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Publication - Professor Dimitra Simeonidou

    5GUK Trials: Distributing a Live Orchestra over 5G


    Sardis, F, Dohler, M, Uniyal, N, Simeonidou, D, Gkounis, D, Kaleshi, D & Carot, A, 2019, ‘5GUK Trials: Distributing a Live Orchestra over 5G’. ComSoc Technology News (CTN).


    It is expected that with the advent of 5G and beyond networks, we will continue to enhance the user experience in terms of latency and quality of experience with the aid of advanced mobile side technologies. However, comparatively less focus has been paid so far on the fixed side of the network, ie, toward the management of physical network computing infrastructure. During the next decade, when 5G and related services will be fully deployed, soon after, we will start noticing the mismatch between the 5G mobile services and outdated fixed networks that would impact the latency, reliability and resilience of the 5G applications. Therefore, in order to avoid such clogging on the fixed side of the networks, we will be looking at new frontiers for next generation of infrastructure management technologies such as network function virtualisation that will close the gap between the fixed and mobile side of the network and guarantee enhanced user experience.

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