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Publication - Professor John Rarity

    Twin-beam sub-shot-noise raster-scanning microscope


    Sabines-Chesterking, J, McMillan, AR, Moreau, PA, Joshi, SK, Knauer, S, Johnston, E, Rarity, JG & Matthews, JCF, 2019, ‘Twin-beam sub-shot-noise raster-scanning microscope’. Optics Express, vol 27., pp. 30810-30818


    By exploiting the quantised nature of light, we demonstrate a sub-shot-noise scanning optical transmittance microscope. Our microscope demonstrates, with micron scale resolution, a factor of improvement in precision of 1.76(9) in transmittance estimation gained per probe photon relative to the theoretical model, a shot-noise-limited source of light, in an equivalent single-pass classical version of the same experiment using the same number of photons detected with a 90% efficient detector. This would allow us to observe photosensitive samples with nearly twice the precision, without sacrificing image resolution or increasing optical power to improve signal-to-noise ratio. Our setup uses correlated twin-beams produced by parametric down-conversion, and a hybrid detection scheme comprising photon-counting-based feed-forward and a highly efficient CCD camera.

    Full details in the University publications repository