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Dr Djamel Rezgui


Djamel Rezgui is a lecturer at the University of Bristol, with an interest in the dynamics of nonlinear oscillatory aero-systems. His research is focused on using continuation methods and bifurcation theory, to increase the understanding of the behaviour and stability of nonlinear aeroelastic and aeromechanic rotor systems. Example applications include understanding the stability of the autogyro rotors at high speed conditions and the aeroelastic stability of helicopter rotor blades. Djamel's research also involved combining experimental techniques with continuation and bifurcation analysis.  Djamel graduated and acquired his Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering in 2004 and completed his PhD in January 2010 from the University of Bristol.  He was previously employed as a researcher within the AgustaWestland University Technology Centre, to use the available nonlinear mathematical tools to study the aeroelastic behaviour of novel helicopter rotor systems incorporating smart devices.