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Dynamics and Control

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Dynamics and Control research group

Dynamics Engineering research focuses on vibration, noise, fatigue and stability features in the performance of products across the entire spectrum of engineering – in machines (from domestic appliances to jet engines), in vehicles (for land, sea and air transport) and in the civil infrastructures of buildings and bridges. 

The dynamic behaviour of all structures that are subject to any kind of movement is a primary concern for a whole range of issues, including the safety and reliability of the products, their efficiency in performing their design task and the environmental side effects of the noise and discomfort that may result from their use or operation.

The Dynamics Engineering research theme is concerned with understanding and controlling these various issues through state-of-the-art design and through in-service monitoring and maintaining peak performance throughout the working lives of the products concerned. This involves machines – from the high-performance jet engines that power airliners to the engines, alternators and pumps that are found in every automobile and in our domestic appliances such as vacuum cleaners; the vehicles themselves; and the buildings that house them and which are themselves subjected to dynamic loads from the elements – including, occasionally, seismic events.

Much of the research within Dynamics Engineering is experimental, combining analytical expertise with state-of-the-art computation and prediction capabilities that are widely used in industry.

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