an endurance estimation
    model for such aircraft powered by LiPo batteries. Theoretical
    analysis is backed by experimental flight tests using a popular commercial quadrotor. Experiments on Commercial Off-The-Shelf Lithium-Polymer
    batteries, which are the technology dominating the multirotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicle market, are carried out to determine battery run-time and specific energy/capacity models, whilst investigating the battery variability. These battery models are combined with the rotorcraft power model to provide
    an endurance estimation model, accounting for both battery variability as well as the electric propulsion system effects, which is experimentally validated through flight tests.

    Full details in the University publications repository