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Dr Filippo Simini

I study complex systems from various fields by applying and extending the successful methods of statistical physics. In this interdisciplinary effort I undertake both the empirical analysis of large-scale datasets, and the analytical formulation and numerical validation of theoretical models.

Human mobility

My research work is focused on the study of human mobility and the structure of transportation networks. The main outcome of this work is the formulation of a theoretical model able to provide a simple and general description to various phenomena (commuting fluxes, migration fluxes, commodity flows, phone calls fluxes) that are the result of socio-economic interactions among many individuals.


My research work on ecology aims at defining the correct framework for understanding the interrelationships between patterns of size, abundance and resource availability in tree-dominated communities. Despite the differences in climate and biodiversity, power law distributions and allometric relationships for these quantities are ubiquitous, suggesting the possibility that a general underlying principle can account for them. Indeed, by assuming that the size and geometry of trees have evolved in such a way to optimize the transport of water and nutrients, it is possible to derive the scaling relationships linking all ecological quantities of interest, and their distributions.