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Publication - Dr Djamel Rezgui

    A Combined Numerical/Experimental Continuation Approach Applied to Nonlinear Rotor Dynamics


    Rezgui, D, Lowenberg, M & Bunniss, P, 2010, ‘A Combined Numerical/Experimental Continuation Approach Applied to Nonlinear Rotor Dynamics’. in: AD Fitt, J Norbury, H Ockendon, RE Wilson (eds) PROGRESS IN INDUSTRIAL MATHEMATICS AT ECMI 2008. Springer-Verlag Berlin, BERLIN, pp. 169-174


    Presented with complex systems exhibiting nonlinear behaviour, engineers in industry may face difficulties in understanding the system, both from a mathematical modeling perspective and also when trying to set up representative experiments. Here, a systematic approach combining numerical and experimental parameter continuation is applied to the investigation of complex nonlinear rotor behaviour. The aim is to show the benefits of co-ordinating numerical and physical tests in order to build a mathematical model that adequately captures the system dynamics. In this study the problem involves a dynamical system operating in a nonlinear periodic manner, with constraints on its states and parameters. The system is an autogyro rotor for which the approach generates a simple mathematical model yielding multiple possible autorotative conditions not previously identified in a systematic way; it also provides an explanation for unsafe operating scenarios.

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