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Dr Ivan Palomares Carrascosa


I completed a MSc (with Honors) Comp. Sci., PGCert in Soft Computing and Intelligent Systems, and a PhD in Computer Science (nationally awarded in Artificial Intelligence), with the Universities of Jaén and Granada (Spain). Subsequently, between 2014-2017, I was a research associate, research fellow and senior engineer with Ulster University (UK) and Queen's University Belfast (UK). I am currently a Lecturer - Assistant Professor - with the Department of Computer Science at UoB.

My main research interests relate to the following topics/problems:

  • Decision Making under Uncertainty (predominantly of fuzzy and linguistic nature).
  • Multi-Criteria, Collective and Consensus-driven Decision Making.
  • Intelligent Decision Support Systems
  • Recommender Systems: Multi-View Data Fusion Strategies, Group Recommender Systems and Applications (tourism, smart cities, digital health...)
  • Preference Modelling and Intelligent Aggregation Methods.
  • Collaborative Planning and Decision-Making with Autonomous Intelligent Systems.
  • Applications of Fuzzy Decision Making and Aggregation (autonomous systems, cyber-security, energy planning, ...)

More info on my research portfolio and interests can be found in my personal website and Decision Support and Recommender Systems research group website



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