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Publication - Mr Hilary Frank

    Interference Mitigation for Femto Deployment in Next Generation Mobile Networks


    Frank, H, 2016, ‘Interference Mitigation for Femto Deployment in Next Generation Mobile Networks’. in: S I Ao , Oscar Castillo , Craig Douglas , David Dagan Feng , A M Korsunsky (eds) International MultiConference of Engineers and Computer Scientists., Hong Kong, pp. 542 - 546


    The huge capacity requirements for the next generation mobile network is defining the technologies that will drive the future system. The trio of millimeter wave, massive MIMO and small cell are emerging as the tripod upon which the upcoming network is expected to thrive. With about 80% indoor mobile usage, small cell and by extension, femtocell is projected to deliver the bulk of the predicted mobile traffic. This paper takes an overview of the future 5G network and advances solutions to the most anticipated interference challenges as a result of cell densification.

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