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Publication - Dr Chris Howcroft

    Flutter in High Aspect Ratio Wings using Numerical Continuation


    Eaton, A, Howcroft, C, Neild, S, Lowenberg, M, Cooper, J & Coetzee, E, 2016, ‘Flutter in High Aspect Ratio Wings using Numerical Continuation’. in: 5th Aircraft Structural Design Conference.


    This paper presents a study into the occurrence of aeroelastic flutter in a high aspect ratio wing using numerical continuation and a geometrically nonlinear beam model. This beam model comprises a continuous, assumed-shape formulation and is coupled with strip theory aerodynamics. Out-of-plane, in-plane and torsional stiffness properties are varied and their influences on the flutter point are observed. A nonlinear lift curve is incorporated so as to illustrate the influence of stall effects. The occurrence of a subcritical Hopf bifurcation is also demonstrated, indicating the possibility of oscillation at airspeeds below the flutter velocity, given a sufficient wing perturbation.

    Full details in the University publications repository