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Professor Bernard Stark

Professor Bernard Stark

Professor Bernard Stark
M.A.(E.T.H.Zurich), Ph.D.(Cantab.)

Professor of Electrical Engineering

Area of research

Power Electronics, Renewable Energy, Sensors

Office 4.26a MVB
Merchant Venturers Building,
Woodland Road, Clifton BS8 1UB
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+44 (0) 117 954 5499


I am a member of the Electrical Energy Management Research Group and the Digital Health Engineering Group. I am interested in exploiting new energy sources and the efficient management of power from these sources. My research lies at the interface of power electronics, microelectronics, and radiofrequency engineering. Current projects include power electronics using emerging GaN and SiC power devices, where high-speed active gate driving of these has been shown to increase efficiency and reduce electromagnetic emissions (EMI). Micro-renewables and wireless power transfer to medical sensors present interesting challenges for power electronics due to the variability in the power and in some cases the ultra low power levels. We have developed sensor-driven electronics, nanopower computing circuits, and power electronics with sub-µW loss. 

I have worked on many collaborations with industry and other universities and am keen to continue these and to establish new links.

Current Research Projects

Past Research Projects


I enjoy interdisciplinary projects involving power, micro, and radio-frequency electronic design, alongside power mechanical design, manufacturing, software and commercialisation. I favour a pragmatic approach to supporting technological innovation in small and medium enterprises and have spent time as a consultant with Scientific Instruments Research Association, working with companies in deprived areas of the London Thames Gateway. I originated technology used by Seamless Display Ltd and Sensor Driven Ltd, which gave me the opportunity to work with design and manufacturing companies in the UK, US, and China. At Imperial College London, I carried out research involving power engineering applied to micro-technology (MEMS), designing custom electronics using advanced semi-conductor technology. Prior to that, I held a postdoctoral research fellowship at Oxford University, where we developed novel semiconductor switching methods for high power, and researched measurement techniques. I hold the degrees of PhD in Engineering from Cambridge University and MSc in Electrical Engineering from ETH Zurich, Switzerland.


Final-Year Undergraduate Projects


  • Bye bye silicon. Make a GaN power converter
  • Make a PROPER solar-powered toy
  • Make a wind-powered charger. Conquer gusts
  • Make a battery-powered sensor last longer than you
  • Beyond Infinity current sensors


  • High-frequency GaN converter for HV processors or drones
  • GaN HEMT Half-Bridge
  • Power Electronics for Wind Turbine Research
  • Sensor-powered electronics


  • Switching limitations of GaN half bridge
  • Wind power charger for yacht batteries
  • Sensor-driven voice detector
  • Sensor-driven ultrasonic decoder


  • High-frequency GaN converter for HV processors or drones
  • Drive Train for Wind Turbine Research
  • Wireless powering of miniature LEDs
  • Wireless game development


  • High-frequency GaN buck converter
  • Drive Train for Wind Turbine Research
  • Wireless powering of miniature LEDs
  • Wireless Scalextric


  • Drive Train for Wind Turbine Research


  • Energy harvesting smart chain link for roller coaster rides
  • Wireless powering of miniature LEDs
  • Drive train for wind turbine research
  • High-frequency GaN 50:1 buck converter


  • Designing a physiologically competent stimulator for the treatment of heart failure


  • Remote Controllable Deep Brain Stimulation
  • Angle-Constrained Active Management of Distributed Generation
  • Magnetically Plucked Energy Harvesting
  • Drive Train for Wind Turbine Research
  • Active Gate Control of Power Semiconductor Devices for More Efficient Power Conversion
  • Application of Carbon Nanotubes to Energy Harvesting


  • Miniaturised Medical Probe for the Treatment of Chronic Hypertension and Severe Pain
  • Non-Resonant Energy Harvesting Electronics
  • Power logging: 3 phase AC data logger algorithms
  • Mini-Grid Connection of a Wind Turbine
  • HF Injection into Power Semiconductor Devices to Research More Efficient Power Conversion


  • Energy Harvester Powered Rhino Tracker
  • Shock-Powered Wireless Health Sensing
  • Urban Wind Power
  • High-Frequency, Ultra-Compact Power Conversion for Microrenewables and Electric Vehicles
  • Forward Osmosis Power Generation Plant (Team of 6)


  • Rhino Tracker (Energy harvesting)
  • Body-warmth powered wireless health sensor
  • Urban Wind Power
  • Pico-Hydro Power Generation
  • Forward Osmosis Power Generation Plant (Team of 6)
  • Pico-Hydro Powered Base Station Part II (Team of 4)


  • Self-Powered Sensors I:Body-warmth powered wireless health sensor
  • Self-Powered Sensors II:Wind/flow powered wireless sensor
  • High Frequency Inverter for Renewable Energy
  • Solar Concentrator
  • Grid-Tied Inverter for Renewable Energy
  • Pico-Hydro Powered Base Station Part I (Team of 5)
  • Automated Chemical Injection Valve Part II (Team of 4)


  • Science Instruments for Visually Impaired School Children:Development of a system for rendering a digital measurement device (choice of PH-meter, scales or volt-meter) for use by the visually impaired.
  • Zero-Energy Sensor:Development of a light-powered wireless light sensor.
  • Carbon Footprint Meter I:Real-time, distributed power sensing powered by electromagnetic power harvesting
  • Carbon Footprint Meter II:Intelligent, instantaneous visualisation of carbon emissions and energy usage from a network of distributed sensors
  • Solar Energy Converter:Miniaturisation of solar energy harvesters: efficiency analysis of converters and ultra-low voltage start up techniques.
  • Automated Chemical Injection Valve Part I (Team of 5)


  • micro renewables
  • miniature power sources
  • power electronics
  • renewable energy generation
  • Semiconductor Physics and Devices

Recent publications

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Professor Stark currently teaches 2 courses:

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