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Publication - Mr Hilary Frank

    Efficient RFID Modulation Scheme for Better Ubiquitous Network Performance


    Frank, H & Nwizege, KS, 2016, ‘Efficient RFID Modulation Scheme for Better Ubiquitous Network Performance’.


    This paper presents an ongoing investigation into the effect of modulation schemes on Radio Frequency Identification performance and forecast the implication for a ubiquitous network such as the future Internet of Things. The paper plans to employ the use of two popular metrics – Bit Error Ratio and Signal-to-Noise Ratio to evaluate the success rate of the digital data transmission in RFID. The best modulation technique to achieve the best data transmission rates between readers and tags at an optimum power level would be established. It is hoped that the research results when completed would enhance the performance index of the future ubiquitous network.

    Full details in the University publications repository