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Dr Chengyong Hu

Dr Chengyong Hu

Dr Chengyong Hu
BSc, MSc, PhD

Honorary Research Associate

Office Room 1.12 School of Physics
Merchant Venturers Building,
Woodland Road, Clifton BS8 1UB
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+44 (0) 117 928 7603



I work on solid-state quantum technologies for quantum computers
and new generation of Internet, especially all-optical Internet
with low power consumption and quantum Internet with absolute
security. I discovered giant optical Faraday rotation and giant
optical circular birefringence induced by a single quantum-dot
confined spin in optical microcavities and invented two types
of spin-cavity units as universal, deterministic and robust photon-spin
quantum gates for scalable quantum information processing with
high speed (up to THz), and as spin memory with heralding
feature and unit efficiency. These multi-functional spin-cavity units
can be configured to deterministic photon-spin quantum interface,
Bell-state measurement and analyzers, quantum repeaters, and various
switching devices. With these spin-cavity units or its variations as
"central processing units (CPUs)", practical solid-state quantum
computers and quantum Internet could become reality.

Further, I invented two-types of  spin-based single-photon transistors, DRAMs, diodes,
and routers which are ideal for all-optical Internet and quantum Internet.
This work series opens up a new research field - spin photonics.


My research include:
Solid-State Quantum Information,
Quantum Coherence and Quantum Control,
Quantum Technologies,
Spin Physics and Spintronics,
Quantum Optics,
Cavity QED,
Semiconductor Physics and Technology,
Laser Physics and Technology


  • Cavity quantum electrodynamics(Cavity-QED)
  • Spin
  • Photonics
  • Quantum technologies
  • Quantum Internet
  • All-optical Internet

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